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Natalie Berg, founder of NBK Retail, on why stores should be seen as assets rather than liabilities.
Why feminism needs to define new metrics of achievement if it is going to truly succeed.
India’s luxury market and the growing spending power of the country’s numerous smaller cities.
Should ethically dubious industries account for their wrongdoings and atone for them?

The eSports Opportunity

With the eSports industry expected to grow by more than a third this year, brands need to pay closer attention to gamers.

Sachin Shah discusses the huge potential that gaming offers in exploring mental health issues.
James Dean discusses why non-endemic brands need to speak to its audience on their own terms.
The eSports channel is becoming a key way to reach male Millennials.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

By applying the same processes to clothing as they would to object design, industrial designers are bringing their specialism to the field of fashion.
Beauty brands are taking inspiration from the wellness industry and creating products aligned with natural human cycles and chronobiology.
As businesses apply long-term thinking, a vibrant visual landscape is emerging that inspires action and optimism.