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Education has changed from an early-life to a life-long activity, but traditional institutions have failed to keep up with consumers. Brands are now stepping in as partners in this process of self-improvement.
For consumers, skin sensitivity is the new anti-ageing.
Traditional music-focused festivals, dominated by Millennials, are now exploring new formats and content to connect more deeply with consumers.
A series of cross-industry collaborations and talks at at Tokyo’s second House Vision exhibition examined the future of the home and the nature of the Co-Dividual.
Motivated, disciplined and inventive, Waste Warriors around the world are doing everything they can to clear clutter from their lives and reduce the amount of waste.


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The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Gen Viz is a global, liberal and visual-first tribe at the forefront of key emerging trends among Generation Z.
Beauty brands are embracing the New Age and creating products that feature mystical symbolism to protect consumers from the effects of 21st-century living.
Brands are creating new sorting systems that foster discovery over obvious organisation.
Humanity is on a quest. It is not a quest for perfection, but for optimisation – to be the optimal versions of ourselves, the most effective and the most efficient that we can be.
As the boundaries between modern society and nature begin to blur, consumerism is becoming more integrated with our living world.