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Daily Paper’s futuristic fashion collection, Starbucks’ inclusive store for Japan’s deaf community and British children enjoy radio listening.

This virtual fashion collection celebrates African futures

Africa spring/summer 2021 by Daily Paper
Africa spring/summer 2021 by Daily Paper
Africa spring/summer 2021 by Daily Paper

Amsterdam – Fashion label Daily Paper has created a 3D collection to celebrate and explore its African heritage.

Launched as part of High Snobiety’s Not in Paris digital exhibition, the brand created an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience in place of a conventional collection. Presented on 3D models, the collection both protects and shares stories about Africa, as well as portraying them via hopeful future imaginations of its diaspora.

‘Everything Daily Paper does is with the vision to contribute to the future of Africa,’ the brand explains. ‘We need to go back to our roots, back to basics, back to the origin of life. The only reason we are standing here today is because of the ones before us.’

The fashion industry is using its products and platforms to reconnect with cultural traditions and design. In Young Nativists, we explore the ways that Generation Z are seeking connection with their roots and preserving ancestral knowledge.

Gucci's gaming collaboration taps into eSports

Gucci Dive by Fnatic and Gucci Gucci Dive by Fnatic and Gucci
Gucci Dive by Fnatic and Gucci Gucci Dive by Fnatic and Gucci

Global – Gucci has joined forces with eSports organisation Fnatic to launch a limited-edition watch and supporting campaign.

The watch combines Fnatic’s logo and signature black and orange colouring with Gucci’s own logo – mirroring Guccio Gucci’s initials and the gaming slogan ‘good game’. Selling out in less than 48 hours, the watch proved to be a popular item among Gucci customers, signifying the clout of the gaming world in luxury fashion.

Launched with a campaign video, the brand draws attention to the experiences of eSports competitions for gaming professionals, featuring Fnatic’s prominent League of Legends team as campaign models. To further mark the collaboration and provide a touchpoint for those unable to buy the watch, Gucci will also be releasing a new game, Gucci Dive, as part of its Arcade concept.

The worlds of fashion and gaming continue to feed into each other, with eSports players fuelling demand for Gaming Garments.

Starbucks Japan signals support to the D/deaf community

Signing Store by Starbucks, Japan Signing Store by Starbucks, Japan

Japan – Starbucks Japan has opened its first signing store for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing customers and employees.

The Tokyo-based store marks the brand's fifth signing store to be opened globally. The space uses technology and art to create an inclusive space that benefits deaf communities as well as raising awareness of D/deaf culture and the importance of sign language. Featuring contactless speech-to-text voice recognition tablets, writing notepads, digital signage and display greetings, the space has been adapted to effectively aid D/deaf staff and customers.

‘We want to showcase how the talent of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community can spark connections, inspire new possibilities and help our partners grow their careers with Starbucks,' says Ryotaro Sato, shift supervisor at Starbucks. ‘We’re looking forward to sharing new experiences with our customers and demonstrating the diversity of communication that they can experience at the signing store.’

As retailers become increasingly aware of the need to provide diverse solutions for customers, they are investing in the accessibility of their physical and digital channels.

Stat: Radio is a popular platform among British youth

Art Baby Gallery, New York Art Baby Gallery, New York

A recent YouGov study has revealed some key listening habits among young people, with many listening to music on their phone through platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Among 8–15-year-olds, 84% say they listen to music. And while 63% listen to music on their phone, perhaps the most surprising figure is that 36% listen to the radio. The medium of radio is particularly popular among young children, with about half of eight-year-olds listening to music in this way. The music industry is increasingly recognising younger audiences as an untapped market, and Sony Music UK and Spotify have recently launched initiatives aimed at children.

With young people feeling jaded by online activity, many are seeking solace in traditional and analogue forms of arts and culture.

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