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A desire to balance their minds, meals and bodies as well as their skin keeps Holistic Athletes looking as good as they feel.
The stage is being set on the French Riviera for the annual gathering of the advertising, marketing and media industries to celebrate creative projects from the past year.
The success of ride-share operators means everyone, from small-scale start-ups to car manufacturers and municipal governments, is looking for a share of this lucrative market.
Google has built an escape game in which players have to apply its apps in creative ways to find clues and escape against the clock.
Healthcare brands are taking cues from the lifestyle industries and adopting a sensory aesthetic to de-stigmatise medical products and rebrand them as more human.


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The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

Identity used to be something that you were born with. Age, race, gender and nationality were firmly fixed and determined your place in the world. Now, our identities are sliding further towards something we collect, assemble and arrange. We are phasing into a new era of Bricolage Living.
New cultural initiatives are re-examining masculinity by focusing on mental health, body image and depression.
In an age of constant consumer backlash, bold brands are choosing to stand their ground rather than bow to every customer whim, staging a reaction of their own.
Early adopters and innovators are challenging the rigid classifications of race and gender and replacing them with visions of identity that are more personal and nuanced.
New exclusive social clubs and apps that facilitate social interactions are redefining what it means to meet, mingle and be well.