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Everyday clothing inspired by extreme sports, meditative candles for daily rituals, and British Millennials embrace plant-based diets as a result of Covid-19.

Nike ISPA is designed for everyday extremes

Nike ISPA, global
Nike ISPA, global

Global – Nike’s latest apparel range, ISPA, is designed to withstand the extremes of everyday life.

With products including an inflatable jacket, a mesh bodysuit and split-toe sneakers, each item is designed in a way that repurposes the needs of ultra-sport activities to suit the lifestyles of active city dwellers. For example, the jacket's lining incorporates a custom-built air bladder that inflates the coat when the temperature drops. Mesh airflow panels on the bodysuit follow Nike's research into heat and sweat accumulation during movement.

‘ISPA is making more about the kind of extremes and the fringes of what people are doing more in their everyday lives in the city,’ explains Nur Abbas, design director for energy apparel at Nike. ‘So it's not necessarily about running faster or jumping higher, but how can you improve the way someone feels throughout the day.'

No longer reserved for people living extreme lifestyles, products aimed at building Resilience Culture are gaining traction and appealing to the everyday consumer.

7 Over 7 uses scent to elevate at-home meditation

7 Over 7, London 7 Over 7, London
7 Over 7, London 7 Over 7, London

London – Nascent eco-candle brand 7 Over 7 aims to ritualise the experience of self-discovery through scent.  

The range is based on the chakra system in which seven sacred energy centres govern the human body, such as the throat and heart. Tapping into the notion of Conscious Deceleration, 7 Over 7 seeks to balance these chakras through an amalgamation of scent, meditation and modern homeware.

‘While there are many ways to reach a transcendental state through meditative practices, I’ve found using my senses in isolation helps go deeper in my practice. The quickest way has been through the sense of smell,’ says founder Minal Bhanshali.

Philosophical principles are also driving the brand’s commitment to sustainability, in which it offers a refill service to extend the life of each hand-crafted ceramic candle base.

As meditation becomes a normalised activity, brands are increasingly tapping into ritualistic wellness offerings that fit into our daily lives and homes.

Anti-viral hand cream for sanitised skin

Singapore – Recherché is giving hand cream an anti-bacterial boost by combining a silver-based sanitiser with moisturising ingredients.

With heightened concern for hygiene amid Covid-19, consumers’ increased use of alcohol-based hand sanitising gels and wipes can result in dry, cracked skin. In response, Recherché claims to have created the world’s first anti-viral hand cream to quell concerns about dry skin, while being a favourable choice for people who experience atopic eczema and contact dermatitis.

‘The good news is, protecting yourself does not mean having dry, ageing hands any more,’ explains Coreenna Ong, director of research and development at Recherché. ‘Using our activated silver particulate, we do away with alcohol and other harsh chemicals. It has been independently tested and proven in screening tests to be anti-virally effective against enveloped viruses.’

In the inter-Covid period, beauty consumers are increasingly investing in Anti-bacterial Beauty products that prioritise hygiene as a core concern.

Recherché, Singapore

Stat: Young people embrace veganism amid Covid-19

VegNature by Leonardo Studio Design VegNature by Leonardo Studio Design

Research by Mintel suggests that Covid-19 could have made a vegan diet more appealing to younger Britons aged 21–30.

According to Mintel, the concept of five a day is a higher priority, with almost a quarter (23%) of Britons saying they are eating more fruit and vegetables since the start of the outbreak. There is also notable belief in the healing power of plants – 51% of respondents believe that plant and botanical ingredients can have medicinal benefits.

‘Even before the spread of Covid-19, we were seeing a growing interest in plant-based food and drink across global markets,' says Alex Beckett, associate director at Mintel Food & Drink. ‘For consumers struggling to know how to make a positive difference, cutting out animal protein may be seen as a way of tackling the climate crisis, showing compassion for nature and boosting their own nutrient intake.’

As we explore in our Healthy Snacking Market, consumers are increasingly embracing plant-based alternatives as a way of mitigating the often unhealthy qualities of everyday snacks.

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