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An art hotel uplifts Indigenous communities, Fendi equips Crypto Cliques with a new accessory and the music industry has untapped gaming potential.

A climate-adaptive art institution arrives in Australia

Bundanon, Australia Bundanon, Australia
Rochelle Haley exhibition at Bundanon, Australia Rochelle Haley exhibition at Bundanon, Australia
Bundanon, Australia Bundanon, Australia

Shoalhaven, Australia – After years of redevelopment, the Bundanon Museum is re-opening as an art and hospitality destination with a range of amenities that preserve nature and uplift Indigenous communities.

Designed to respond to current and future climates, the museum is divided into wings that each interact differently with the local environment. To protect precious artworks from adverse climate conditions, the main art collection is housed in a subterranean building that ensures adequate thermal insulation. Elsewhere on the premises, a bridge has been constructed to respond to wildfires and flooding. Merging climate-adaptive infrastructure with hospitality, the bridge provides 32 guest suites that overlook the Australian landscape as well as a creative learning centre.

Beyond its art programming, the Bundanon museum has enlisted the help of local Indigenous communities to help lead its bushland preservation programme following wildfires that devastated the region between 2019 and 2020. By combining art, hospitality, and nature preservation, the museum caters for climate-concerned consumers who are swapping extravagant holidays with regenerative tourism, aligning itself with the tenets of Post-conscious Travel.

Strategic opportunity

As museum footfall continues to fall over the world, art institutions should consider collaborating with the hospitality sector to revive visitor interest

Fendi creates a crypto accessory for digital luxurians

Fendi and Ledger Fendi and Ledger
Fendi and Ledger Fendi and Ledger

Rome – Lending a touch of luxury to the world of cryptocurrency, Fendi is collaborating with digital security company Ledger to create an accessory for hardware wallets. Drawing on its popular Baguette and O’Lock styles, the two miniature cases for Bluetooth-enabled crypto wallets are designed to be attached to bags or garments and flaunted publicly.

Developed to protect digital currency holders from hacking and theft, the wallet, named Ledger Nano X, stores private information that is necessary for users to transact with crypto assets. By purchasing a hardware wallet, crypto holders can guarantee that every transaction requires access to their physical wallet to be approved, ensuring that, if their digital identity is compromised, they don’t lose access to their funds.

While the collaboration has received criticism from a safety perspective – most crypto holders store their hardware wallets in secure safes – it demonstrates a fresh new direction for luxury products that bridge the virtual and physical realms. Catering for the next era of digital luxurians, it continues to highlight luxury's NFT opportunity.

Strategic opportunity

As the NFT market booms, companies will do well to create corresponding accessories that help customers showcase their identity as crypto holders

Verizon launches tools for amateur live-streamers

US – Network provider Verizon is empowering creators with the launch of its event production platform BlueJeans Studio. Through the platform, individuals and enterprises can access easy-to-use video feed mixing, custom branding and endless streaming capabilities.

While virtual events boomed during the pandemic, not all creators have the tools or experience to produce high-quality live-streams. BlueJeans Studio is democratising this space, allowing people to host, manage and personalise their digital events without technical support. Virtual events have become a fundamental part of every business strategy, whether that be for individual creators looking to build brand visibility or for enterprise teams working on communication, training or lead generation initiatives, says Chris Lewter, vice-president at BlueJeans Studio.

As the creator economy grows, such open-source and cost-effective services can help to level the playing field and further validate influencers and small businesses.

BlueJeans Studio, Global BlueJeans Studio, Global

Strategic opportunity

With virtual events set to outlast the pandemic boom, social media brands should similarly create accessible products and services that help creators to professionalise their content

Stat: Music and gaming go hand in hand for Gen Z

Overwatch League by Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch League by Blizzard Entertainment

With the gaming and music worlds becoming increasingly intertwined, there’s a need for innovation when it comes to in-game music purchases and discovery. According to research by Deloitte, almost a quarter of Generation Z wish they could purchase music they hear in a game or be able to add it to a playlist.

Meanwhile, nearly as many share music recommendations with other people gaming online. A lack of seamless in-game music streaming options also means that gamers are opting for external sources, with 42% of young gamers listening to other music while gaming, and 34% looking music up online after hearing it in a game.

While many gamers rely on music to elevate their entertainment experience, there is currently no easy way for people to interact with and share in-game music without leaving the game. With this in mind, musicians and producers should capitalise on opportunities to reach Gen Z through immersive Digital Fandom campaigns.

Strategic opportunity

Gaming companies and music streaming services should partner to offer more seamless services to players. Also consider hosting interactive in-game concerts to connect global gamers around their shared music tastes

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