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L’Oréal opens an ocean preservation lab, Mob serves up a one-day food festival, and wellness needs to ditch its obsession with perfection.

L’Oréal educates consumers about ocean-friendly beauty

The Biotherm Blue Beauty Lab. Design by Universal Design Studio, Monaco
The Biotherm Blue Beauty Lab. Design by Universal Design Studio, Monaco
The Biotherm Blue Beauty Lab. Design by Universal Design Studio, Monaco

Monaco – To highlight its commitment to ocean preservation, L’Oréal is opening a retail concept lab that showcases how the brand’s products are sustainably produced and water-efficient. Located in the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, the Biotherm Beauty Lab aims to educate consumers and brand ambassadors about the company’s Blue Beauty philosophy.

The store is divided into two sections; the first is a lab where guests can observe the cultivation of live plankton, an ingredient in skincare products. In the second room, visitors can learn about product formulations through an immersive digital environment that includes floor-to-ceiling screens and graphics designed by Superbien and AC3 Studio.

According to L'Oréal's Blue Beauty philosophy, 'beauty comes from the water', so it should also give back to it. As water scarcity becomes an urgent issue across the globe, this retail lab is raising awareness about ocean-friendly alternatives.

Strategic opportunity

How can companies raise awareness about waterless beauty solutions? Consider developing products that do not need to be activated by water

ThredUp launches fast fashion confessional hotline

Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline by thredUP and Priah Ferguson, US Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline by thredUP and Priah Ferguson, US
Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline by thredUP and Priah Ferguson, US Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline by thredUP and Priah Ferguson, US

US – Online resale platform ThredUp has partnered with Stranger Things actor Priah Ferguson to launch its Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline. Callers who dial the number can confess their shopping habits and hear Ferguson’s voice sharing her own confessions, encouraging them to abandon their basket and providing information on more sustainable ways to buy.

The launch comes in the wake of a new study from ThredUp which found that a third of Gen Z feel addicted to fast fashion, while almost half of college students say it’s hard to resist the temptation it offers. Despite Gen Z’s environmental leanings, the lure of cheap new on-trend clothes is strong, and ThredUp’s hotline is helping to break the cycle by presenting second-hand as a viable and affordable alternative. ‘I hope this hotline inspires people to change their shopping habits and think about thrifting. Even small changes can make a big difference for our future,’ says Ferguson.

As the second-hand clothing market continues to grow, young consumers are embracing Eco-motional Fashion that takes a more positive and human-centric approach to sustainability.

Strategic opportunity

Use fun interactive branded moments to provide education and resources on how shoppers can make small changes to improve their shopping habits

Mob and Gorillas host a food festival

London – Food media company Mob is partnering with delivery platform Gorillas to host a one-day food festival on 17 September. From 3:00pm to midnight, visitors will be able to experience the food platform’s recipes in real life, demonstrating how digital companies can use physical events to bring their online communities together.

In addition to food from Mob’s latest cookbook, Fresh Mob, the festival will include live music, stand-up comedy, DJ sets by London-based radio station Balamii and a live recording of The Official Mob Podcast. The Mob Truck will be serving samples of its favourite recipes with free drinks provided by Good Earth. Other street traders will also be in attendance, such as Toum & Tahini.

With the rise of Clout Kitchens, digital food platforms and delivery companies have an opportunity to host real-life events to help strengthen their audiences and take their offerings offline.

Mob Live presented by Gorillas, UK

Strategic opportunity

E-commerce platforms should take inspiration from Mob and host events for their customers to help create tangible experiences of a digital company

Stat: Wellness culture is too focused on perfection

Woo, UK Woo, UK

Young people want to be able to approach wellness by embracing imperfection, and they are rejecting practices and routines that are too restrictive. According to a new study in the US and Canada by YPulse, 68% of 13–39-year-olds agree that current wellness culture puts too much emphasis on perfection.

This constant and unachievable focus on reaching perfection is leading Gen Z and Millennials to reject wellness culture as toxic and harmful. Instead of sticking to strict routines, these groups want to do wellness their own way, taking a more holistic approach that also considers mental health, which they see as just as important as physical health.

Explore how to remix the wellness model for Gen Z by reframing the wellness conversation around feel-good content and messaging, leading to an approach that’s both aspirational and pragmatic.

Strategic opportunity

Steer clear of language that suggests there is a perfect version of themselves that young consumers can unlock. Instead, lean into feel-good messaging that allows them to be real

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