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Recovery is an increasingly essential part of consumers’ exercise regimes. Brands are encouraging them to reset, restore and rejuvenate.
Beyond the drones and companion robots, product innovations at CES revealed nuances in the fitness tracker market, the rise of sleep as a vital contributor to wellness and the beginning of merged reality.
With a multidisciplinary team comprising industrial designers, strategists, architects and interior designers, projects by Foolscap Studio are rooted in creating spaces that tap into local narratives.
Healthcare brands are taking cues from the lifestyle industries and adopting a sensory aesthetic to de-stigmatise medical products and rebrand them as more human.
For consumers, skin sensitivity is the new anti-ageing.


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In an age of constant consumer backlash, bold brands are choosing to stand their ground rather than bow to every customer whim, staging a reaction of their own.
As society becomes more health-conscious, wellness is trickling down to the youngest generation.
As the boundaries between modern society and nature begin to blur, consumerism is becoming more integrated with our living world.
Brands are creating digital storytelling tools to help parents enhance their bedtime rituals.
A new wave of sophisticated emodiversity is ushering in an era in which people are increasingly obsessed with how everything makes them feel.