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Consumers are looking for services to augment their failing courtship skills.
Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of 21st-century irritants on their skin.
Responsibility is being rebranded to inspire action and optimism.
Healthcare brands are adopting a sensory aesthetic to de-stigmatise medical products.
Brands are abandoning single-note campaigns in favour of more complex emotional messages.


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The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

A burgeoning revolution in robotics is enabling apparel and footwear brands to adopt automated manufacturing systems that have proven difficult to implement in the past.
The American middle class, once the aspirational ideal, is becoming a myth.
Identity used to be something that you were born with. Age, race, gender and nationality were firmly fixed and determined your place in the world. Now, our identities are sliding further towards something we collect, assemble and arrange. We are phasing into a new era of Bricolage Living.
Gen Viz is a global, liberal and visual-first tribe at the forefront of key emerging trends among Generation Z.
Can slow motion make your heart beat faster? Digital creatives are drawing on sensory phenomena such as ASMR to develop a new type of visual fetishism.