Young Bibliophiles
Micro Trends

Young Bibliophiles:

Despite the time they spend online young people still want traditional book formats. Brands and influencers...

Uneasy Affluence
Macro Trends

Uneasy Affluence:

A collective backlash against ostentatious spending is fuelling new anxiety among luxury consumers. This...

Evening Waters Micro Trends

Evening Waters:

Amid consumers’ rising concern about the effect of alcohol on their health, a series of versatile waters are...

Alternative Intoxication Micro Trends

Alternative Intoxication:

With alcohol losing favour among consumers, cannabis-infused drinks are set to offer an alternative for...

Insta-dating Micro Trends


As consumers turn away from superficial apps such Tinder and Bumble, Instagram is evolving...

Modern Med Spas Micro Trends

Modern Med Spas:

The doctor’s surgery and the beauty spa are converging into a hybrid offering where customers can get both...

Transgender Beauty
Micro Trends

Transgender Beauty:

As identity continues along a fluid trajectory, brands are collaborating with the LGBTQ+ community to create...

Precision Running
Micro Trends

Precision Running:

As consumers look for ways to engage their body and mind beyond the yoga mat, brands are re-evaluating the...

Data ID Stores Micro Trends

Data ID Stores:

Future-facing bricks-and-mortar brands are personalising the store experience through the use of consumer...

Office Stores Micro Trends

Office Stores:

Through new technological and physical touchpoints, FMCG brands are exploring the workplace as a profitable...

The New Casino
Micro Trends

The New Casino:

Casinos have long relied on symbols of ostentatious wealth. But to win over the younger generation, they are...

Acne Positivity Micro Trends

Acne Positivity:

As #bodypositivity continues to expand, young people are leading a movement towards the...

Low-proof Drinkers Micro Trends

Low-proof Drinkers:

Consumers are eschewing the extremes of binge-drinking and abstinence in favour of a more considered...

Colour Refresh
Micro Trends

Colour Refresh:

At-home hair colour is getting an uplift from brands that are launching kits with salon-quality dyes and...

Certified Wellness
Macro Trends

Certified Wellness:

The once distinctly separate worlds of health and wellness are converging as consumers seek a new framework...

Blockchain Fashion Micro Trends

Blockchain Fashion:

While blockchain’s use in fashion has typically been for transparency, a new wave of brands are recognising...

Fast (Conscious) Fashion
Micro Trends

Fast (Conscious) Fashion:

With convenience often outweighing consciousness, a series of new apps are making it easier to integrate...

Micro Trends


Spurred on by consumers’ economic insecurity, fintech firms are creating new financial tools that help...

New Fragrance Frontiers
Micro Trends

New Fragrance Frontiers:

With the niche fragrance sector growing exponentially, brands are having to push the boundaries of scent in...

Hype Beauty Micro Trends

Hype Beauty:

Beauty brands are subverting the traditional codes of beauty partnerships by aligning with new cultural...

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