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Is this cannabis compound a new miracle elixir or does its global hype mean we've already hit peak CBD?
Innovations in food safety detection are helping consumers to reduce waste and track food’s edibility with confidence.
Spirituality and folk religion are gaining cult online followings, allowing Generation Z to regain control in a global climate of disorder and disharmony.
Generation Z are turning away from selfies and using Instagram to learn, debate, support and forge new friendships.
Psychologist Richard Freed on what happens when digital learning becomes the preserve of lower-income kids.

Workplace Futures

Gazing beyond 2020, these are the ideas shaping the workplace of the future.

A combination of artificial intelligence and hyper-realistic avatar design is enabling human workers to maximise their output.
Javier Chan Ruiz, CEO of Processim Labs, on how customised gaming simulations will help to sharpen skills in the future workforce.
Parneet Pal, chief science officer at Wisdom Labs, says preventative medicine must begin in the workplace – with leadership driving fundamental change.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

As beauty technologies gain in popularity, algorithms are beginning to shape a new beauty ideal.
More aware of technology’s impact on the planet, brands are transforming their data centres into climate-positive hubs.
A new generation of haircare tools are actively working to improve hair quality and health.