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The pandemic, climate change and social movements will continue to re-imagine the fabric of our societies and economies
Generation Z are creating opportunities to re-assemble, decentralise and decolonise our outdated societal systems
We future-gaze to 2030 and posit an era when fast fashion is not only traced – it’s rationed

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50 essential inter-Covid trends across 10 key sectors

Beauty will focus on inclusivity, sustainability and the joy of science, with boundary-blurring innovations coming to the fore
Coming into paramount focus amid the pandemic, this sector is spanning across industries and taking on entirely new forms
New directions will be shaped by functional beverages, tech-driven tipples and a quest for more sustainable sips
From local supply chains to augmented experiences and celebrations of culture, the industry is navigating our new normal
Travel brands will tap into people’s craving for escapism through more immersive and imaginative travel experiences
Influences ranging from the BLM movement to Covid-19 and the climate crisis will drive new modes of access and experience
Fashion is making way for more sustainable and ethical approaches that prioritise livelihoods while retaining creativity
Retail will augment customers’ store experiences, drive home sustainability and hyper-personalise the path to purchase
From energy-less web design to intuitive cities and content-first fintech, brands are working towards more progressive futures
Young people are reconnecting with their heritage and engaging in alternative education to control their own future


The latest global consumer trends that we’re tracking across sectors, substantiated by expert opinions and the latest industry statistics.

The travel industry is exploring fresh directions in Bleisure that inspire remote, roaming workers
Airlines are creating customer experiences that aren’t limited by travel restrictions
Open-source platforms are providing free materials insight and education for designers
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