Stripped-back Hospitality Micro Trends

Stripped-back Hospitality:

Luxury hotels are paring back superfluous services and features in the hope of offering a more streamlined...

Reclaiming Braids Micro Trends

Reclaiming Braids:

Young black women coming of age are turning away from chemical relaxers and celebrating their...

Connected Kitchens
Micro Trends

Connected Kitchens:

Kitchen appliance manufacturers are using voice assistants, recipe integration and computer vision to turn...

Fresh Frozen Micro Trends

Fresh Frozen:

With the rise of plant-based eating, new brands are rethinking frozen food to appeal to more...

Digital Fit
Micro Trends

Digital Fit:

With product returns costing US retailers a staggering £254bn ($351bn, €287bn) in lost sales every year,...

Multisensory Beauty
Micro Trends

Multisensory Beauty:

From embracing new technology to encouraging ritualised applications, brands are offering new sensory...

Liberal Leisure Havens Micro Trends

Liberal Leisure Havens:

As political divides widen and people increasingly vote with their wallets, a new wave of liberal hoteliers...

AI Advisors Micro Trends

AI Advisors:

Tired of nutritional tracking apps that collate data but fail to provide valuable, bespoke insight,...

Modern Male Medicare Micro Trends

Modern Male Medicare:

New pharmaceutical brands are launching online platforms that help to destigmatise men’s health problems.

Grocery AI-sles
Micro Trends

Grocery AI-sles:

With 44% of jobs in the UK retail sector expected to be at risk of automation by the early 2030s, according...

Augmented Retail
Micro Trends

Augmented Retail:

As augmented and virtual reality continues to grow towards an expected market value of £80.3bn ($108bn,...

Crypto-affluence Micro Trends


The rise of cryptocurrencies is making luxury more accessible by creating new models of purchasing and...

Luxury Cars On-demand
Micro Trends

Luxury Cars On-demand:

High-end car manufacturers are adopting subscription-based services in order to offer levels of convenience...

Brandlords Micro Trends


As our relationships with brands become increasingly intimate, future-facing businesses will expand their...

Digital Fabric
Micro Trends

Digital Fabric:

As new technologies help to facilitate fashion-buying in digital spaces, brands are exploring how they can...

Space-age Materials Micro Trends

Space-age Materials:

Although the idea of space travel has long influenced fashion, a new wave of designers is looking beyond our...

Avatar Influence Micro Trends

Avatar Influence:

From their role as brand ambassadors to their impact on consumers’ interactions in fashion, digital...

Activism Dining Micro Trends

Activism Dining:

Food is now being used not only as a way to understand other cultures, but as a form of resistance against a...

The Make-up Movement
Micro Trends

The Make-up Movement:

In response to online make-up shaming, beauty brands are challenging industry misconceptions and...

Rethinking Bodycare Micro Trends

Rethinking Bodycare:

Inspired by innovations in facial skincare, brands offering bodycare products are developing more...

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