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Starla’s luxurious take on NOLO wine, Revlon taps into hype culture with StockX make-up drop and Gen Z are most likely to engage with climate content online.

Alcohol-free wine Starla mimics luxury fashion

Starla Wines, US

US – The drinks brand is positioning alcohol-free wine as a desirable and luxurious category by taking cues from the luxury fashion sector. Its campaign film has an editorial feel, featuring a lavish party scene with highly stylised models and interiors. Initially launching with three flavours, Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend and Sparkling Rosé, the ‘alcohol-removed’ wines provide a healthier alternative to conventional alcoholic drinks.

Starla further expands its lifestyle approach with a curated content hub, which includes shoppable campaign looks, alcohol-free resources and wellness advice. By doing this, the brand reframes stereotypical associations with sobriety. ‘The point is to show how radiant your life can be without alcohol,’ explains Dawn Maire, founder and CEO of Starla. ‘If you’re not drinking alcohol at a party, people usually think it’s because you’re sick, pregnant or an alcoholic. We want to get rid of the stigma and focus on the positive.’

As moderation mindsets rise among consumers, there is growing opportunity for brands to challenge outdated conceptions around low and no-alcohol beverages. Explore the innovations of other next-gen winemakers in Alternative Vintners.

Strategic opportunity

When reaching new audiences, post-category alcohol brands can take the focus away from health benefits and towards desirability. Take inspiration from the wider lifestyle sector to better connect with sober curious drinkers

Six Senses Ibiza champions community-centric travel

Six Senses Ibiza Six Senses Ibiza
Six Senses Ibiza Six Senses Ibiza

Ibiza – Targeting travellers seeking out enriching cultural experiences, new opening Six Senses Ibiza is offering guests community and creative experiences. Its cultural programme and amenities include farm-to-table dining, music, art, sustainable fashion and wellness. Providing immersion and education, guests are invited to take part in activities such as on-site cooking lessons and dress-up nights facilitated by fashion editors.

The destination elevates traditional hotel environments and stimulates intrigue by drawing inspiration from Ibiza. Jonathan Leitersdorf, architect and developer for Six Senses Ibiza, says: ‘By channelling the destination’s unique sense of community and celebration, we have created a truly transformative environment wherein guests are invited to meaningfully connect with nature, each other and themselves while discovering the elements that make Ibiza unlike anywhere else in the world.’

With the travel sector in a state of renewal, community-first concepts like Six Senses Ibiza are helping to rebuild tourism through cross-cultural placemaking. Discover similar initiatives in our round-up of community travel innovators.

Strategic opportunity

Travel destinations should take inspiration from local communities and surrounds, making sure to integrate educational opportunities into cultural programmes. Invite local businesses and individual talent to support with these experiences

Revlon drops hype beauty collection on StockX

US – Cosmetics brand Revlon is experimenting with drop culture through the launch of an exclusive make-up collection by musician and brand ambassador Megan Thee Stallion. It includes 10 face and eye shades, chosen by Megan, along with a reworked Revlon lipgloss and false eyelashes. Available on online marketplace StockX, and limited to just 450 sets, the Hot Girl Sunset Collection marks a first for a beauty brand.

By occupying a space usually reserved for sought after fashion items, this initiative will allow Revlon to reach diverse new audiences. ‘Given the palpable excitement around Megan, we wanted an unexpected launch model to match it,’ says Chandra Coleman Harris, general manager of Revlon. ‘StockX is at the center of culture so the synergies between our brand DNA, her fans, and StockX's dynamic marketplace aligned perfectly.’

In this way, Revlon is subverting conventional codes around beauty sales. Since our Hype Beauty microtrend in 2018, we’ve been tracking the ways that cosmetics brands are borrowing from cultural sectors to inform their marketing and communications.

Revlon x Megan Thee Stallion Hot Girl Sunset Collection

Strategic opportunity

Beauty, health and wellness brands can take cues from other cultural sectors to spark interest from new audiences. Find ways to show up in unexpected spaces from gaming platforms to shoppable videos

Stat: Younger generations drive online climate conversations

Homecoming and Browns 2020 Homecoming and Browns 2020

With many young people expressing strong opinions about the environment, a new survey by Pew Research Center finds that younger generations are the most likely to interact with social media content relating to climate change.

The study shows that 45% of Generation Z have interacted with social media content relating to climate change, along with 40% of Millennials. This compares to just 27% of Generation X and 21% of Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, Gen Z are most likely to feel intense emotional reactions to climate change content, with 69% saying it makes them feel anxious about the future. More than half (54%) of Gen Z say that climate change content makes them feel motivated to learn about climate change issues.

As we explore in Graphic Activism, young people are increasingly using online spaces to fuel climate crisis conversations through unconventional visual approaches.

Strategic opportunity

Companies seeking to target younger generations around climate change issues must take a visually engaging approach to social media campaigns. Consider working with young content creators to design stimulating videos and imagery

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