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Bupa embraces a synchronised approach to healthcare, OnlyFans branches out into non-adult content and UK travellers will seek thrilling experiences in 2023.

Bupa embraces a synchronised approach to healthcare

This is Health by MullenLowe Group for Bupa, UK

UK – Healthcare company Bupa’s latest campaign presents a fresh take on what health looks like, showcasing and validating underrepresented daily health concerns across life stages.

The This is Health campaign, created by advertising agency MullenLowe, supports the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health. From neurodiversity to joint conditions, from mental health to menopause, Bupa acknowledges the diversity of human experiences and health needs, and spotlights the crucial role of accessible healthcare in supporting every individual’s unique needs and holistic wellbeing.

‘Be it tackling big concerns or sorting out those smaller everyday niggles, our goal is to ensure everyone gets the expert help they need for their holistic wellbeing – whatever that looks like,’ says Angelique Walker, director of brand marketing at Bupa.

The inclusive and uplifting activation encourages people to follow their own personal healthcare journeys and reframes the traditional perceptions of healthcare, a good example of Synchronised Care in action.

Strategic opportunity

The healthcare providers of tomorrow will understand and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of diverse client bases. Bespoke approaches that bolster inclusivity will help in that goal

European cities are given a colourful makeover

Asphalt Art Initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Europe Asphalt Art Initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Europe
Asphalt Art Initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Europe Asphalt Art Initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Europe

Global – The Asphalt Art Initiative is partnering with cities across Europe to help improve community safety. The project consists of colourful murals placed on pavements and along roadsides in 19 countries. Cities in Belgium, Italy and Bulgaria are among those that will receive the £22,100 ($25,000, €25,400) grant, some of which will be given murals across intersections and crossings.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which previously piloted the project in the US, the initiative aims to help cities use art to rejuvenate public spaces and improve street safety. In the US, driving speeds dropped by 45% in Kansas City, Missouri, after an art installation was introduced at a crash hotspot intersection.

Not only do the murals brighten up communities, they act as a catalyst for improving the general wellbeing of residents. ‘Projects like these not only connect people, but make streets safer, and we encourage cities everywhere to paint their own transportation masterpieces,’ says Janette Sadik-Khan, principal for transportation at Bloomberg Associates. The project is an example of how communities and organisations alike are inventing ways to turn urban spaces into more equitable places.

Strategic opportunity

As consumers seek community-centric cities, urban infrastructure will play a role in creating such spaces and cities that embrace projects such as the Asphalt Art Initiative will prosper

OnlyFans is branching out into non-adult content

UK – OnlyFans, the platform where content creators monetise adult content, has announced a plan to expand into non-sexual genres.

While still supporting adult performers, the platform is taking steps to diversify its catalogue and delve into non-adult entertainment. OnlyFans recently recruited celebrities and is producing a reality show meant to stream on OFTV, the company’s new non-pornographic streaming service.

To promote its non-explicit content offering, OnlyFans has also created the Creative Fund: Comedy Edition, a contest for UK-based creators to compete for the chance to be featured in a reality programme on OFTV, on top of a £100,000 ($113,100, €115,000) cash prize to split between winners.

The Creative Fund allows OnlyFans to give back to the creator community by providing a unique opportunity to break into challenging industries like comedy, explains OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan.

OnlyFans has been growing rapidly since its launch, and the platform’s shift to diversified content shows how the company has acted as an Elastic Brand, proactively anticipating its next move based on community expectations.

OnlyFans Creative Fund: Comedy Edition, UK and Ireland

Strategic opportunity

Know your community inside and out and, like OnlyFans, be ready to stretch your brand to meet your audience’s needs when the time is right

Stat: Travellers are seeking daring experiences

Nature's Calling by Woo, UK Nature's Calling by Woo, UK

UK – Travellers will seek creative experiences that can distract them from the current global chaos, according to’s 2023 Travel Predictions report. Commissioned by, the research investigated more than 24,000 travellers across 32 countries using the digital travel company’s knowledge as a leader in the field to provide insights on the data. The study found that holiday curators will need to move away from traditional holidays and lean into more one-of-a-kind experiences.

From rural excursions to immersing in a local culture, the data shows travellers are seeking culture shock experiences, with 29% wanting to be able to spot a UFO and 35% keen to find the world’s rarest delicacy.

Although travellers are showing resilience despite global uncertainty, many are seeking local experiences that take them away from their own reality. Local businesses should use this as an opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons. ‘This is the ideal backdrop for a boom in experiential travel, with micro- and niche trends, hobbies and personal passions leading the way,’ says Arjan Dijk, senior vice-president at

Strategic opportunity

Amid global chaos, travel brands should move away from traditional holidays and curate experiences that tap into the quirks of local culture and take travellers out of their comfort zones.

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