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BBC Radio 2 pays homage to families, Cheese is a neobank targeting Asian Americans and UK streamers prefer tailored advertising.

BBC Radio 2 celebrates the role of radio in families

BBC Radio 2 "One of the family" by BBC Creative, UK

UK – BBC Radio 2 has unveiled a campaign depicting its radio DJs as an extended member of British families, to show the vital role of radio during the pandemic.

Created by the BBC’s in-house agency, BBC Creative, the retro campaign, titled One of the Family, features prominent radio presenters including Sara Cox and Dermot O’Leary joining the family portraits of real Radio 2 listeners. According to the BBC, one in four people in the UK listen to Radio 2 – a number that has risen during the pandemic.

With the station now played more homes than ever across the UK, the campaign visualises the importance of these voices in families' lives. ‘With Radio 2 on so much in people’s homes, we thought the presenters might start to feel just like one of the family,’ shares a statement from BBC Creative.

By symbolising this relationship in a playful way, Radio 2 is showing how aural media can create closer connections. In our microtrend, Connective Audio, we explore the resurgence of audio with new digital spaces that have enhanced personal relationships during the pandemic.

The S!ng app is democratising NFT ownership

S!ng S!ng
S!ng S!ng

US – Music technology platform S!ng is launching an app that allows anyone to create non fungible tokens (NFTs).

S!ng allows users to create secure NFTs by uploading content such as images, audio clips and video files. Through Ethereum-powered blockchain, S!ng ensures that all content has a verifiable source and traceable journey, making it less likely to be faked or tampered with. As the platform develops, S!ng has plans to expand its services and allow users to monetise their NFTs within the app.

Importantly, S!ng makes the creation of NFTs accessible, meaning that people without previous experience of blockchain can easily utilise the service to protect their assets. ‘S!NG is the safest and easiest platform for creators to mint NFTs,’ says Raine Maida, chief product officer at S!ng. ‘There is no better time to be an artist than right now, because we are on the precipice of an artistic revolution where control belongs to the artist.'

As our cyberspace evolves, a decentralised digital economy is ushering in new models of ownership for online communities. Buy tickets for our Trend Briefing event on March 25 to discover our new Alternet Economies macrotrend.

A digital bank boosting Asian American communities

Cheese Bank, US Cheese Bank, US

US – Fintech disruptor Cheese targets Asian Americans and Asian immigrants with specialised banking tools and a philanthropic mission.

To help Asian immigrants begin their banking journey, Cheese issues a debit card to those with no credit history and offers its services via a multi-language platform to ease the process of applying for loans for non-native speakers. Looking to give back to Asian communities, the bank has launched the Cheese Giveback Fund, which will be donated to non-profits and community service programs that support Asian neighbourhoods and businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Created in response to the lack of specialised banking services for the Asian American diaspora, the neobank intends to benefit this community with its social mission. ‘I have always envisioned launching a digital bank that someone like me could easily access, but one that also serves a deeper purpose, with the power to positively impact Asian communities,’ says Ken Lian, co-founder of Cheese.

With traditional banks failing intersectional groups, consumers are seeking more nuanced fintech services, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We explore this push towards more personalised banking in our Millennial Money Market.

Stat: UK streamers are seeking more personalised ads


On streaming services, advertising is not necessarily a barrier for UK viewers – especially when the ad content is tailored to individual preferences.

This is according to research by Magnite, which finds that 63% of UK consumers are receptive to Connected TV (CTV) advertising, especially if it is relevant to the show they are watching. Meanwhile, others prefer ads that are relevant to their hobbies or interests (75%) or related to online searches (58%).

‘We’re experiencing a seismic shift in how individuals are consuming content,’ said Julie Selman, UK managing director of Magnite. ‘This acceleration in CTV adoption creates a huge opportunity for advertisers to use the power of CTV to connect with consumers, and reach people where they are enjoying content they love.’

Marketers have an opportunity to connect with consumers and regain trust in advertising through more conscious applications of consumer data. For more, explore our Data Commerce Market.

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