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A collection of resources to read, reflect, open up discussions and enact positive change as we work together for an anti-racist future in all societies.

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Black Lives Matter, US. Image by Nikkolas Smith Black Lives Matter, US. Image by Nikkolas Smith

The events of the past week have once again highlighted the injustices that black communities experience around the world every day – and just how much work needs to be done from the inside out, across societies. It all begins with a conversation.

Use this time to read, reflect, open up discussions, and most importantly, listen to people of colour about their experiences. We’ll be sharing external resources here on LS:N Global and via The Future Laboratory blog. Today, we present a list of valuable resources and ways that you and your business can help. Together, let’s enact positive change for an anti-racist future.

Commit to the cause

Brands and businesses must do more to ensure that black and ethnic minority employees are represented and listened to at all levels of their infrastructures.

The following resources offer practical suggestions and ideas for how to welcome people of colour into conversations and decision-making crucial to your business.

The Race at Work Charter – Five ways to help people of colour progress at work using data capture, culture, engaging managers, recruiting and progressing talent, and leadership activity.

Toward a Racially Just Workplace – Laura Morgan Roberts and Anthony J Mayo on why current diversity efforts are failing black employees – and their suggestions for a better, future-proofed approach.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Factsheet – Presented by the CIPD, explore what workplace diversity and inclusion means, and how an effective strategy can support your organisation's business objectives.

A Manifesto for Opportunity – The Market Research Society’s straightforward pledge to represent the world it serves through the work it does.

Toward a Racially Just Workplace by Laura Morgan Roberts and Anthony J Mayo

What to read

Natives by Akala Natives by Akala
How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi

A selection of relevant books and digital resources to inform, educate and inspire action. Read and share with others.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge for The Guardian. Read or listen to an excerpt of Eddo-Lodge's timely and essential framework for how to see, acknowledge and counter racism.

Welcome to the Anti-Racism Movement by Ijeoma Oluo for The Establishment. An honest list of considerations for white people wanting to fight systemic racism.

How to Support Black People Right Now by Charlotte Williams for SevenSix. A concise guide to being mindful in your support of black people at this time.

Let’s Talk About Race: A Pocket Guide to Getting Conversations Started by Sandra Kerr. A guide to get people past the starting blocks and feeling comfortable talking about race.

Healing in Action by Black Lives Matter. A toolkit that collates, condenses and shares the lessons learned by Black Lives Matter in ensuring that its actions are centred on healing justice.

Natives by Akala. Focusing on police, education and identity to politics, sexual objectification and the far right, Natives speaks directly to British denial and squeamishness when it comes to confronting issues of race and class.

10 steps to Non-Optical Allyship by Mireille Harper. A series of practical 'starter' tips in an easy-to-navigate format to help people move forward and make positive change across societies.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad. A book to help people understand their white privilege so they can stop unconsciously inflicting damage on black, indigenous and people of colour, and help other white people do better, too.

How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi. A memoir that asks the reader to think about what an anti-racist society might look like, and how we can play an active role in building it.

Where to distribute wealth

No White Saviors No White Saviors

A list of UK-based and global collectives, charities and organisations committed to addressing racism and racial inequality.

Black Lives Matter UK – A coalition of people from across the UK who believe deeply that #blacklivesmatter. The struggle is global, and so must be the solution.

Black Lives Matter US – For those wishing to donate without money, or to donate to victims, protestors or black-owned businesses, as well as allied organisations to Black Lives Matter.

UK Black Pride – Europe’s largest celebration of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean heritage LGBT+ people.

Access UK – Employment and careers support service for minority youths aged 16 to 30, particularly in the African Caribbean community.

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust – This trusts works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 13 to 30 to inspire and enable them to succeed in the career of their choice.

Urban Synergy – Urban Synergy is an award-winning early intervention mentoring charity that helps hundreds of young people between 11 and 18 years of age to reach their full potential through outcome-focused mentoring programmes, inspirational seminars and work experience.

The Africa Centre – The Africa Centre is a charity dedicated to providing the African diaspora, and all people with an interest in Africa, a platform for experiencing events and engaging in discussions on culture, education, business and art.

No White Saviors – An advocacy campaign led by a majority female, majority African team of professionals based in Kampala, Uganda. Their collective experience in the development and aid sectors drives their deep commitment to seeing futures change in a more equitable and anti-racist direction.

Our sources

Many of the resources we shared here today have been sourced from anti-racist educators and tools such as: Antiracist Allyship Starter Pack, Anti-racism Resources, and the Bi Pandas.

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