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Correct the Internet denounces the shadow banning of women athletes online, Reserve Bar opens shop for canned alcohol and US consumers seek value online.

Correct the Internet denounces the shadow banning of women athletes online

Correct the internet by DDB New Zealand

New Zealand – A new campaign created by the DDB Group is shedding light on the little known bias affecting women online and hopes to change that by prompting viewers to join them in correcting the internet.

To the question ‘Who has scored the most goals in international football?’, an internet search would say Cristiano Ronaldo, with a count of 118 international goals. Correct the Internet objects – it is in fact female player Christine Sinclair, with 190 goals. The campaign denounces the many similar inaccuracies, showing steep gender bias by shadowing the success of women athletes and putting the accomplishments of male sportsmen forward online.

‘Because the internet has learnt our bias, many of its search engine results are inconsistent, often favouring men, and change depending on who is searching,’ says Correct the Internet founding partner Rebecca Sowden. This is where Correct the Internet comes in. The ad refers viewers to an online tool they can use to report inconsistencies, encouraging small individual actions that could lead to a collective movement supporting the empowerment of women in sports and their representation in the media.

Strategic opportunity

Algorithmic and systemic biases are hard to reverse, but not impossible. Raising awareness and showing continuous commitment to disadvantaged communities is a good place to start, but providing the resources or tools to materialise your engagement is also crucial to achieve change

Get Stocked is dedicated to canned alcohol

US – Online alcohol retailer ReserveBar has launched Get Stocked, an e-retail space focused on selling canned alcohol. Get Stocked is designed to be a one-stop shop to purchase drinks for what ReserveBar calls ‘cooler occasions’, those times when it is inconvenient to drink from a glass – such as barbecues, trips to the beach and pool parties. Get Stocked will predominantly sell canned cocktails and canned craft ales.

For years, canned drinks were seen as a downmarket way to consume alcohol. In Tinned Tipples we observed the financial and environmental benefits to the lowly can. Founded in 2013, ReserveBar is an e-commerce leader in shipping premium and luxury spirits, wine and champagne from licensed liquor stores to consumers, and last year was awarded Retailer/Marketplace of the Year by Wine Enthusiast’s Annual Wine Star Awards. ‘Our launch is just the beginning,’ says Derek Correia, president of ReserveBar. ‘As we’re working on content, education and building a community supporting the discovery and trial of exciting new brands.’

Get Stocked, US

Strategic opportunity

Consumers are enthusiastic for new twists on old (or previously low-market) ideas, especially if these fulfil value, experience or sustainability needs.

Stat: Economic pressures motivate US consumers to shop online

Photography by Pixabay
Photography by Pixabay

US – Mirakl’s annual survey of the shopping habits of global consumers has revealed that economic pressures are making digital retail more appealing to US consumers. Some 71% of US shoppers say they expect to move more of their spending online in the next 12 months to find better value.

The research shows that convenience is the other key reason they are choosing digital over physical stores. Some 53% of US consumers say the products they need have been out of stock more frequently in stores in the past six months, and when a product they normally buy in-store is unavailable, 52% of US consumers try to find it online often or very often. If they are successful then 71% of consumers say they default to their online retailer when they need the same product again.

Mirakl’s survey reveals that although consumers are currently enthusiastic about digital shopping, they remain flexible in their attitudes to physical and digital retail depending on their needs. To track the trends gaining traction with consumers RSVP to our Retail Futures Event.

Strategic opportunity

Make your value readily apparent to consumers; many consumers are willing to seek out new brands, new marketplaces and do additional product research for perceived better value. They are willing to be enthusiastic about businesses that don’t make them work too hard.

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