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Post-family Marketing
Micro Trends

Post-family Marketing:

Brands are increasingly recognising that idealised visions of family and marriage are no longer effective...

Psychoactive Scents Micro Trends

Psychoactive Scents :

Brands are developing new fragrances that draw on neuroscience to invoke a physical reaction in the wearer.

Tonic & Tonic Micro Trends

Tonic & Tonic:

Tonic water has evolved from an afterthought to an essential part of a mixed drink, as challenger...

Listening clubs Micro Trends

Listening clubs:

Listening clubs offer new spaces for consumers who want a meditative, considered approach to music appreciation.

In-situ Showrooms Micro Trends

In-situ Showrooms:

Home-tail has matured. The stuffy showroom has evolved from a curated living space to a space where...

Active Recovery Micro Trends

Active Recovery:

Brands are encouraging consumers to reset, restore and rejuvenate.

Uptown Downtown Micro Trends

Uptown Downtown:

Department store retailers are looking to attract younger audiences by moving location and collaborating...

Digital Storytelling
Micro Trends

Digital Storytelling:

Brands are creating digital storytelling tools to help parents enhance their bedtime rituals.

Made in China Micro Trends

Made in China:

In the era of third-stage globalisation, the children of Chinese migrants across the world are beginning to...

Streamlined Shopping Micro Trends

Streamlined Shopping:

Despite the speed and ease of online shopping, consumers are unwilling to completely relinquish...

Waterless Beauty Micro Trends

Waterless Beauty:

As demand for water continues to outstrip supply, beauty brands are developing waterless formulas to...

Post-pharmacy brands Micro Trends

Post-pharmacy brands:

New supplement brands are reconsidering everything from branding to transparency, and whether being...

Untrade Shows Micro Trends

Untrade Shows:

It began with bloggers at fashion week. Once accessible only to buyers and media, trade shows and industry...

Digital Citizens Micro Trends

Digital Citizens:

At a time of great political turmoil, new digital tools are changing the nature of citizenship.

Hard Pop Micro Trends

Hard Pop:

As craft beer flavour profiles veer towards bitter and consumers seek healthier alcohol options, alcoholic...

Health-conscious Kids
Micro Trends

Health-conscious Kids:

As society becomes more health-conscious, wellness is trickling down to the youngest generation.

Beyond the Label
Micro Trends

Beyond the Label:

Food and drink brands and retailers are fighting the lack of clarity in the industry by offering more...

The Dislocated World
Macro Trends

The Dislocated World:

In a world dominated by distrust, disconnection and disenfranchisement it is time for brands to take a stand...

Surprise Destinations Micro Trends

Surprise Destinations:

Luxury travel consumers are tired of choice and instead are looking for experiences that surprise.

Band Brands Micro Trends

Band Brands:

Once band merchandise was the preserve of kids who like heavy metal, but now it has become a booming...

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