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High-minded individuals seeking meaning and fulfilment, Ascetic Luxurians are a privileged set who shun the brand fetishisation and buy-it-all thinking of modern consumerism.
Sennep aims to bring a human touch to interactive design through creative coding experimentation.
South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster transforms its showrooms into artistic installations.
This year’s London Design Festival highlighted new approaches and opportunities for independent studios and the wider industry.
Humanity is on a quest. It is not a quest for perfection, but for optimisation – to be the most effective and the most efficient that we can be.


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A comprehensive, coherent and global breakdown of the key consumer trends for the coming year

Curls are fast becoming a big focus for the beauty industry as brands increase their range of products for curly hair across the market and show curls on the catwalk.
Retail districts with a strong sense of place, culture and history are emerging in a luxury bricks-and-mortar fightback.
As we pin, post and preen our way to an ideal identity online, these personality fragments are forming the new components of a Sharded Self.
As the boundaries between modern society and nature begin to blur, consumerism is becoming more integrated with our living world.
Something exciting is in the air. Forget everything you thought about being old, or age, even. In the society of the future, age isn’t just a number – it’s flat.

In-depth and visually driven case studies of the brands, products and services making waves around the world

The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom

Faye Toogood Studio put craft and craftsmanship on the map at London Design Festival.

Analysis and opinion on the issues that matter and ideas that are kickstarting new market opportunities in the global lifestyle industries

Beau Lotto: The digital brain

Beau Lotto: The digital brain

The future of digital will not be on screens, says neuroscientist Beau Lotto, founder of augmented messaging app Traces.

‘Global insight that inspires thinking, drives ideas and kick-starts innovation.’

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