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Brands are challenging what provenance and sense of place mean for wines and spirits.
Brands need to step up and help consumers show off their humane worth, rather than monetary worth, through the products and services they buy.
Katherine Johnston explains why wellness needs to move beyond personal goals to collective gains.
While Millennials continue to delay parenthood, or eschew it altogether, they are spending billions on luxurious lifestyles for their pets.

design directions

How consumer trends are being translated and communicated through design.

Amid growing consumer demand for transparency in food, designers are approaching visual communication in new ways and challenging traditional notions of authenticity.
Creative practitioners are looking at men more expansively, and are advocating an aesthetic free from restrictive male stereotypes.
Designers are recognising the needs of disabled consumers, creating assistive products that are reduced to their most essential elements.


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Luxury home-owners are looking to reclaim serenity with solutions that block out the bustle of urban living.
Threatened supply chains, shortened food miles and a demand for more positive action from brands are changing what we eat and where it comes from.
The wedding industry is responding to changing attitudes in society about who should marry and what type of ceremony they should have.