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Societal structures are evolving to improve women's finances.
Jim Meehan on why moderation is good for the alcohol industry.
Innovators are choosing to grow fruit and vegetables from a different starting point: flavour.
Fermented beverages are diversifying and moving out of the health food aisle.
Baby Boomer men are seeking brands to address the skin needs of this life stage.

The GDPR is here

With the GDPR now in effect, we have entered a new era of data privacy right

The new regulations offer both challenges and opportunities for brands.
Katarzyna Szymielewicz discusses how to protect the rights of individuals in a surveillance society.
Irene Ng discusses the dawn of a new power play between consumers and service providers.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Luxury fashion brands are exploring the benefits of selling their pieces in bundles.
Drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley, new incubators are opening that foster collaboration and creativity.
There is growing consensus that ethically dubious industries should account for their wrongdoings and atone for them.