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The next generation of smart fabrics will give consumers control over their data.
By highlighting individuals' so-called physical imperfections, brands risk being tokenistic.
Brands are innovating with commercial programmes that drive a circular economy for the sector.
Hasna Kourda, co-founder of Save Your Wardrobe on how a digital wardrobe could streamline consumption.
Director Richard Ramchurn on the challenges and opportunities of multi-linear film.

Health & Wellness Futures

A snippet of the stories featured in our latest Futures Report.

Health and wellness are converging as consumers seek a new framework for healthy living that prioritises convenience, accessibility and fidelity.
Growing concern about the negative health impact of energy drinks is prompting the development of less harmful alternatives.
The travel and hospitality sector is offering new ways of supporting its guests’ wellbeing beyond the traditional spa treatment.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Digital nomads are seeking meaningful experiences that foster real-life connections.
A new type of television is disrupting our excessive on-demand culture.
Social media, artificial intelligence and algorithms are beginning to shape a new beauty ideal.