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Education in Madagascar advances by using eco-conscious construction, Apple celebrates the power of walking and why hyper-local delivery is rising in India.

This 3D printed school adjusts to educational needs

Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi, 3D printed school, Madagascar
Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi, 3D printed school, Madagascar
Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi, 3D printed school, Madagascar

Madagascar – Non-profit Thinking Huts has announced plans to construct a modular educational hub using 3D printing technology and locally-sourced materials.

Designed by agency Studio Mortazavi, the school will comprise a series of pods made with concrete aggregate, that will be 3D printed using recycled materials. By purposefully opting for a modular design, the size of the structure can be built according to the number of pupils attending the facility. Earth-friendly features of the Thinking Hut’s school include solar panels, compostable toilets, and a water catchment system.

With this inventive educational hub, Thinking Huts seeks to create a facility that serves those who have limited access to education. ‘There is an opportunity for us to combine technology with humanitarian-driven goals,’ says Maggie Grout, founder of the non-profit. ‘Education is at the root of tackling many problems the world faces. In order to cross the frontier, we must embrace innovation.’

By combining natural materials and technology, architects can create adaptable spaces that serve community needs. For more, read our interview with architect Vicente Guallart who discusses a new standard for urban living.

La Prairie offers at-home regenerative skincare

La Prairie, Platinum Rare Haut-Rejuvenation Protocol, Switzerland La Prairie, Platinum Rare Haut-Rejuvenation Protocol, Switzerland
La Prairie, Platinum Rare Haut-Rejuvenation Protocol, Switzerland La Prairie, Platinum Rare Haut-Rejuvenation Protocol, Switzerland

Switzerland – Luxury skincare brand La Prairie has released a high-potent skincare solution, intended to only be applied four times a year.

The Platinum Rare Haut-Rejuvenation Protocol consists of three vials to be used over a 30-day period. Due to the intense concentration of ingredients like caviar and platinum, the skincare brand advises using this protocol just four times a year. La Prairie boasts that the product will breach the skin’s barrier to reanimate skin cells as well as creating new tissue to rejuvenate the skin. All of which will work to slow down the process of aging.

By creating a high-grade skincare offer, La Prairie brings luxury treatments to its consumers’ homes. Owing to the pandemic, beauty aficionados have been forced to forgo dermatologist visits, so an intensive solution like this can help supplement professional services.

Explore more beauty brands that are creating dermatologist-quality solutions designed for at-home use, in our macrotrend Algorithmic Beauty.

Apple augments walking with audio experiences

Apple Fitness, Global Apple Fitness, Global

US – Time to Walk is an immersive audio experience for Apple Watch users that celebrates the power of strolling.

Created to encourage users to increase their walking habits, Time to Walk features weekly original content that all hinge on the transformative benefits of the activity. Each episode invites users to immerse themselves in a walk, with audio recorded by celebrities such as musician Dolly Parton, actor Uzo Abuda and NBA player Draymond Green.

The episodes feature each guest stars reflecting on their memories and life-shaping moments, recorded while walking through locations that are meaningful to them. By connecting with listeners’ Apple Watch, the narrative comes to life through photos and playlists selected by the star.

The role of walking in our lives has been through a metamorphosis in the last year due to the limitations of local lockdowns. Now, consumers are seeking out new forms of entertainment that allow them to reflect while maintaining healthy habits. For more on the rise of Exertainment, look out for our upcoming Market.

Stat: Delivery is evolving rapidly across India

Kroger and Nuro Kroger and Nuro

Demand for food and drink delivery is shifting across India, according to the new StatEATstics report by Swiggy, the country's largest and highest-valued online food-ordering platform.

The changing needs and behaviours of Indian consumers living under Covid-19 restrictions are inspiring the service to transform. Between April and May 2020, Swiggy delivered nine times as many orders to home than work, and more than 650,000 birthday cakes were delivered using the app throughout the year.

Its Instamart service, which launched in August 2020, now offers a safer way for customers to get groceries within 30-40 minutes, while its Swiggy Genie delivery services has also reported a sharp rise in food-related deliveries, followed by stationery, household items, and clothes.

As the market for delivery responds to changing lifestyles, more hyper-local services are emerging.

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