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A hair product activated by a phone flash, Burberry backs a philanthropic youth zine, and UK consumers aren’t convinced by branded NFTs.

The Unseen teases light reflective hair products

Ghost Moments created by The Unseen in collaboration with Infringe and Lauren Bowker, UK

London – Building on its recent launch of Spectra make-up, which uses reflective particles that react to light from camera flashes, beauty disruptor The Unseen is turning its attention to hair.

The result is Ghost Moments – an exploration into ways of using Spectra products as a temporary hair decoration, as showcased in a collaboration between The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker and Infringe magazine. 'The technology is very similar to that used for reflective road signs. It’s built around a glass bead that is invisible until you shine light through it; when the light hits the back of the bead it comes back out in a focused spectrum,' says Bowker.

Envisaging a future when hair products will be as loud, bright and temporary as nail polish or eye make-up, the application of Spectra to hair is also an investigation of digital culture, and our relationship with our mobile phones. By creating a product only activated by a camera flash, The Unseen ensures that its product is extremely shareable.

Exploring the duality between the visible and the invisible, The Unseen is forging a new era of fun and cerebral cosmetics. To learn more, dive into our recent interview with The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker.

Strategic opportunity

Tired of the pandemic, consumers are turning to bold makeup looks. Beauty companies should consider launching products that are designed to be photographed

Burberry’s collaborative zine inspires children’s futures

Dreamscapes created in collaboration with Burberry, The Face, Holmleigh Primary School, Tegan Williams and Marcus Rashford, UK Dreamscapes created in collaboration with Burberry, The Face, Holmleigh Primary School, Tegan Williams and Marcus Rashford, UK
Dreamscapes created in collaboration with Burberry, The Face, Holmleigh Primary School, Tegan Williams and Marcus Rashford, UK Dreamscapes created in collaboration with Burberry, The Face, Holmleigh Primary School, Tegan Williams and Marcus Rashford, UK

UK – Part of an ongoing series of civic projects between activist footballer Marcus Rashford and British luxury brand Burberry, Dreamscapes is a zine produced by children at a North London primary school.

Designed to help disadvantaged children develop their literacy skills, the zine is the result of a wider collaboration with The Face magazine showcasing the work and future aspirations of children – from becoming a rock band drummer to a sweet shop worker and a doctor. Dreamscapes emerged from a series of creative workshops and will be printed in a limited-edition run of 1,000 copies, distributed in local and regional community spaces.

By uniting both brands and individuals, this project shows how various organisations can channel their expertise to elevate ambitions among Generation Alpha. Further, by partnering with a school, the project recognises the importance of tackling inequalities and inspiring ambition. For more on how luxury marketing is evolving to become more considerate, read Anti-ostentation Attitudes,

Strategic Opportunity

How might your brand find a role in supporting community projects or overlooked groups? When embarking on such projects, reflect on how your internal skills and brand values can be used in appropriate and impactful ways

Aesop’s radio shows combine sound and scent

Melbourne – The beauty company is shedding light on the interplay between sound and scent with its latest collaboration with internet radio station Worldwide FM.

The two companies have teamed up to launch a weekly radio show called Radiomatique Mixtapes. Each episode in the series will feature tracks that have been chosen in response to Aesop's Othertopias perfume line, a collection of three gender-neutral scents.

The 60-minute broadcasts will feature numerous musical genres, including spoken word poetry, pop, soul and ambient music. They will be presented by Seoul-based DJ and producer Closet Yi, indie-electronic musician Shii and Amsterdam DJ Nedda Sou. Three podcasts will be produced weekly throughout 2022.

By aligning itself with an internet-based radio station, Aesop is putting its own spin on the Digital Fragrances trend, stirring the senses through virtual methods.

Othertopias range by Aesop, Australia

Strategic opportunity

With touch becoming devalued during the pandemic, how can your company explore and engage other senses as a way to tell stories around products, brand history or inspirations?

Stat: UK consumers unmoved by branded NFTs

Dell XPS Youniverse by MPC & YMLY&R
Dell XPS Youniverse by MPC & YMLY&R

While brands across sectors have been rushing to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs), many consumers are not yet convinced by branded NFTs. Research from YouGov finds that the majority of the UK public are more likely to feel negative about brands selling NFTs.

The study shows that only 1% of UK consumers would feel 'much more favourable' towards a brand if they created an NFT. In contrast, 27% of respondents said they would feel 'much less favourable', and a further 16% would feel 'slightly less favourable'. Indeed, YouGov's findings also reflect the fact that many consumers are still not sure what an NFT is, suggesting that brands need to gradually introduce their customers to the technology or find ways to make NFTs useful or beneficial for customers.

While the market for NFTs is yet to gain pace with mainstream audiences, retailers can explore Crypto-and-Mortar strategies, using physical stores for educational events that make NFTs more accessible and appealing.

Strategic opportunity

For brands hoping to capture customers through NFT strategies, consider how to engage audiences through the channels they use regularly, whether your stores, social media or email newsletters

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