Luxury Cars On-demand
Micro Trends

Luxury Cars On-demand:

High-end car manufacturers are adopting subscription-based services in order to offer levels of convenience...

Brandlords Micro Trends


As our relationships with brands become increasingly intimate, future-facing businesses will expand their...

Digital Fabric
Micro Trends

Digital Fabric:

As new technologies help to facilitate fashion-buying in digital spaces, brands are exploring how they can...

Space-age Materials Micro Trends

Space-age Materials:

Although the idea of space travel has long influenced fashion, a new wave of designers is looking beyond our...

Avatar Influence Micro Trends

Avatar Influence:

From their role as brand ambassadors to their impact on consumers’ interactions in fashion, digital...

Activism Dining Micro Trends

Activism Dining:

Food is now being used not only as a way to understand other cultures, but as a form of resistance against a...

The Make-up Movement
Micro Trends

The Make-up Movement:

In response to online make-up shaming, beauty brands are challenging industry misconceptions and...

Rethinking Bodycare Micro Trends

Rethinking Bodycare:

Inspired by innovations in facial skincare, brands offering bodycare products are developing more...

Sleep Easy Travel
Micro Trends

Sleep Easy Travel:

There is a new focus on sleep in the travel market as consumers look to avoid stress, fatigue and jet lag.

Inclusive Fitness Micro Trends

Inclusive Fitness:

New fitness influencers and gyms are showing how being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be the preserve of...

Intuitive Pleasure
Micro Trends

Intuitive Pleasure:

Women-founded sex technology companies are ushering in a new era that features a much more considered and...

Modern Fertility Micro Trends

Modern Fertility:

With infertility a growing problem, consumers are increasingly turning to smartphone apps and devices for...

Accessible Premium Micro Trends

Accessible Premium:

From taking the idea of the dollar store online to the rejection of big brands, retailers are exploring how...

Micro Trends


As cryptocurrencies edge into the mainstream, more and more brands are looking to them as a means to tap...

Micro-retail Micro Trends


With convenience a key priority for consumers, brands are exploring the potential of dynamic selling spaces...

Elite Athletes
Micro Trends

Elite Athletes:

New elite training camps are catering for aspiring amateur athletes who want to invest in self-improvement...

Micro Trends


Luxury travel experiences are becoming the new collectors’ items – and the less accessible they are the more...

Digital Store Fronts
Micro Trends

Digital Store Fronts:

The future of online shopping is being shaped by visual-first digital experiences

Safe Spaces
Micro Trends

Safe Spaces:

Generation Z are creating safe spaces out of a frustration at a lack of representation of women, people of...

Future Foodscapes Macro Design Directions

Future Foodscapes:

Amid growing consumer demand for transparency in food, designers are approaching visual communication in new...

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