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Innom’s punchy branding rejuvenates convenience stores, a housing complex for homeless veterans, and consumers consider health and wellbeing essential.

Innom’s punchy branding rejuvenates convenience stores

Innom. Identity by Try, Norway
Innom. Identity by Try, Norway
Innom. Identity by Try, Norway

Norway – Many corner shops seem frozen in time and impermeable to design trends. Enter Innom, a new type of neighbourhood shop merging grocery store, kiosk and bakery with bold and colourful branding.

Part of large low-cost grocery chain REMA 1000, Innom offers the same affordable prices under a new concept and brand. The Norwegian creative agency Try was commissioned to create the visual identity of the store, breaking with tradition but referencing the convenience store’s nature.

Innom, which translates as ‘drop by’, has a colourful and engaging visual identity hoping to win over a new generation of local shoppers. Inside the shop, illustrations guide visitors around different stations; for instance, notifying customers they need to squeeze fruit juice or weigh produce themselves.

This corner shop’s novel concept feels trend-aware and visually coherent at the same time. Such an approach to convenience commerce will resonate with younger consumers and revitalise the Next-gen Grocery Market.

Strategic opportunity

Lacklustre staples can become attractive market opportunities with the right push. Are you considering next-gen consumers’ communication preferences in your strategy?

Lehrer Architects opens community complex for unhoused veterans

Willowbrook by Lehrer Architects, US Willowbrook by Lehrer Architects, US
Willowbrook by Lehrer Architects, US Willowbrook by Lehrer Architects, US

Los Angeles – Lehrer Architects, an agency known for its innovative take on the housing crisis, has opened a residential complex for unhoused veterans with disabilities. The complex, designed in a striking shade of bright yellow, offers seven units, community spaces and counselling facilities.

Lehrer Architects prides itself on using design to uplift Los Angeles’ most vulnerable residents. Its signature bright colours and unique use of space are demonstrated throughout the complex. The compact units consist of a kitchenette, a private bathroom and bedroom, all featuring several windows despite their relatively small size. Shared spaces are coordinated to create an urban campus feel, a feature created to encourage communal living among the veterans.

The project's striking appeal enhances the immediate neighbourhood while focusing on community for the residents. For Lehrer Architects, beauty is rudimentary for human dignity and therefore integral to creating a space that feels safe, loving and respectful. In line with our macrotrend, Neo-collectivism, socially focused architecture will play a vital role in creating spaces fit for the future – ones that prioritise collective living and equality.

Strategic opportunity

As architecture evolves, think about ways your forward-thinking spaces promote a sense of togetherness, and uplift those from disadvantaged or marginalised communities.

Non-gendered uniform policy makes Virgin Atlantic an intersectionality hero

Global – Virgin Atlantic is the first airline to allow staff to choose their uniform, regardless of gender identity, making it a leader in intersectionality in contemporary business.

Virgin Atlantic is actively championing individuality in its workforce, such as relaxing rules on visible tattoos and mandatory make-up. With the latest policy updates, staff can pick between the Vivienne Westwood-designed uniform options – trousers or skirt­ – based on how they identify.

In addition, Virgin Atlantic is now offering optional pronoun badges for crew and passengers during check-in and has updated the ticketing system to let gender-neutral passport holders use the title Mx.

These policy updates come after research commissioned by Virgin Atlantic found that letting employees embrace their individuality at work boosts mental wellbeing (49%), feelings of happiness (65%) and overall creates a better experience for staff and customers (24%).

At LS:N Global, we have long explored how brands and concepts are driving positive change within the space of gender in our Intersectionality series.

Virgin Atlantic

Strategic opportunity

Taking cues from Virgin Atlantic’s initiatives, reflect on how your business is promoting and including all identities among your workforce and your customers

Stat: Health and wellbeing are top consumer priorities

Open meditation. Creative by Some Days, photography by Emman Montalvan Open meditation. Creative by Some Days, photography by Emman Montalvan

Global – A survey by Accenture has found that consumers are willing to splurge on health and wellbeing. Since the start of the pandemic, Accenture has conducted a series of surveys of 11,000 participants across 16 countries. The research concludes that, despite economic uncertainty, consumers believe health and wellbeing are as essential as grocery and household spending categories.

Travel is widely perceived as integral for health and wellbeing; this is a view reflected by 33% of respondents, who say they are willing to cut down on other non-essential household products. Emily Weiss, a senior managing director at Accenture, explains: ‘While the focus on personal wellbeing is not necessarily new, it is now less an indulgence and more of a non-negotiable essential for today’s consumers.’

Due to Covid and now the cost of living crisis, consumers are turning to health and wellbeing to regain control over their lives, channelling their attention inwards. Self-care is becoming a key priority for mental health. This is an opportunity for companies to rekindle their product offerings and attract the attention of an increasingly health-aware consumer.

Strategic opportunity

As the practice of self-care evolves, collaborate with health and wellbeing specialists to achieve a more heightened experience for your consumer base.

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