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Elite Athletes
Micro Trends

Elite Athletes:

New elite training camps are catering for aspiring amateur athletes who want to invest in self-improvement...

Micro Trends


Luxury travel experiences are becoming the new collectors’ items – and the less accessible they are the more...

Digital Store Fronts
Micro Trends

Digital Store Fronts:

The future of online shopping is being shaped by visual-first digital experiences

Safe Spaces
Micro Trends

Safe Spaces:

Generation Z are creating safe spaces out of a frustration at a lack of representation of women, people of...

No-bar bars Micro Trends

No-bar bars:

While the branded back bar will never fully disappear, recent openings are experimenting with interiors that...

Anti-intuitive Cooking Micro Trends

Anti-intuitive Cooking:

New packaged food products and at-home appliances are making it easier to cook gourmet food at home.

Pollution Apparel Micro Trends

Pollution Apparel:

Leading creatives are using water pollution as a resource to highlight unsustainable production practices in...

Countering Counterfeits
Micro Trends

Countering Counterfeits:

As fashion counterfeiters become smarter and more relentless in their approach, brands and consumers are...

Immersive Interfaces Micro Trends

Immersive Interfaces:

New phygital interfaces are reshaping branded spaces and our personal environments.

Beyond Product Placement
Micro Trends

Beyond Product Placement:

From offering creative control to bypassing consumer skip culture, music videos are offering brands new...

Healthy Baby Bites Micro Trends

Healthy Baby Bites:

The baby food aisle now reflects wider eating shifts towards healthy options.

Chat Fiction
Micro Trends

Chat Fiction:

Our smartphone addiction is informing a new way of reading.

Sustainable Spending
Micro Trends

Sustainable Spending:

New digital tools are helping shoppers evaluate the sustainability of their purchases and providing more...

Automated Commerce Micro Trends

Automated Commerce:

In the age of convenience, Automated Commerce is re-inventing grocery shopping.

Downtime On Demand Micro Trends

Downtime On Demand:

As people spend more time in transit, there is a growing need for on-demand spaces in cities that enable...

Adulting Ads
Micro Trends

Adulting Ads:

Notions of luxury have evolved beyond traditional status symbols, with brands creating new narratives that...

Smartphone Therapies Micro Trends

Smartphone Therapies:

Why consumers are swapping synthetic drugs for smartphone-based treatments.

Serene Hospitality Micro Trends

Serene Hospitality:

Silence is emerging as a new signifier of luxury in high-end hospitality.

Terroir Spirits Micro Trends

Terroir Spirits:

As the spirits market becomes increasingly crowded, new launches are moving away from traditional...

Virtual Sanctuaries Micro Trends

Virtual Sanctuaries:

The growth of the wellness industry can probably be linked to our increasingly digital lives. But while many...

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