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Frida authentically depicts early motherhood, Twitter taps into the creator economy and retailtainment efforts excite European shoppers.

Frida reveals the realities of breastfeeding

Breast Care by Frida, US

US – Postnatal brand Frida has released a short film that explores problems new mothers encounter when breastfeeding.

In the film, two mothers share a running monologue as they feed their newborns – discussing issues associated with breastfeeding, such as physical discomfort and not producing enough milk. Throughout the short film, the mother’s needs are eclipsed by those of the baby, which Frida aims to rectify by normalising the postnatal lactation journey. Alongside the film, the brand has released a new line of products, including a self-care kit to improve the postnatal breast care experience.

‘The reality is that women are blindsided by the physicality of breastfeeding – raw nipples, uterine contractions, painful clogs – no one tells you that it can be as painful as your vaginal recovery,’ explains Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO of Frida. ‘It’s all part of the postpartum physical experience – but it never gets any air time.'

Uncover more on the need for honest marketing for new mothers in our opinion piece.

This barber shop doubles as a content studio

Old Spice barbers, US Old Spice barbers, US
Old Spice barbers, US Old Spice barbers, US

Ohio – Men’s grooming brand Old Spice has opened its first bricks-and-mortar barbers, providing an immersive, content-driven experience for its customers.

As well as offering conventional barbering services, the space will serve as a digital content studio, store and a test lab for new products. To elevate its marketing strategy, the barber shop will welcome weekly celebrity barbers to create content and provide hair tutorials. ‘Old Spice is turning the traditional barber shop on its head by welcoming guys into the Old Spice universe for a real-life experience with the brand they know and love,' says Leif Edgar, brand director for Old Spice at Procter & Gamble.

Its Columbus location will also allow the brand to better connect with a young, diverse demographic that reflects Old Spice’s core audience. In this way, the brand is catering for local audiences and elevating its digital presence on a global scale.

While Covid-19 has resulted in declining footfall for retailers, bricks-and-mortar spaces are increasingly being reclaimed to function as multimedia hubs for content creation. For more, explore our Studio Stores microtrend.

Twitter’s Super Follows monetises creators’ content

Twitter Super Follow, Global Twitter Super Follow, Global

Global – The social network will be launching a Super Follows feature that lets users charge followers for exclusive content.

Through this new subscription model, Twitter users will be able to release material such as newsletters, videos and messages to their ‘super followers’ for a monthly fee. Other incentivised content will include bonus tweets and access to a private community group that will exist away from the main Twitter feed.

With social media feeds saturated with digital advertising and influencer partnerships, creating smaller online spaces allows users to directly connect with their followers. ‘Super Follows will allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience and will incentivise them to continue creating content that their audience loves,’ a statement from Twitter reads.

The digital economy is being disrupted as creators incentivise interactions with their fans. Our new Alternet Economies macrotrend, which will be unveiled at our Trend Briefing event, explores how shifts in creative ownership are making the internet more equitable. Tickets are available here.

Stat: European shoppers are receptive to retailtainment

Virtual Super Land at Fred Segal, Los Angeles
Virtual Super Land at Fred Segal, Los Angeles

Consumers across Europe are expressing interest in 'shoppertainment' as a way of connecting with brands and retailers.

According to research by Forrester commissioned by AliExpress, consumers are most interested in live-streaming on e-commerce platforms, with 59% claiming to have purchased through it or noting they would like to explore it. Meanwhile, 53% of those surveyed said they are interested in live-streaming on social media, 50% in viewing influencer content on social media, and a further 49% are drawn towards playing interactive games.

Consumer interest varies across nations, however, with 34% of UK respondents who are not interested in live-streaming on e-commerce platforms expressing a lack of trust in this type of content. And while 30% of shoppers in Spain seek entertainment-driven content for price-related reasons, in France, shoppertainment habits are more impulse-driven, with 23% saying they are very likely to purchase an influencer-endorsed product, even if they don’t need it.

With Shoppable Social channels continuing to transform shopper interactions, platforms like NTWRK are setting a precedent for e-commerce elevated by storytelling.

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