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Far-flung Swedish bars offer drinkable tourism, Unilever transforms Co2 into laundry detergent and people discover new music through TikTok.

Sweden opens a country-wide open-air bar

The Drinkable Country by Visit Sweden
The Drinkable Country by Visit Sweden
The Drinkable Country by Visit Sweden

Sweden – Visit Sweden has launched an experiential campaign called The Drinkable Country, as part of a post-Covid tourism push. Putting a spotlight on some of the region’s most remote locations, the initiative includes 14 open-air tables manned by prominent Swedish drinks experts. Promising an immersive experience, visitors are invited to forage for ingredients and create their own DIY cocktails together with local guides.

Visit Sweden is using its rugged natural landscape to boost tourism, promoting its unique country through the lens of regional drinks ingredients. ‘Our drink recipes, based on local ingredients, are created with a vision to reflect Sweden’s beautiful nature,’ explains a statement on the brand’s website. ‘Together with local guides you can collect, mix and enjoy the drinks yourself, out in the world’s largest open-air bar stretching all the way from Sweden’s southernmost beaches to its mountain tops in the Arctic north.’

With global travel destinations having to find creative ways to rebuild their economies after a tourism drought, the initiative shows how local ingredients that are inaccessible elsewhere can be leveraged to appeal to gourmet tourists.

Strategic opportunity

From region-specific recipes to local crafts, travel brands can zero in on the cultural nuances of destinations. To support these communities, work with regional hospitality experts or craftspeople to engage new tourists

Vietnam’s vibrant cinema is a Gen Z blockbuster

Beta Cinema by Module K, Ho Chi Minh City Beta Cinema by Module K, Ho Chi Minh City
Beta Cinema by Module K, Vietnam Beta Cinema by Module K, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City – Responding to the visually-driven mindsets of Generation Z, cinema chain Beta Cinemas is unveiling a bold and colourful design for its latest venue in Ho Chi Minh City. Its art deco aesthetic references architectural elements from the city’s historical roots as Saigon. Designed by interior studio Module K, the postmodern space features contrasting hues such as flamingo pink, sea green and bright orange.

Through this visually striking approach to placemaking, the cinema encapsulates Ho Chi Minh City’s cultural identity while reaching new, younger audiences. In turn, the space’s bold aesthetic lends itself to social media platforms. ‘Mil­lennials and Gen Z don’t go to watch the movie,’ explains Jade Nguyen, CEO of Module K Vietnam. ‘They want to go together, talk, and hang out.’

As Nguyen suggests, the next-generation cinema is capitalising on the renewed desire for Gen Z Hangouts, with young people seeking stimulating environments to re-establish social connections in the physical realm.

Strategic opportunity

Public leisure spaces such as cinemas, theatres and music venues can court Generation Z through interiors that elevate their social experiences. Try using unexpected colour combinations and tactile surfaces to really connect with this demographic

Unilever innovates with carbon-capture laundry capsules

Global – FMCG conglomerate Unilever is expanding its environmental efforts with the launch of its carbon recycled laundry capsules. The first product of its kind, the capsules are a result of partnerships with carbon recycling company LanzaTech, and India Glycols, a manufacturer of green technology-based chemicals. Together, the companies capture industrial emissions and convert them into surfactants to be used in OMO (Persil) laundry capsules in China.

‘Advancements in technology like this means we can now reinvent the chemistry of our products,’ says Peter ter Kulve, president of home care at Unilever. ‘Instead of valuable carbon being released directly into the atmosphere, we can capture it and recycle it in our products in place of using fossil fuels.’ Already, we’ve identified ways that carbon capture technology is being used to create new fabrics, for example with Lululemon activewear.

As the world’s major cities become increasingly impacted by pollution, these FMCG innovations provide a way to offset carbon emissions while reducing reliance on virgin materials.

W'air, UK

Strategic opportunity

Across sectors, brands can collaborate with carbon recycling specialists to redirect air pollutants into materials, products and packaging solutions. Start with small elements such as textile ink or garment labelling before expanding solutions to your full product line

Stat: TikTok is an essential tool for music discovery

Billie Eilish’s live-streamed virtual concert, Maestro platform Billie Eilish’s live-streamed virtual concert, Maestro platform

With many TikTok videos featuring popular music, research by MRC Data – commissioned by TikTok – finds that the app plays a key role in music discovery.

According to the study, 75% of TikTok users say they discover new artists through the platform, while 63% have heard music that they’ve never heard before. ‘TikTok has become an integral part of music discovery, connecting artists with their fans and introducing brands to every corner of the community,’ says Ole Obermann, global head of music at TikTok.

The research also suggests that lucrative opportunities exist for brands already navigating the app and its marketing potential. In fact, 67% of TikTok users would prefer to see videos from brands featuring trending songs on the platform, and 68% of users say they remember the brand better when a song is featured. This showcases the important role of music in establishing loyal connections with consumers on social media.

As TikTok continues to dominate the Generation Z media and entertainment world, the platform is transforming the way the music industry operates, as artists increasingly create songs with our social media habits in mind.

Strategic opportunity

Brands must develop awareness of TikTok’s diverse music culture and use these insights to inform their social campaigns. Consider collaborating with emerging social media artists that resonate with younger audiences

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