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Generation Z are turning emotions into actions, challenging existing societal structures like finance and business.
As the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, brands have an opportunity to innovate within the video games sector
Jamal Nxedlana, creative director of Johannesburg-based youth intelligence agency Bubblegum Club, on why the nation’s youth are still fighting battles from another era.
Toy brands are offering parents support in their quest to become more environmentally friendly.
Finland‘s newest art museum Amos Rex is using multidisciplinary experiences to upend museum-going.

Efficient Energy

We look to new innovations that are tackling problematic energy consumption.

The founder of Low-tech Magazine on creating a solar-powered website that looks to the past for sustainable, future-facing solutions.
Solar designer Marjan van Aubel imagines how in the cities of the future, we will harvest both electricity and food from a local, artificially intelligent system called Power Plant.
With demand for energy relentless, brands are launching initiatives focused on empowering a new subset of energy-efficient prosumers.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

As climate change affects where ingredients are grown, brands are challenging what provenance means for drinks.
Start-ups are re-inventing the made-to-order system through a pre-production process that is purely digital.
Blockchain-based services are empowering consumers not only to take ownership of their personal health data but also to monetise it.