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Automated Commerce Micro Trends

Automated Commerce:

In the age of convenience, Automated Commerce is re-inventing grocery shopping.

Downtime On Demand Micro Trends

Downtime On Demand:

As people spend more time in transit, there is a growing need for on-demand spaces in cities that enable...

Adulting Ads
Micro Trends

Adulting Ads:

Notions of luxury have evolved beyond traditional status symbols, with brands creating new narratives that...

Smartphone Therapies Micro Trends

Smartphone Therapies:

Why consumers are swapping synthetic drugs for smartphone-based treatments.

Serene Hospitality Micro Trends

Serene Hospitality:

Silence is emerging as a new signifier of luxury in high-end hospitality.

Terroir Spirits Micro Trends

Terroir Spirits:

As the spirits market becomes increasingly crowded, new launches are moving away from traditional...

Virtual Sanctuaries Micro Trends

Virtual Sanctuaries:

The growth of the wellness industry can probably be linked to our increasingly digital lives. But while many...

Safety in Sound
Micro Trends

Safety in Sound:

From installing safety sound capabilities in electric cars to detecting anomalies in heavy machinery, brands...

Conscious Aftercare Micro Trends

Conscious Aftercare:

In a bid to address the widespread use of dated and damaging laundry habits, eco-conscious luxury brands are...

Upstream Eating Micro Trends

Upstream Eating:

Fuelled by the backlash against clean eating, digitally adept consumers are turning to reputable, medically...

At-home Analysis Micro Trends

At-home Analysis:

Beauty brands are looking beyond tools that provide a one-off diagnosis to those that offer ongoing analysis.

Self-care Spaces Micro Trends

Self-care Spaces:

New community and co-working spaces are emerging that provide a nuanced approach to self-care.

The American Middle
Macro Trends

The American Middle:

The American middle class, once the aspirational ideal, is becoming a myth. Brands must learn to speak to...

Virtual Reality Arcades Micro Trends

Virtual Reality Arcades:

The key to virtual reality’s success may lie in the renaissance of the video game arcade.

The Vagina Reconsidered Micro Trends

The Vagina Reconsidered:

A wave of straight-talking, chemical-free and design-savvy brands are challenging the taboo around feminine...

American Values Marketing
Micro Trends

American Values Marketing:

Growing income disparity in the US has left a large segment of the American population turning...

Honest Products Micro Trends

Honest Products:

In today’s beauty landscape, where consumers can Google the benefits of any ingredient in seconds, a new...

Veritas Media
Micro Trends

Veritas Media:

With the rise of fake news, post-truth politics and alternative facts, consumers are hungry for media...

Friend Bots
Micro Trends

Friend Bots:

Brands are combining artificial intelligence with anthropomorphic design to create robots that offer...

Courtship Crisis
Micro Trends

Courtship Crisis:

As online dating becomes the norm, consumers are looking for services to augment their failing courtship...

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