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Trainers for life from Stella McCartney, Chanel launches make-up for men, kids ditch computer games for Fortnite fitness classes.

Stella McCartney’s Loop trainers could be worn for life

Stella McCartney Loop Lab, UK

UK – The British fashion brand is further demonstrating its sustainability efforts with the launch its new trainer collection, Loop.

In contrast to traditional shoes, which are often difficult to recycle due to their inseparable components, the Loop collection is built using a new production method that allows each element of the shoe to easily detach and be upcycled or recycled. Typically, the sole of a shoe is bound to the upper section with glue, however the soles of the Loop trainers are attached using interlocking clips and stitched together with eco-friendly thread. This method enables consumers to extend the life of their shoes, by simply reattaching new soles when necessary.

The creation and construction of the sneaker is being explored in Loop Lab, an exhibition dedicated to the design, held at the brand’s flagship store on London’s Old Bond Street.

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Chanel debuts cosmetics for men

Boy de Chanel by Chanel Boy de Chanel by Chanel
Boy de Chanel by Chanel Boy de Chanel by Chanel

Global – Luxury brand Chanel is launching Boy de Chanel, its first range of make-up dedicated to men.

Expanding its portfolio of male skincare and cologne, the French label is moving into men’s cosmetics with three new products: a foundation, matte moisturising balm and an eyebrow pencil. With the Men’s Beauty market largely driven by Asian brands and consumers, Chanel is set to trial Boy de Chanel in South Korea before rolling out across the rest of the globe.

‘Just as Gabrielle Chanel borrowed elements from the men’s wardrobe to dress women, Chanel draws inspiration from the women’s world to write the vocabulary of a new personal aesthetic for men,’ says a company statement.

While Chanel is the first luxury brand to enter the male beauty scene, make-up for men has been steadily building traction. Male models featured in Mac Cosmetics’ collaboration with ASOS, while product designer Taeheon Kim recently created a line of make-up brushes designed for men.

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David Lloyd Clubs introduce Fortnite fitness classes

UK – The premium health club has launched a series of exercise classes for teens and children, inspired by the runaway success of online computer game Fortnite.

The workout classes, known as Emote Royale, will teach young kids popular dance moves featured in the game. Accompanied by Fortnite-themed soundtracks, class attendees will learn how to master moves such as ‘flossing’, ‘take the L’ and ‘orange justice’.

With society becoming increasingly health conscious, the concept of wellness is trickling down to the youngest generation. And yet, 56% of parents are still worried about how much time their children spend playing computer games. As such, David Lloyd Clubs is encouraging kids to swap their controller for choreography, taking time away from their screens to get fit and socialise.

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Fortnite Fortnite

Gillette challenges notions of masculinity

The Best Men, Gillette UK

UK – The shaving brand is rethinking its familiar tagline, ‘The best a man can get’, by exploring what it means to be a man today.

Since the tagline’s launch in 1989, Gillette has conformed to a narrow view of masculinity, often showcasing macho or sporty men perfecting their beards. In a new campaign created by Grey London the brand shines a light on the evolving definition of masculinity, featuring men demonstratingacts of self-expression and wellbeing. The 30-second spot includes an array of modern manhood scenarios, including male athletes shaving their legs and men embracing hugs.

‘It’s no longer acceptable to tell men to man up, bottle it up and show no weakness,’ says Will Adam, group creative director at Grey London. ‘This campaign aims to celebrate the virtues that mean something to modern men.’

Stat: Cognac exports reach record high

With cognac brands making a conscience effort to diversify the spirit’s positioning, the market has witnessed growth for the fourth consecutive year.

Between 1 August 2017 and 31 July 2018, the number of bottles shipped reached a record high at 205.9m. The US dominated much of this demand for cognac, with 86.5m bottles shipped to the country in 2017/2018. ‘The dark spirits category is growing in the US market, encouraged by the historical presence of cognac and the constant investments of the cognac houses,’ says Patrick Raguenaud, president of the BNIC. ‘This is ensuring that shipments towards the US continue to grow year on year.’

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Thought-starter: Will voice interfaces transform hospitality?

In-room AI assistants are allowing hoteliers to provide guests with a more personal experience, while boosting internal efficiency.

Amazon aims to transform mass-market hospitality across the US by placing its AI voice devices in rooms at various Marriott hotels – as well as other Marriott-owned brands such as Westin, St Regis, Aloft and Autograph Collection.

The service, Alexa for Hospitality, is designed to improve the experience of guests, enabling them to use Amazon Echo devices installed in their room to request housekeeping and order room service or for dinner recommendations. The device can also be configured by hospitality providers to control and adjust in-room devices such as lights, thermostats, blinds, and tvs.

But voice interfaces are also entering the high-end hospitality market, with the soon-to-open Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia placing technology at the centre of its guests’ experience. Each room will feature a Comcast X1 device with a voice-activated remote control that gives guests access to more than 300 channels and 50,000 films and tv shows, including specially-curated content for black and LGBT audiences. The voice-based system is also designed to make Four Seasons rooms more comfortable for disabled guests.

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MODA by Bittel and Jacob Jensen MODA by Bittel and Jacob Jensen
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