Future Five: Mobility Micro Trends

Future Five: Mobility:

As part of our Future Five 2024 report, we explore three key trends developing in the Mobility sector.

Future Five: Identities Micro Trends

Future Five: Identities:

As part of our Future Five 2024 report, we explore the shifts in identity that are all-important in...

Future Five: Home & Family Micro Trends

Future Five: Home & Family:

As part of our Future Five 2024 report, we explore the rising challenges and opportunities in relation to...

Future Five: Sustainability Micro Trends

Future Five: Sustainability:

As part of our Future Five 2024 report, we explore three directions brands and business should heed as we...

Future Five: Artificial Intelligence Micro Trends

Future Five: Artificial Intelligence :

As part of our Future Five 2024 report, we explore the impact of AI on the year ahead.

Gen Z Activism Micro Trends

Gen Z Activism:

As polarisation deepens in the US, Gen Z are using their voice online, and in office, to create change.

Hype Bakes Micro Trends

Hype Bakes:

From exclusive drops to A-lister endorsements and cult social media followings, bakeries have entered their...

Cultured Waste Micro Trends

Cultured Waste:

As consumers tire of separating authentic sustainability claims from greenwashing, designers are using...

TikTok Travel Agents Micro Trends

TikTok Travel Agents :

Digital collectives are tapping into algorithms to create a new iteration of hyper-relatable ‘travel agents’...

Preserving Digital Legacies Micro Trends

Preserving Digital Legacies:

Meet the innovators safeguarding and cherishing precious digital memories beyond the grave.

Accredited Advice Micro Trends

Accredited Advice:

Emerging intelligent analysis and review tools are supporting underserved beauty consumers with more...

AI Believers Micro Trends

AI Believers:

Navigating the normacrisis era, Gen Z are turning to AI sanctuaries for on-demand, personalised spiritual...

Audio to Watch Micro Trends

Audio to Watch:

Moving music to new frontiers, platforms including Spotify, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube have educated...

Mass Movement Micro Trends

Mass Movement:

In-person gatherings are increasing at an unprecedented scale, serving a visceral need for vitality and...

Innovation Debrief 2023–2024 Micro Trends

Innovation Debrief 2023–2024:

In our Innovation Debrief Report you will discover 50 innovations that are paving the way for a more...

Subversive Sustainability Ads Micro Trends

Subversive Sustainability Ads:

Consumers are inundated with misleading sustainability claims. Opting out of binary messages of climate doom...

AI-powered Groceries Micro Trends

AI-powered Groceries:

From cost savings and circular economies to consumer behaviour forecasting, food innovators are turning to...

Generative AI Magazines Micro Trends

Generative AI Magazines:

Channelling the creative power of artificial intelligence, innovators are producing entire print lifestyle...

Regenerative Luxury Jewels Micro Trends

Regenerative Luxury Jewels:

Thanks to advances in materials and manufacturing, the jewellery industry is entering a new era of...

Quiet Mode Micro Trends

Quiet Mode:

In a world full of noise, innovative features from tech and social media companies are helping consumers who...

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