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Discover how Resilience Culture, Programmable Realities and Uncoupled Living will affect your brand
Singledom is being reframed as a positive lifestyle choice. Now brands must do the same.
Society is toughening up: are you ready to re-learn, re-boot, and re-calibrate?
The consumer of tomorrow is on a fluid trajectory – and they’re chasing hybrid experiences.


Original ethnographic research and films covering influential subsets of consumer behaviour.

Our latest tribe explores singledom, polyamory and platonic love.
Explore the new cornerstones that represent a multifaceted future luxury consumer.
The people eating differently owing to anxiety about the state of the environment.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Personal care brands are upgrading the eco-friendly element of refillable packaging to be a little more luxurious.
As car ownership dwindles, luxury consumers are turning to hyper-exclusive car clubs to find their tribe.
The once distinctly separate worlds of health and wellness are converging.