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A new era of transactions made on a distributed ledger is on the horizon.
Speakers at ME Convention 2018.envisaged a future where social capitalism and digital colonialism will be omnipresent.
They hate hangovers and sidestep sugar, but are today's youth really living clean, teetotal lives?
Changing consumer palates and a decline in the number of pastry chefs are forcing restaurants to rethink dessert.
With their ability to improve retention and engagement, mixed realities are being placed at the heart of many brands’ onboarding processes.

On Motherhood

Stories on becoming – or not becoming a mother.

From environmental to financial impacts, societal concerns to self-doubt, more and more people are asking ‘why have children?’
With infertility a growing problem, consumers are increasingly turning to smartphone apps and devices for advice and to track their health.
As Millennial women start their own families, brands are creating pregnancy products and services that reflect their tastes.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Casinos are rethinking gambling formats and abandoning gaudy visual codes.
Consumers are eschewing the extremes of binge-drinking and abstinence in favour of a more considered relationship with alcohol.
The once distinctly separate worlds of health and wellness are converging.