Cultivating Flavour Micro Trends

Cultivating Flavour:

Traditionally, fruit and vegetables have been cultivated for hardiness, but a number of innovators are...

Soft Masculinity
Micro Trends

Soft Masculinity:

In a world of toxic masculinity, a softer, more delicate and visibly feminine way to be a man is gaining...

Girlswear for Boys Micro Trends

Girlswear for Boys:

The genderless children’s clothing sector has typically featured girls borrowing from the boys. Now, brands...

Reports Trends


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Storefront Salvation
Macro Trends

Storefront Salvation:

Fuelled by an understanding that saving the store relies on a combination of physical touchpoints and...

Bed and Beverages Micro Trends

Bed and Beverages:

A new type of hotel is emerging where alcohol is not confined to the bar, but is at the core of the...

The Modern Apothecary Micro Trends

The Modern Apothecary:

With an emphasis on community and education, the next generation of supplement brands are re-imagining the...

Micro Trends


A new wave of insurance brands are creating digitally powered products that fit with Millennials’ lifestyles.

Brand Redemption
Micro Trends

Brand Redemption:

In the wake of moral recklessness, there is growing consensus that ethically dubious industries should...

Bundled Buys Micro Trends

Bundled Buys:

From helping consumers navigate a seasonless fashion model to combating the resale market, luxury fashion...

Edible Incubators Micro Trends

Edible Incubators:

The food and drink sector is drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley, with new incubators opening that...

Industrial Garments
Micro Trends

Industrial Garments:

By applying the same processes to clothing as they would to object design, industrial designers are...

Morality Recoded
Macro Trends

Morality Recoded:

Our traditional moral frameworks of religion and family are declining. Institutions, brands and consumers...

Post-growth Society
Macro Trends

Post-growth Society:

As our obsession with economic growth proves to be unsustainable, brands, institutions and...

Subconscious Commerce
Macro Trends

Subconscious Commerce:

With Internet of Things technology creating newly immersive brand touchpoints and data analytics allowing...

Cyclical beauty
Micro Trends

Cyclical beauty:

Beauty brands are taking inspiration from the wellness industry and creating products aligned with...

Room Service Revitalised Micro Trends

Room Service Revitalised:

To win over today’s travellers and compete with Airbnb, hotels are re-assessing the...

Extreme Therapies Micro Trends

Extreme Therapies:

As consumers continue to look for new ways to optimise their fitness routines, boutique gyms are introducing...

Dental Rework Micro Trends

Dental Rework:

New dental care brands are transforming our everyday, mundane routines into high-end and accessible products...

Click and Connect Micro Trends

Click and Connect:

With 40% of global shoppers now preferring to purchase clothing and footwear online, brands are exploring...

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