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Snoop Dogg unveils a music video in the metaverse, Jack Wolfskin’s eco-educational tv channel and SWANA’s crippling food costs.

Snoop Dogg’s new music video surfaces in The Sandbox

House I Built by Snoop Dogg, US

US – Tuning in to the rising popularity of metaverse platforms, rapper Snoop Dogg is releasing a virtual music video within gaming platform The Sandbox. The video for his song House I Built features Snoop Dogg as a voxel avatar and was created using The Sandbox’s free user-generated tools.

By opting to create a video within a metaverse, the artist will connect with a new generation and set of music fans in a way that feels accessible and reflects fandom in the digital age. Beyond this meta music video, Snoop Dogg is also using The Sandbox to share exclusive content. ‘Today in The Sandbox, Snoop Dogg is building the Snoopverse, a place where his avatar can perform exclusive concerts only accessible to his fans,' explains Arthur Madrid, CEO and co-founder of The Sandbox.

As metaverse spaces continue to inform the worlds of work, socialising and entertainment, Snoop Dogg’s virtual music video sets an example to other brands and individuals hoping to enter the meta-tainment field.

Strategic opportunity

Reflect on how Snoop Dogg’s music video makes use of The Sandbox’s in-built community tools. In the future, entertainers could take this further by including fans in the creation of virtual content and events

Kartell extends its design philosophy to eyewear

Kartell Eyewear, Italy Kartell Eyewear, Italy
Kartell Eyewear, Italy Kartell Eyewear, Italy

Italy – The furniture company is expanding the reach of its design credentials by moving into the eyewear market. Presenting both core and design-led collections, Kartell eyewear comprises more than 100 sun and optical styles. For its design collection, each pair of glasses employs elements and materials derived from the brand’s archive, including its focus on transparent homewares.

In this way, Kartell has cleverly reframed its design language to enter the fashion and accessories sector. Such a crossover sets an example to other brands hoping to explore possibilities beyond signature products and ranges. Speaking about the decision to work in this area, Lorenza Luti, marketing and retail director at Kartell, says: ‘It’s a perfect fashion accessory, as we diversify our offer for our customers while maintaining our values, transferring our design philosophy, innovation and technology in industrial production to eyewear.’

While we’ve been tracking growing interest in the premium homeware market, this product range shows how sectors such as eyewear can borrow from other industries.

Strategic opportunity

Design companies that conventionally focus on interior or architectural creations should seize opportunities to adapt their work, signature shapes or materials to inform other categories

Jack Wolfskin promotes eco-activism through tv

Germany and Amsterdam – Outerwear brand Jack Wolfskin is joining eco-activist streaming service WaterBear as a founding partner. As part of the partnership, the brand will be launching an environmentally focused channel that showcases content that reflects the brand’s mission to promote nature discovery, conservation and rewilding.

The channel will spotlight Jack Wolfskin’s key brand ambassadors, who will raise awareness of eco-issues through WaterBear’s free streaming platform. Here, the brand recognises the importance of providing openly available education relating to climate issues.WaterBear’s mission aligns with Jack Wolfskin’s commitment to sustainability and focus on educating and inspiring all people to live to discover and take responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet whether it’s through a local adventure or a trip to a remote destination,’ says Mokhtar Benbouazza, vice-president of marketing for Jack Wolfskin.

Through this project, both Jack Wolfskin and WaterBear are demonstrating the power of branded involvement in climate-related media as part of positive environmental solutions.

Jack Wolfskin and WaterBear

Strategic opportunity

Across sectors, brands and businesses can take inspiration from this project to create edu-tainment led by knowledgeable and engaging brand ambassadors, activists or influencers

Stat: Food costs soar in SWANA amid war in Ukraine

The Beauty of Scarcity by Francesca Sarti for Dezeen 15, UK The Beauty of Scarcity by Francesca Sarti for Dezeen 15, UK

While the holy month of Ramadan is historically a time for sharing traditional foods, countries in the SWANA region are struggling to manage rising food costs. According to the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the knock-on effect of the Ukraine crisis is putting further strain on already-rising costs of basic food staples in the region.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Price Index reveals that the cost of a basic food basket has increased by 351% in Lebanon in the past year – the highest in the region. This is followed by Syria, with a 97% rise, and Yemen at 81%. Two key diet staples, wheat flour and cooking oil, have drastically risen in price. In Syria, the cost of cooking oil has increased by 39%, while wheat flour is up 47% in Lebanon. These figures reveal how interconnected and interdependent many nations are for basic items.

Looking ahead, there is going to be increasing need for more adaptive and innovative food solutions that support nations in times of austerity.

Strategic opportunity

Brands and organisations must take a role in working with or assisting local communities to establish more equitable food supply chains that are less dependent on external sources

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