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Oatly takes a stand against cow’s milk in European schools, Inspirato’s flexi-subscription disrupts luxury travel, and halal beauty is at an all-time high.

Oatly wants EU schools to serve plant-based milks

Normalise It by Oatly, UK

Europe – The oat drink brand is encouraging European schools to switch from giving children dairy milk to plant-based alternatives. Its latest campaign, which shows children smuggling Oatly cartons into schools, aims to normalise the distribution of alternative milks in the EU school programme – an initiative offering free access to fruits, vegetables and milk.

It arrives in line with the European Commission’s aims to promote healthier and more sustainable diets, while also recognising that some children cannot or do not want to drink cow’s milk for medical, ethical, environmental or religious reasons. The advert also points viewers to a petition calling on the EU to include plant-based milks in its school programme, as well as a microsite with resources about the campaign.

By creating a playful advert, along with practical information, Oatly has the potential to spark widespread change among schools, children and their care-givers. As we explore in The Zalpha Reckoning, Generation Zalpha are set to be the largest generation of plant-based eaters in the world – with many growing up on planet-positive diets.

Strategic opportunity

Beyond the food and drinks category, sustainable brands across sectors could also create thought-provoking and practical campaigns. Consider, for example, how fashion brands might promote upcycling through school-based programmes

A tourist destination that’s also a furniture factory

Vestre The Plus. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Norway Vestre The Plus. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Norway
Vestre The Plus. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Norway Vestre The Plus. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Norway

Norway – Nestled in the depths of the Magnor forest, The Plus is furniture company Vestre’s latest manufacturing facility. Designed by BIG architects, the 75,000-square-feet building not only gives visitors a closer look at Vestre's sustainable manufacturing process, but also serves as an experiential destination.

Unlike most factory buildings, which are closed to non-employees, The Plus has a visitor centre where guests can learn about Vestre's manufacturing process. The building's name comes from the four wings that make up the production facility: the colour factory, wood factory, assembly and warehouse. Each is arranged around a central courtyard, also accessible to the public. This is a nod to Norway’s Right to Roam (Allemannsretten) law, which permits anyone to roam freely on uncultivated territory.

In Rewilding Retail we explore how factories are becoming more planet- and human-centric. This example shows how, in future, factories can further demonstrate their sustainability credentials by becoming fully transparent and accessible.

Strategic opportunity

To become a true Civic Brand, companies can consider transforming their production facilities into tourist attractions

A hybrid travel subscription aimed at luxury nomads

US – Targeting the Bleisure habits of affluent travellers, the luxury travel service has introduced a new subscription model for both personal and business use. Called Inspirato Select, the aim of the service is to provide members with a simple and cost-effective way to buy, use and share luxury holidays. Subscribers can choose from more than 500,000 trip options in more than 150 destinations. These include Inspirato residences, luxury hotels and five-star resorts.

Much like its previous subscriptions, Inspirato Select provides members-only rates and a hyper-personalised service. In addition, trips booked as part of the subscription can be transferred to family or friends, or used as business trips. In this way, the scheme recognises the need to offer malleable travel arrangements. ‘As our most flexible, shareable subscription to date, we believe Inspirato Select will enhance the built-in network effect of our business model by introducing the distinctive Inspirato luxury travel experience to a broader audience of travellers,’ says Brent Handler, co-founder and CEO of Inspirato.

Here, Inspirato demonstrates the ongoing evolution of travel experts and agents – and the ways they’re serving customers in increasingly dynamic and thoughtful ways.

Wander, US

Strategi copportunity

The wider hospitality and retail sectors should take note of this initiative and find ways to entice consumers with flexible membership schemes

Stat: Halal beauty continues to accelerate

Photography by Cottonbro
Photography by Cottonbro

Halal beauty, a category that refers to products made with ingredients permissible under Islamic principles, is growing in popularity. According to research by Insight Partners, by 2028 the halal beauty market is expected to reach £65.3m ($79.8m, €76.6m).

Just this year, the halal beauty market was valued at £29.9m ($36.6m, €35.1m), with rising demand for halal certification in Southeast Asian and Islamic countries driving much of the expansion. The fastest growing category in the market is the skincare segment, with increasing desire for anti-ageing creams, moisturisers and serums as well as a greater awareness of clean beauty.

While the Asia-Pacific region is expected to retain its dominance of the market, the report also identifies India, Indonesia and Malaysia as future markets due to expanding Muslim populations. To cater for this region, the report emphasises the relevance of social media, as the Muslim population in Asia-Pacific is highly connected to media, fashion and beauty online.

Although we’ve been monitoring the Halal Beauty Market for some time, these recent findings suggest that the market is gaining more global appeal. In future, we expect it to become more popular among non-Muslim consumers, too.

Strategic opportunity

How can companies experiment with augmented reality technology to introduce consumers to Halal beauty products?

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