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Melbourne-based designer and art director Ryan Romanes constructs visual narratives that have the power to engage all the senses.
NikeWomen has launched an eight-part web mini-series that follows the story of two sisters who make a bet on New Year’s Eve.
Traditionally dominated by established furniture brands, this year the exhibition focused more on independent designers and niche outfitters.
Chinese men are spending more on apparel and favouring designed-in-China over imported brands.
The authenticity bubble is about to burst. We propose a world of Anti-authenticity Marketing, a call to 
arms to stop using tropes that have no place in the commercial world.


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A comprehensive, coherent and global breakdown of the key consumer trends for the coming year

Retail districts with a strong sense of place, culture and history are emerging in a luxury bricks-and-mortar fightback.
Identity used to be something that you were born with. Age, race, gender and nationality were firmly fixed and determined your place in the world. Now, our identities are sliding further towards something we collect, assemble and arrange. We are phasing into a new era of Bricolage Living.
Still in its infancy, the blockchain has the potential to cut out financial institutions and third parties in the selling of goods and services.
LS:N Global’s Future Forecast highlights the key trends set to make your business more profitable, innovative and attuned to consumers’ needs in 2016 and beyond.
As the boundaries between modern society and nature begin to blur, consumerism is becoming more integrated with our living world.

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