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The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Chinese consumer mindsets and the most effective retail models were key topics at this year’s Retail Week Live.
The Modist is a new online destination for luxury modest wear.
This season, designers challenged traditional notions of luxury and collaborated with nostalgia-evoking brands.
A race for attention is raging across media, advertising and culture in our era of non-stop digital distraction.
The Skype generation is coming of age as people across the world connect via telepresence technology.


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The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

In a world dominated by distrust, disconnection and disenfranchisement it is time for brands to take a stand and choose what type of future they want to create.
LS:N Global’s Future Forecast highlights the key trends set to make your business more profitable, innovative and attuned to consumers’ needs in 2017 and beyond.
A new wave of sophisticated emodiversity is ushering in an era in which people are increasingly obsessed with how everything makes them feel.
Brands are encouraging consumers to reset, restore and rejuvenate.
Listening clubs offer new spaces for consumers who want a meditative, considered approach to music appreciation.