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Heinz creates a buzz with its AI-generated campaign, an NFT membership courts mezcal drinkers, and cross-class friendships could help reduce poverty.

Heinz enlists AI to prove its brand status

Heinz AI Ketchup, US

US – The food brand is using artificial intelligence (AI) system Dall-E 2 to prove that it’s the go-to brand for ketchup. For its latest marketing stunt, Heinz fed the software with random ketchup-related phrases, and found that the results featured a series of sauce-inspired images with its signature branding.

It then documented the Draw Ketchup stunt in a video campaign and published imagery. In this way, Heinz demonstrates its dominance in the ketchup category, showing that it’s more recognisable than many other brands. Jacqueline Chao, senior brand manager at Heinz, says: From the distinct keystone label to our iconic slow-pouring ketchup bottle, we know Heinz is unmistakable to people around the world, and we're thrilled to see even the most unbiased source recognises that when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz.

In a similar vein, we’ve previously explored how AI has been used as part of a sensory marketing campaign that merges spoken works with artistic imagery.

Strategic opportunity

To create intrigue with your communications, consider how AI tools can be used to complement and enhance other sensory cues

Bakeup creates collectible make-up for the multiverse

Bakeup, US Bakeup, US
Bakeup, US Bakeup, US

US – Bringing make-up to the metaverse, Bakeup is a digital beauty company specialising in looks that can be worn, collected, traded and sold virtually. Rather than just selling digital make-up as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), however, the company embeds more functionality into its products, releasing them as physical items and augmented reality (AR) filters that can be activated via smartphone.

The company’s first, limited-edition item – the Disco Veiler eye embellishments – will be made available as a physical product, NFT and an AR wearable filter on Snapchat and Instagram, ensuring that the look can cross different categories. The company has also partnered with DAZ 3D, an NFT strategy company that created the popular Non-Fungible People (NFP) NFT collection, to create a series of digital make-up looks that broaden the definition of make-up in the metaverse.

While we've been tracking the rise of metaverse make-up, NFT projects have historically been limited to collectibles without many functions. By creating products that serve a practical purpose and can be worn in both physical and virtual spaces, Bakeup is signalling a new future for phygital beauty.

Strategic opportunity

When releasing NFTs, companies should consider animating collectibles as AR filters that can be activated across social media channels

An NFT community for mezcal fans

Mexico – Recognising the power of community-building, mezcal brand Ojo de Dios is introducing a non-fungible token (NFT) membership programme that unlocks a range of exclusive experiences. Harnessing its existing Facebook and Instagram communities into a Web3 space, The Odd Squad community will enable its members to access benefits including invitations to VIP events, access to limited-edition bottles of mezcal and exclusive merchandise.

To launch the community, Ojo de Dios worked with New York-based artist Oddball to create artwork and NFTs. It will also champion Mexican artists and award royalties to Mexican talent. Here, the brand taps into the benefits of digital membership clubs to appeal to an evolving cohort of Modern Mezcal drinkers. Michael Cloke, chief marketing officer at Ojo de Dios, says: ‘NFTs are the future of ownership, a digital pass that lives on your phone and grants access to real-life events, members’ perks, benefits and discounts online.’

Elsewhere in the food and beverage sector, we’ve previously explored the ways that Crypto Dining Clubs are using technologies such as blockchain and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) to connect food communities.

The Odd Squad by Ojo de Dios, Mexico The Odd Squad by Ojo de Dios, Mexico

Strategic opportunity

Leisure and hospitality brands should take note of this initiative and consider how digital ownership services can facilitate community-building and generate long-term brand loyalty

Stat: Friendship could help shatter the class ceiling

The self-sufficient city by Guallart Architects, Xiong'an The self-sufficient city by Guallart Architects, Xiong'an

Cross-class friendships could be the key to social mobility. According to an expansive US study by Social Capital Atlas, economic prospects improve significantly depending on a person’s vicinity to wealth in childhood. Indeed, disadvantaged children who grow up in neighbourhoods where 70% of their friends are wealthy experience an average increase of 20% in their future income.

The study analysed 72m Facebook friendships, amounting to roughly 84% of adults aged 25–44 in the US. Before the study, it was clear that certain neighbourhoods were better at removing barriers to upward mobility, but it wasn’t clear why. It is now evident that cross-class friendships have a greater influence on economic prospects than education quality, family stability, employment availability and a community’s racial composition.

The research reveals that economic connectedness – where people make friends with people from different class backgrounds – could be a key metric for reducing poverty. As companies consider what role they can play in helping remove wealth disparity, they can consult our Neo-collectivism macrotrend to discover the importance of community-building.

Strategic Opportunity

How can governments and schools implement policies that safeguard economic diversity? Companies should partner with schools to raise awareness about this issue

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