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New exclusive social clubs and apps that facilitate social interactions are redefining what it means to meet, mingle and be well.
Sea Hero Quest is a mobile game that is helping to speed up research into dementia.
This year Clerkenwell Design Week is being re-invented as a more cross-disciplinary and experiential event. LS:N Global profiles our top five destinations not to be missed during the 2016 festival.
A new wave of sophisticated emodiversity is ushering in an era in which people are increasingly obsessed with how everything makes them feel.
Ambitious and fearless, this subset of Generation Z knows exactly what they want in life and are willing to work in order to get it.


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A comprehensive, coherent and global breakdown of the key consumer trends for the coming year

Identity used to be something that you were born with. Age, race, gender and nationality were firmly fixed and determined your place in the world. Now, our identities are sliding further towards something we collect, assemble and arrange. We are phasing into a new era of Bricolage Living.
The underwear market is moving away from overly sexualised imagery and ‘perfect’ definitions of beauty and taking an honest, bare-it-all approach.
In an age of constant consumer backlash, bold brands are choosing to stand their ground rather than bow to every customer whim, staging a reaction of their own.
Early adopters and innovators are challenging the rigid classifications of race and gender and replacing them with visions of identity that are more personal and nuanced.
Digital-first banks optimised for mobile and with a focus on user experience and convenience could spell the end of retail banking as we know it.

In-depth and visually driven case studies of the brands, products and services making waves around the world

The Estée Edit

The Estée Edit

Estée Lauder aims to attract a younger market with its new social media-inspired beauty range.

Analysis and opinion on the issues that matter and ideas that are kickstarting new market opportunities in the global lifestyle industries

David Munczinski: Brickwork

David Munczinski: Brickwork

Why retailers need more horizontal integration between physical and digital stores.

A visually rich look at the design directions and creators that are shaping the lifestyle industries in the coming decade

Urban Dimensions

Urban Dimensions

New spatial and digital initiatives are injecting a sense of discovery into the urban landscape by unlocking new viewing...

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