The Big Meat Up Micro Trends

The Big Meat Up:

Following the popularity of vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian and alternative diets in recent years, US...

Functional Feasting Macro Trends

Functional Feasting:

As we move past the ‘free from’ era, consumers are increasingly favouring products that do more with less,...

Rebranding Nature Macro Design Directions

Rebranding Nature:

To lure Gen Z outdoors and engage them in conservation and climate activism, nature itself is getting a...

Cosmic Couture Micro Trends

Cosmic Couture:

Driven by a consumer appetite for exploration and escapism, brands are discovering the sky is not the limit...

Archi-tainment Micro Trends


A new generation of transformative structures focused on next-level entertainment experiences are set to...

Comfort Cuvées Micro Trends

Comfort Cuvées:

Forward-thinking vintners are swapping esotericism for accessible pairings, sustainable packaging and a...

Curated Clutter Micro Trends

Curated Clutter:

Culture is experiencing a move from clean to cluttered, but this consumer shift is not just about aesthetics.

Alphas Now and Next: From the Sandbox to Roblox Macro Trends

Alphas Now and Next: From the Sandbox to Roblox:

This is the first generation to be born entirely in the 21st century, and many of the technologies, careers...

Gen Z Now and Next: From Vision to Contradiction Macro Trends

Gen Z Now and Next: From Vision to Contradiction:

Gen Z are stepping into adulthood carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Without the tools or...

Millennials Now and Next: From Pink to Prime Macro Trends

Millennials Now and Next: From Pink to Prime:

After a stuttering start to their adult lives, the first generation to use the internet as children are...

 Gen X Now and Next: From Ambiguity to Advocacy Macro Trends

Gen X Now and Next: From Ambiguity to Advocacy:

Having long lived in the shadow of Baby Boomers and Millennials, Gen X are racing against time to make their...

Boomers Now and Next: From Ageing to Becoming Macro Trends

Boomers Now and Next: From Ageing to Becoming:

There is an upcoming milestone in the Boomers’ generational journey. By 2030 they will all have reached the...

Emotional Support Sips Micro Trends

Emotional Support Sips:

Alongside health benefits like improved cognition, better digestion and increased energy, a new host of...

Reading Raves Micro Trends

Reading Raves:

Communal reading events are attracting young consumers for their unique blend of socialising and serenity.

The Rise of the C-Store Micro Trends

The Rise of the C-Store:

Brands are re-appraising the convenience store sector, viewing this once low-key retail channel as a...

AI Edu-play-tion Micro Trends

AI Edu-play-tion:

Meet the innovators using generative artificial intelligence to re-imagine screen-free educational play time...

Better Bikercore Micro Trends

Better Bikercore:

If happiness is a long bike ride with a good destination, these fashion innovators are cycling straight...

In (Birth) Control Micro Trends

In (Birth) Control:

The birth control landscape in the US will change when male-based methods hit the market, bringing with them...

Luxury States: New Codes of Luxury 2024–2025 Macro Trends

Luxury States: New Codes of Luxury 2024–2025:

An essential tool, the Five Luxury States define people’s emotional and psychological journeys through the...

Future Forecast 2024: Food & Drink Micro Trends

Future Forecast 2024: Food & Drink :

The food and beverage industry has witnessed significant developments in the past year, marked by notable...

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