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Edmund Greaves discusses why fairness should be at the centre of your brand.
Ukraine’s youth are formulating a new vision of their national identity that can compete on a global scale.
John Connell explains how spatial sound can shape new social interactions and immersive experiences.
The food industry is turning its carbon-offsetting efforts into educational and marketing campaigns that flaunts its sustainability credentials.
As the fashion industry grapples with existential questions about overconsumption, digitisation offers an alternative solution.

Generation Z Futures

From wellness to work and dating, this generation are transforming teen anxieties into positive actions that challenge existing societal structures.

Is the thrill of 'live fast, die young' being laid to rest?
Instead of numbing their anxiety with substances or indulging in other vices, Generation Z are challenging existing societal structures.
Instagram is evolving into a dating platform where people can showcase their personalities in a more natural way.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

As beauty technologies gain in popularity, algorithms are beginning to shape a new beauty ideal.
More aware of technology’s impact on the planet, brands are transforming their data centres into climate-positive hubs.
A new generation of haircare tools are actively working to improve hair quality and health.