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Brands are re-evaluating the function of running as a holistic wellbeing pursuit.
Founder of wellbeing app Happy Not Perfect, discusses how a combination of neuroscience and technology can boost happiness.
By differentiating between consumers with different mobility needs, retailers are re-enforcing separation, not inclusivity.
Fuelled by a growing interest in healthy living among China’s middle classes, the country’s health, wellness and fitness sectors are booming.
The next generation of smart tools is emerging to help non-professionals train more efficiently.

Distinguished Drinking

Traditional flavours and ingredients are driving innovation in the drinks market.

Consumers are eschewing the extremes of binge-drinking and abstinence in favour of a more considered relationship with alcohol.
The health impact of high-sugar and caffeinated energy drinks is prompting the launch of less harmful alternatives.
With consumer interest in fermented drink growing exponentially, we identify the new product opportunities.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

At-home hair colour is getting an uplift from brands that are launching kits with salon-quality dyes.
A series of apps are making it easier to integrate sustainable fashion choices into consumers’ busy lifestyles.
Kitchen appliance manufacturers are turning the kitchen into a hub of connectivity.