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Dove presents a different perspective on early parenthood, Burberry goes viral on TikTok, and American tourists want stress-free travel.

Baby Dove wants to tackle post-partum pressures

#OneRealPressure by Baby Dove

US – Painting a more truthful picture of early motherhood, Baby Dove’s Under Pressure campaign aims to remove stigma and ease the impact of post-natal depression.

The short film sheds light on some of the obstacles and challenges that new mothers face, such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, body changes, and juggling work and life responsibilities. By showing a more realistic vision of early parenting, the campaign is striving to create a sense of shared understanding and solidarity among mothers.

In addition to the campaign, the beauty brand is encouraging mothers to connect digitally and in real life, identifying loneliness and solitude as key contributing factors to post-natal depression. Baby Dove will use its website to share a variety of resources for mothers, alongside a forum to post questions or discussions.

By sharing an honest picture, Dove is encouraging mothers to ignore the unrealistic standards of parenthood often communicated online and in the media. As a result, the beauty brand is fulfilling the role of a caring Life-stage Brand.

Strategic opportunity

When responding to a social cause, companies should provide resources and tools to help fuel lasting change. Take a page from Dove and consider creating a safe space for customers to meet one another and share feelings

A toothpaste rebranding embracing sector taboos

Twice rebranding by Concrete, US Twice rebranding by Concrete, US
Twice rebranding by Concrete, US Twice rebranding by Concrete, US

The Bahamas – Founded by musician Lenny Kravitz, toothpaste brand Twice is undergoing a visual refresh that embraces an unconventional colour palette for the dental care sector.

While many oral care products focus on minimal design cues and colours associated with hygiene, such as silver, white and blue, Twice bravely opts for a sunshine yellow as the focal point of its brand. Concrete, the Toronto-based design studio behind the rebranding, considers the bold colour choice an opportunity to cut through tired design tropes.

The distinctive yellow is a colour traditionally avoided in the oral care sector because of its associations with yellow teeth,’ explains the studio. ‘But this created an opportunity for us to break away from such literal thinking and connect to the positive emotions associated with the colour.’ By confronting a design taboo in the sector head-on, Twice demonstrates how brands can continue reworking the dental industry to elevate oral care as more of a lifestyle sector.

Strategic opportunity

Reflect on the commonly avoided communication or design cues in your sector. Are there playful or unexpected ways to flip the script to challenge tired thinking and make meaningful and engaging products?

Burberry courts Gen Z with viral TikTok campaign

London – Luxury brand Burberry is partnering with popular TikTok creator Sylvaniandrama to promote its new Lola handbag. The partnership puts a novel spin on sponsored content, helping the heritage brand reach a younger audience.

Famed for its theatrical, soap opera-inspired clips, Sylvaniandrama uses small figurines from the toy company Sylvanian Families to create amusing videos. The channel’s quirky sense of humour has garnered it 1.9m followers on TikTok, and its videos regularly attract just as many views, if not more.

The unexpected collaboration sees Sylvaniandrama apply its signature 'whodunnit' narrative to promote the Burberry bag, making the sponsored content feel authentic rather than forced.

By engaging TikTok users in this way, Burberry is showing that it understands what the platform's users want and enjoy. To learn more about how luxury brands are using TikTok, readers can revisit this opinion piece about marketing practices on the social media platform.

Burberry in collaboration with Sylvanian Families collection, US

Strategic opportunity

To make a splash on TikTok, consider the more creative or unexpected ways to collaborate with content-creators – avoiding real-life products or models can make content more accessible and relevant

Stat: US tourists embrace all-inclusive trips

Gouna Festival Plaza in the Red Sea resort of El Gouna designed by Studio Seilern Architects, Egypt Gouna Festival Plaza in the Red Sea resort of El Gouna designed by Studio Seilern Architects, Egypt

While organising a holiday has come with added stresses since the start of the pandemic, US travellers are embracing the ease of all-inclusive trips. According to a survey by hotel brand Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, conducted by OnePoll, a majority (77%) of US tourists believe all-inclusive holidays are the least stressful way to travel.

The study also shows that 75% of travellers believe the best way to travel is to book an all-inclusive trip. These figures come at a time when many holidaymakers are finding their feet again with booking trips, and are looking to tourism providers to offer appealing packages. ‘With an increase in daily work and family stress in the past two years, we’re seeing demand for simple, stress-free vacations,’ says Scott LePage, president of Americas at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

This shift towards all-inclusive travel also reflects the renaissance of traditional travel agents, with more consumers seeking expert-led and curated trips.

Strategic opportunity

Travel and hospitality providers should lean in to this desire for stress-free travel, and create services to mitigate some of the common difficulties associated with travelling

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