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A Burberry boutique on a remote volcanic island, a human identity for a men’s sexual health start-up and Gen Z prepare to spend big during Cyber Week.

Burberry’s remote pop-up beckons untethered luxurians

The Imagined Landscapes Jeju by Burberry, South Korea
Thomas’s Cafe at The Imagined Landscapes Jeju by Burberry, South Korea
The Imagined Landscapes Jeju by Burberry, South Korea

South Korea – In keeping with the pioneering spirit of the heritage brand’s founder, Burberry’s latest pop-up is perched at the foot of the Hallasan mountain on Jeju Island. Combining travel, design and fashion, the temporary installation beckons luxury consumers in search of more immersive, outdoor experiences.

Located 445km from Seoul, The Imagined Landscapes Jeju is adventurous in both its design and choice of destination. The mirrored structure of the building resembles the topographic contours of a map, referencing the theme of travel and exploration. In addition to browsing an edited selection of puffer jackets and trench coats, customers can access a viewing platform from which they can admire the volcanic island’s landscape and view a series of films that contemplate the relationship between the natural world and the digital realm.

Aligning itself with the Liberation Luxury movement, Burberry’s temporary installation caters for customers that are pursuing psychologically transformative, nature-based travel rather than a quick fix of luxury and decadence.

Strategic opportunity

While a far-flung Korean island might not be a viable option for all companies, brands can consider hosting community events in unlikely locations like parks and corner shops

Regimen rebrands to normalise men’s sexual health

Regimen rebrand by Studio Skulptur, UK Regimen rebrand by Studio Skulptur, UK
Regimen rebrand by Studio Skulptur, UK Regimen rebrand by Studio Skulptur, UK

Berlin – The health start-up is challenging conventional ideas about masculinity and sexual health with an inclusive and human-centric rebranding. Featuring bold shapes, arrows and lines, the overall message is to convey a sense of progress when tackling sensitive topics such as erectile dysfunction. It also uses purples and greens to communicate a sense of empowerment and ownership.

Regimen’s language further complements this standpoint by using direct phrases such as ‘Nurture your body’ and ‘Let's talk about down there’. The branding, by creative agency Studio Skulptur, captures a turning point in a sector that has traditionally been steeped in stigma. We’ve been tracking this shift since 2018, when we first wrote about Modern Male Medicare.

In today’s health and wellness landscape, brands must approach all elements of wellbeing from a holistic viewpoint – ensuring that personable and humanistic communication leads to a welcoming environment for male audiences.

Strategic opportunity

Brands across sectors should adopt this mindset and actively work towards reframing hyper-masculine stereotypes. Beyond branding cues, also consider how you can facilitate safe spaces for men to take part in healthy conversations

Pfizer levels up vaccine awareness with in-game mission

Brazil – Pharmaceutical company Pfizer is targeting gamers – and in particular younger audiences – with the launch of a Virtual Vaccination Centre in Cidade Alta, a server within video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Created as part of a mission within the game, the digital vaccination centre offers extra protection to the characters from players who are vaccinated in real life.

To be granted access, players must use the hashtag #VacinaInGame on Twitter or Instagram, as well as posting their passport number in Cidade Alta. The initiative, by advertising agency Ogilvy Brasil and technology company Druid, aims to incentivise broader audiences to get vaccinated by meeting them where they’re regularly interacting. Claudio Lima, CEO of Druid, says: The game has a power to connect with new generations and this initiative highlights that, in addition to entertaining, it is also possible to use the platform to raise awareness.

The gaming universe can have a strong impact on young audiences, and is a great channel for approaching them in their own language and territory. For more, explore Activism Gaming.

Pfizer Brazil and GTA, Brazil

Strategic opportunity

Companies working towards a shared healthcare goal can take inspiration from this initiative and similarly appear in gaming environments to target new audiences and elicit real-world behaviour

Stat: Generation Z to drive UK Cyber Week sales

Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose

As Cyber Week approaches, the majority (78%) of UK Generation Z shoppers are planning to make purchases. With more than half (54%) of UK students saving up in preparation for the sales, research by UNiDAYS estimates that Gen Z will spend about £395m ($528m, €469m) during the period.

Among those surveyed, 56% expressed a desire to buy clothing, accessories and footwear, while 31% said they intended to purchase tech products. Notably, one in 10 students planned to spend between £201 ($269, €239) and £500 ($668, €594) during the week-long discount bonanza, demonstrating significant spending power. With almost half of those surveyed (47%) expecting a discount of at least 50% from brands, consumer expectations among this group are high.

As more than one in 10 young shoppers look to purchase items from local shops and less well-known brands, e-tailers looking to attract this group should consult the Micro-mmunity Retail trend, which explores more targeted consumer strategies.

Strategic opportunity

Although online discount events are incredibly popular, companies looking to be more planet-friendly should promote in-person shopping to reduce carbon footprints and high volumes of returns

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