Automotive Accommodation Micro Trends

Automotive Accommodation:

With global car sales in decline, premium automotive brands are entering the property market, using...

AI-vertisements Micro Trends


AI is pushing the boundaries of brand and consumer interactions, creating experimental and sensorial...

Prestige Pets Micro Trends

Prestige Pets:

As dog ownership booms and birth rates decline, fashion brands are getting involved in the lucrative luxury...

Fine Dining Redefined Micro Trends

Fine Dining Redefined:

A number of new restaurants are transforming fine dining, helping it to shed connotations of exclusivity...

Chameleon Cosmetics Micro Trends

Chameleon Cosmetics:

As our digital identities shape-shift, so too will our beauty regimes, as innovators invent cutting-edge...

Metaverse Architecture Micro Trends

Metaverse Architecture:

Eminent architects are laying foundations in the metaverse, using the creativity offered by Web3 to create...

Open-door HQs Micro Trends

Open-door HQs:

Retailers are opening their HQs to the public, turning them into destinations for storytelling, transparency...

Sports Rebranded Micro Trends

Sports Rebranded:

Sporting bodies and brands are cementing appeal among Gen Z with rebranding campaigns that celebrate...

Gated Retail Micro Trends

Gated Retail:

As the race to court very important clients (VICs) heats up, luxury brands are opening private boutiques for...

Grotesque Grub Micro Trends

Grotesque Grub:

Chefs and food brands are exploring the darker side of dining with uglier takes on food and drink.

Crypto-tels Micro Trends


In a bid to bolster loyalty, appeal to a new demographic and extend market opportunity, hoteliers are...

Fractional Art Ownership Micro Trends

Fractional Art Ownership:

A new breed of start-up is emerging to democratise access to art ownership, allowing everyday investors to...

Membership Retail Micro Trends

Membership Retail:

A wave of apparel brands are shunning mass selling in favour of membership models, in turn reducing product...

Care Collectives Micro Trends

Care Collectives:

With collectivism on the rise, new spaces informed by traditional ideals of kinship are turning care into...

Psychophysical Identities Micro Trends

Psychophysical Identities:

A new wave of designers are exploring how familiar physical feelings can be translated into visual...

Digitised Favelas Micro Trends

Digitised Favelas:

A symbol of economic inequality in Brazil, the favelas are becoming the focus of technology projects that...

Betterverse Bites Micro Trends

Betterverse Bites:

Restaurants and chefs are leaning into Betterverse values, using virtual realms as positive places to...

Pet Hospitality Micro Trends

Pet Hospitality:

After the pandemic pet boom, new owners are ready to travel again and looking for animal-friendly spaces to...

Budget Bots Micro Trends

Budget Bots:

With consumers financially challenged due to global inflation they are turning to financial apps and...

Neo-wealth Wears Micro Trends

Neo-wealth Wears:

Luxury brands are setting their sights on the crypto elite, designing accessories that allow people to...

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