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Amo Petric offers elevated petcare, Boots introduces ingredient-led beauty and people around the world worry for their country’s future.

Amo Petric brings pampering to pooches

Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma
Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma
Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma Amo Petric. Branding by Site Ma

Denmark – Amo Petric is bringing skincare and beauty to pets with a collection of products made from natural ingredients.

Developed with a focus on the positive effects of plant extracts and antioxidant ingredients, Amo Petric's formulas are safe and effective for use on pets, with products including a paw soother and wrinkle balm. Other products have been created for specific petcare needs, such as tackling ear mites.

Recognising that Millennials, in particular, are willing to invest in premium products for their pets, Amo Petric has positioned the range in a similar way to beauty brands, with packaging that imitates face serums and lip balms. The brand is also showing its dedication to pet wellbeing by donating a percentage of its profits to animal adoption charities.

As we uncover in our High-end Pets market, affluent Millennials in particular are increasingly delaying parenthood, or eschewing it altogether, to instead spend money on their furry friends.

Boots taps into ingredient-led beauty

Boots Ingredients, UK Boots Ingredients, UK

UK – Taking inspiration from the popularity of brands like The Ordinary and The Inkey List, Boots is introducing a range of ingredient-led cosmetics.

The British beauty and wellbeing retailer is offering its own line of active ingredient products, Boots Ingredients, bringing accessible skincare to high street shoppers. With products including a glycolic acid toner, a caffeine eye cream and a salicylic serum, prices start at £4.50 ($5.85, €5.30) and have been created with the ethical concerns of consumers in mind – all products are vegan and none are tested on animals.

With simple black and white labelling on its bottles and tubes, and pastel pink boxes, Boots Ingredients is also tapping into the design tenets of brands such as The Ordinary, Glossier and The Inkey List. Read our microtrend Honest Products for more on how beauty brands are navigating industry jargon to create a more honest and accessible sector for consumers.

TRAINing brings fitness to Tokyo’s commuter trains

Tokyo – While travelling by train is often seen as a daily chore, McCann’s TRAINing project is designed to turn train carriages into roving fitness spaces.

Created by McCann Health Japan for East Japan Railway, the TRAINing app allows commuters to exercise while on their way to work, providing users with voice-guided and personalised training programmes. Making use of the train interior, commuters can take part in exercises aided by their seat, a pole or a hand strap.

The app aims to bring mental and physical health benefits to commuters, making use of passengers’ daily commute time. To ensure they have enough room to carry out their exercises, the app also coordinates with beacons inside carriages to point riders towards less crowded areas. Developed in conjunction with fitness instructors and programmers, TRAINing ensures commuters stay motivated through graphs and badges that track users’ progress.

As we explore in our Health-conscious Cars microtrend, transport providers are embracing the opportunity to position commuting as a time for wellbeing practices.

TRAINing by McCann Health Japan TRAINing by McCann Health Japan

Global citizens fear their country’s future

Ipsos has released a survey, What Worries The World, which reveals global concern about the future of our nations.

The research shows that poverty and social inequality are the top global concerns (34%), followed by unemployment (31%), crime and violence, and financial and political corruption (both 30%). Although the research indicates variations by country, an overall sense of anxiety is evident across all the participating nations. The countries expressing the highest levels of national anxiety were Italy (83%), South Africa (79%), France (79%) and Spain (78%).

The findings, compiled from data shared by 19,000 citizens across 28 countries, were presented as a review of the past decade, while forecasting what will emerge in 2020. With societal unrest increasingly apparent on a global scale, brands must understand the mindset shifts that are taking place and prepare for The Transformative Twenties. We’ll be exploring new strategic directions at our Trend Briefing 2020 – buy your tickets to ensure you remain strides ahead in the coming decade.

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