Creative Foresight Analyst

Gabriela Białkowska

Gabriela Białkowska

Gabriela joined The Future Laboratory as a creative foresight analyst in early 2023. Her journey in trend forecasting began at Nottingham Trent University where she studied Fashion Communication and Promotion, but personal interests soon led her to the world of gaming, media and technology. With over three years of experience in these sectors, Gabriela is one of LS:N Global’s youth and media experts. She also contributes to the platform’s food and drink sectors after establishing a keen interest in food as a cultural phenomenon.

What drew you to the world of trends and foresight?

The world of trend forecasting initially caught my attention during my university studies and has stayed with me ever since.

I’ve always considered myself a curious person, and as my desire for novelty grew, I realised that trends and foresight are a perfect blend of creativity and analytical thinking – everything I was looking for in a job. I even moved countries to shoot my shot in the industry.

What makes LS:N Global unique?

Uniqueness is at the core of what LS:N Global stands for. What I value most, however, is the diversity of expertise in our team. Whether it be our professional or cultural backgrounds, this diversity allows us to challenge conventional thinking and offer new ways of understanding the world around us and its future.

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