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Prada Beauty opens Paradoxe pop-up in Hainan, SketchUp uses AI to help designers in their research process and why more Americans living with a disability are joining the workforce.

Prada Beauty unveils new Paradoxe pop-up store in Hainan

Prada Beauty Paradoxe pop-up store, China
Prada Beauty Paradoxe pop-up store, China
Prada Beauty Paradoxe pop-up store, China

China ­– L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific and China Duty Free Group (CDFG) have come together to introduce the Prada Beauty Paradoxe pop-up store at Hainan’s CDFG Haikou International Duty-Free Mall. This marks the second Paradoxe animation in Haikou after the initial launch in November 2022. The pop-up store reflects Prada’s signature aesthetic, featuring the iconic triangle logo and a black and white chequered floor.

The Prada Paradoxe fragrance celebrates the multi-faceted nature of the ever-evolving Prada woman, encapsulated in an avant-garde triangular bottle. The fragrance incorporates three key ingredients: Neroli bud, Ambrofix and Serenolide. Visitors can experience interactive elements, such as a puzzle game and an AR experience zone, providing a unique and innovative shopping experience. The pop-up also showcases the full range of Prada fragrances, including the Les Infusions collection, and is a great example of How Travel Retail is Evolving.

Strategic opportunity

The Chinese travel market is making a strong comeback post-lockdown and businesses should prioritise capturing these consumers by building strong brand experiences and incorporating intelligent technology to enhance in-store journeys

SketchUp unveils an AI-powered image search engine for designers

Global – Trimble SketchUp is introducing an improved version of 3D Warehouse, an extensive free 3D model library, using AI to make visual research easier and faster for designers.

Most image search engines, from Google Images to e-commerce sites, require people to use words to describe what visual they are after. This process ads a language barrier between the ideated image and the available image stock. Trimble SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse Image Search cuts out the middle man, improving accessibility and accuracy thanks to a new AI-powered visual search functionality. Instead of typing keywords, users upload a photo into the search bar. AI then sifts through millions of pre-built models to pin down ideal matches.

‘Image Search removes some of the tedious and time-consuming aspects of conceptual design while also giving clients access to real, purchasable objects that can be easily incorporated into their project,’ explains Sumele Adelana, senior product marketing manager at Trimble SketchUp.

The feature, which enables architects and designers to easily source 3D models and find alternatives for picky clients, makes the case for AI as Augmented Intelligence that speeds up workflows and eases everyday tasks.

Trimble SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse

Strategic opportunity

Consider digitising your current products into 3D formats to enhance your visibility during AI-driven visual research – maximising your chances of being discovered by designers, e-tailers or real estate professionals using tools like Trimble SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse Image Search

Stat: More Americans with disabilities are joining the workforce

Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, US Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, US

US – The number of Americans living with a disability is rising, but this group are also working more. Using data from the Current Population Survey, consultancy Capital Economics found that disabled workers in America are numerous and more active in the workforce than ever.

The number of Americans reporting that they have 'serious difficulty' in certain daily tasks has reached a record high since the pandemic, to nearly 8% for those aged 16 to 64, and 13% for those aged 16 or over.

To qualify as disabled in the research, respondents had to report ailments such as difficulties in hearing, seeing, walking, dressing or bathing, doing errands, concentrating, and remembering or making decisions. The last two have risen much faster than other ailments – from 6.3m to 7.3m between 2019 and 2022.

But the labour-force participation rate of working-age Americans with disabilities has increased from 33% before the pandemic to nearly 40% in 2022. Researchers from Harvard University credit remote working as the reason behind this surge in employment.

In our article America puts the new in neurodivergence, we previously analysed how employers are making space for a wider range of workers on the spectrum as they realise that inclusivity is no longer optional.

Strategic opportunity

As the number of people with a disability grows and includes those with attention deficits, anxiety or depression, employers need to adapt internal policies – from mental sick leave to training about ADHD-friendly work streams – to attract and retain disabled talents

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