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Veritas Media
Micro Trends

Veritas Media:

With the rise of fake news, post-truth politics and alternative facts, consumers are hungry for media...

Friend Bots
Micro Trends

Friend Bots:

Brands are combining artificial intelligence with anthropomorphic design to create robots that offer...

Courtship Crisis
Micro Trends

Courtship Crisis:

As online dating becomes the norm, consumers are looking for services to augment their failing courtship...

Civic Placemakers Micro Trends

Civic Placemakers:

Brands are taking a more proactive role in shaping their cities by leading urban regeneration initiatives...

Work Zones Micro Trends

Work Zones:

Concentration is the new concern for designers of open-plan offices, as playful features and vibrant...

Brand Parents Micro Trends

Brand Parents:

Parents are looking for technology to help them achieve a better balance between the stresses of work and...

Post-ownership Products
Micro Trends

Post-ownership Products:

Brands are responding to the continued growth of collaborative consumption by designing products that appeal...

Affirmative Fractions
Micro Trends

Affirmative Fractions:

Brands are using price segmentation to make high-quality products and services available at a fair price.

Sleep Eats Micro Trends

Sleep Eats:

Sleep is the new frontier in wellness, and brands are developing new foods, drinks and supplements that...

Telepresence Tech
Micro Trends

Telepresence Tech:

The Skype generation is coming of age as people across the world connect via telepresence technology.

Civic Brands
Macro Trends

Civic Brands :

Businesses are increasingly stepping in where governments are failing and acting as forces for good in...

The Focus Filter
Macro Trends

The Focus Filter:

A race for attention is raging across media, advertising and culture in our era of non-stop digital...

Macro Trends


As the nuclear family disappears and more fluid and complex forms of kinship take its place, technology...

Intelligent Gaming
Micro Trends

Intelligent Gaming:

Content creators are looking to different forms of media as a way to contextualise and intellectualise video...

Fast Fabrication
Micro Trends

Fast Fabrication:

A burgeoning revolution in robotics is enabling apparel and footwear brands to adopt automated manufacturing...

Well Hotels Micro Trends

Well Hotels:

Luxury hotels are going above and beyond the usual spa and gym to offer a new spin on wellness.

Post-family Marketing
Micro Trends

Post-family Marketing:

Brands are increasingly recognising that idealised visions of family and marriage are no longer effective...

Psychoactive Scents Micro Trends

Psychoactive Scents :

Brands are developing new fragrances that draw on neuroscience to invoke a physical reaction in the wearer.

Tonic & Tonic Micro Trends

Tonic & Tonic:

Tonic water has evolved from an afterthought to an essential part of a mixed drink, as challenger...

Listening clubs Micro Trends

Listening clubs:

Listening clubs offer new spaces for consumers who want a meditative, considered approach to music appreciation.

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