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Coach opens a circularity-centred pop-up store in London, a fitness village for exercise enthusiasts, and Gen Z values brand co-creation opportunities.

Coach opens a circularity-centred pop-up store in London

Coach Tomorrow's Vintage, UK
Coach Tomorrow's Vintage, UK
Coach Tomorrow's Vintage, UK

UK – A new pop-up concept store by Coach will welcome customers for repairs, customisation, monogramming services and leather care as part of the brand’s circularity programme. The pop-up boutique in east London, Tomorrow’s Vintage, offers a range of circularity-focused services and events, such as panel talks and embroidery workshops.

With the pop-up, Coach also celebrates local craftsmanship. The space features a selection of upcycled and repurposed vintage furniture available to purchase, while the company also called on London-based independent record labels to create a playlist and digital scratch cards for visitors to try to win pins or patches to embellish their Coach pieces.

The activation aims to bring Coach’s (Re)Loved programme, which was introduced in April 2021, to larger audiences with a high street presence. The brand has been accelerating its sustainability efforts to signal a change in direction after the brand faced allegations of destroying unsold stock in 2021.

Further amplifying the Resale Redux in the luxury space, Coach’s well-rounded concept store promotes circular fashion practices and simultaneously reinforces the brand’s commitment to both its own and its partners’ craftsmanship.

Strategic opportunity

More than ever before, consumers expect longevity from their luxury purchases. Easy-to-access and life-long aftercare and repair services shouldn’t be optional, but a core, solid offering

Life Time Living is a luxury fitness complex

Life Time Living Green Valley, US Life Time Living Green Valley, US
Life Time Living Green Valley, US Life Time Living Green Valley, US

Nevada, US – Following the rise of Automotive Accommodation, in which premium car brands enter the residential market, a new trend is about to catch on: wellness real estate. Life Time Living is 'an athletic country club' offering semi-furnished flats for fitness fanatics.

The all-inclusive wellness village is a 16.5-acre property located in Henderson, Nevada. Its biggest draw is an extensive list of wellness amenities. In addition to a gym, pool, spa, pickleball courts and concierge services, residents also have access to weekly meal plans, personal chefs and aestheticians. The facility, which was designed to foster community and social interaction, also has a private pool, a work lounge with a coffee bar, and dining room and bar spaces that can be reserved.

Although this is Life Time Living’s first residential complex, the company already has plans to expand the concept to Dallas and Miami, turning itself into a fully fledged Brandlord.

Strategic opportunity

What other sectors are particularly well positioned to enter the real estate industry? Consider how your company can bring its DNA to residential projects

HSBC ads banned for greenwashing

UK – The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned two HSBC ads on the grounds of greenwashing, stating they could lead consumers to believe the bank has a net-positive environmental impact.

Appearing on bus stops in Bristol and London before COP26, the adverts read ‘climate change doesn’t do borders’. The campaign spotlighted HSBC’s goal to plant two million trees in the UK, and a large investment plan for low-carbon activities.

The ASA received 45 complaints, accusing the bank of omitting information on the footprint of its financial activities and of conveying a misleading environmentally positive picture.

While calling out corporations on greenwashing is crucial, it is also key not to excessively scrutinise companies at the risk of affecting consumers and brand trust and aggravating The Paralysis Paradox. ‘The problem is that publicising particular projects that are environmentally beneficial is obviously positive. Where the picture is more nuanced, we need to be careful it doesn’t gag businesses from talking up genuine successes,’ says Andrew Terry of law firm Harbottle & Lewis.

The Sound of HSBC by Jean-Michel Jarre

Strategic opportunity

Learn from HSBC’s mistakes – consumers are more likely to trust transparent businesses which show the full picture, and how they commit to betterment over grand and unsupported claims

Stat: Gen Z values brands which embrace co-creation

Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose

Gen Z values brands which are willing to co-create, according to a new report from advertising agency Ogilvy. From creative direction to sustainability, Gen Z are keen to get involved, which means that brands must be willing to share resources and open up to a generation that want their voices to be heard. For long-lasting bonds to be made, the report calls for a participation-led brand model, supported by the right physical and digital infrastructure.

Additional research shows that 85% of respondents under 30 are interested in contributing ideas to help brands develop solutions for social and environmental issues, a figure that drops to 75% for responders over 30. Allowing consumers to have a say on vital company policies will strengthen customer relations and build future loyalty.

In future, brands will need to speak to this activist-minded generation in a way that allows them to play an active role. As this generation look to dismantle outdated power structures and societal stereotypes, embrace co-creation partnerships to resonate and lead this cultural reformation.

Strategic opportunity

Employ participation-led strategies geared towards Gen Z to create unique relationships, customer experiences and develop a deeper understanding of your customer base

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