New at Next: Film trailer shows restaurant food

10.09.2013 Menu : Storytelling : Narrative

Chicago – Michelin-starred chef Grant Achatz’s restaurant, Next, has a menu that changes every season. But rather than just updating its website, the fine dining eatery creates a movie-style trailer to preview its newest concoctions.

The restaurant’s latest seasonal menu, which runs until the end of December, is inspired by the Bocuse d’Or, a world-renowned culinary competition held in France every two years. The trailer shows the chef’s team preparing the meal as if they were in the competition themselves.

In a unique way to preview a dining experience Next focuses on storytelling and creating a memorable, theatrical moment through food. Diners do not make reservations, but instead buy tickets to a meal. The film trailer and tickets make the restaurant visit a more cinematic experience.

LS:N Global has noted the increasing use of theatrical narratives in marketing, not only in the food world, but among brands across a range of sectors. To learn more, read our Faction Marketing macrotrend.