Out-of-work Networks Micro Trends

Out-of-work Networks:

As young people face the brunt of an unemployment epidemic, the solo activity of job-hunting is being...

Retail Macro Trends


Accelerating e-commerce and demands for expedited delivery are forcing a new framework that puts...

Elastic Architecture Micro Trends

Elastic Architecture:

Environmental crises have led architects to design adaptive buildings that can morph in line with the needs...

Affirmative Banking Micro Trends

Affirmative Banking:

As the pandemic spotlights conversations about financial equality, new fintech disruptors created by and for...

Cyclical Fitness Micro Trends

Cyclical Fitness:

Fitness brands are empowering women to harness their hormonal cycles as a way of optimising exercise...

Modern Mezcal Micro Trends

Modern Mezcal:

As interest in tequila and agave-based spirits booms, small-batch mezcal is being thrust into the mainstream...

Offset Sellers Micro Trends

Offset Sellers:

Amid accelerating e-commerce, new services are helping retailers to make carbon offsetting a more accessible...

Certified Skincare Micro Trends

Certified Skincare:

Beauty brands are turning to a series of labelling innovations to communicate radical transparency about...

Elastic Brands Macro Trends

Elastic Brands:

Forget advertising campaigns and branded content. All eyes are on the inner workings of your business – and...

Equilibrium Cities Macro Trends

Equilibrium Cities:

Citizens are demanding a more receptive and equitable built environment that will allow future urban...

Alternet Economies Macro Trends

Alternet Economies:

A technological counter-culture is decentralising capitalism, reforming the internet and powering new value...

Interactive Eco-labels Micro Trends

Interactive Eco-labels:

To inspire greener behaviour among customers, fashion brands are elevating their product labels to promote...

TikTok Tastes Micro Trends

TikTok Tastes:

TikTok’s influence on food and drink trends is crossing over into the real world, inspiring new brands and...

Healing Luxury Micro Trends

Healing Luxury:

From fashion to jewellery, Chinese designers are drawing on national pride and traditional approaches to...

Teen Ad-tivism Micro Trends

Teen Ad-tivism:

In a grand subversion of marketing, youth collectives and brands are using satire and brandstanding to...

Post-conscious Travel Micro Trends

Post-conscious Travel:

Sustainable travel has been bastardised. A new wave of innovators are trading in buzzwords to redefine what...

Connective Audio Micro Trends

Connective Audio:

To make up for a lack of in-person interactions, consumers are turning to aural online spaces to have...

Micro-mmunity Retail Micro Trends

Micro-mmunity Retail:

Retail brands are swapping flagship and big-box store formats for downscaled neighbourhood shopfronts with...

Radical Relief Micro Trends

Radical Relief:

With chronic conditions rising and support systems failing for young people, digital communities are filling...

Climate-adaptive Wineries Micro Trends

Climate-adaptive Wineries:

As the wine industry adapts to extreme weather and wildfires, threatened vineyards are turning tainted...

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