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Ghia taps into aperitivo culture, Blockbuster has an antidote to algorithm fatigue and lockdown is driving anxiety levels among UK couples.

The Future Laboratory braces retailers for a new normal

Newgold for The Future Laboratory, voice-over by Sophie Sanderson and sound by BCN Sound

Global – The Future Laboratory’s latest campaign brings to life the ways retail businesses can thrive during and beyond Covid-19.

Created with animation studio Newgold, the short film explores how the retail sector has progressed over time, and how it will exist beyond the immediate impact of the pandemic. Retail was already facing a number of struggles and has been one of the hardest-hit sectors. But with the chaos comes new opportunities.

The campaign accompanies our latest retail macrotrend, Feedback Frontiers, which examines the ways brands are treating every micro-interaction as a valuable opportunity to lean in, learn and improve their model.

As the sector recalibrates, The Future Laboratory is helping brands to consider short- and long-term survival strategies, as well as consumer-facing innovations, products, services, experiences and communications. Find out how your brand can prepare for a new era of commerce by discovering our Retail Services.

Ghia brings aperitivo culture to the sober-curious

Ghia by Melanie Masarin, New York Ghia by Melanie Masarin, New York
Ghia by Melanie Masarin, New York Ghia by Melanie Masarin, New York

New York – Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif inspired by the Mediterranean flavours and culture of aperitivo.

Pairing bright and bitter notes with hints of citrus and florals, the zero-abv aperitif is made with herbal and botanical extracts such as lemon balm, gentian root, elderflower, fig, rosemary and yuzu. Its creators also encourage drinkers to experiment with serving suggestions: neat on the rocks, as a non-alcoholic spritzer, or spiked with a favourite spirit.

Ghia taps into the growing popularity of bitter Italian aperitifs, as well as consumer demand for less alcohol and less sugar. ‘I wanted to create something that changed the way we think about drinking and socialising,’ explains founder Melanie Masarin. ‘A beverage that brings people together, but can also be made your own, Ghia is meant to bring intention to every sip.’

As we explore in our New Wave Aperitifs microtrend, the traditional aperitif is being re-invented for moderation mindsets and a slower style of drinking.

Blockbuster trolls Netflix with a movie hotline

Oregon – The last remaining Blockbuster is offering human recommendations as an antidote to algorithm fatigue.

The Blockbuster Callgorithm, launched by creative agency Elephant, encourages consumers to call the last remaining Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon, to receive movie recommendations from a real human. Callers can explain their likes and dislikes and receive tailored recommendations that cut through the digital noise of on-demand streaming platforms.

In the wake of Covid-19, the agency recognised that isolated consumers are turning to streaming services such as Netflix more than ever. However, many are overwhelmed by the paradox of choice, and underserved by algorithms. ‘We wanted to highlight the human touch of small businesses,’ says Grégoire Assemat Tessandier, president of Elephant.

Paralysed by the choice offered by algorithms, today’s consumers are seeking focus more than ever when it comes to media and entertainment.

Callgorithm by Elephant for Blockbuster @blockbusterbuster, Oregon Callgorithm by Elephant for Blockbuster @blockbusterbuster, Oregon

Stat: Lockdown anxiety peaks among couples

His, His & Hers by Mr, Mr & Ms Cooper-Liu-Tsapenko, The Netherlands His, His & Hers by Mr, Mr & Ms Cooper-Liu-Tsapenko, The Netherlands

Couples are experiencing higher anxiety levels during the coronavirus pandemic, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics.

Compared with all other marital status groups, the percentage of people reporting high anxiety was lowest for people who are married or in a civil partnership befoer the pandemic. During lockdown, however, 39% of this demographic reported high anxiety levels, up from 19% in the last quarter of 2019. The findings also suggest that those who are married or in a civil partnership are more likely to be balancing home schooling with other commitments, with one in four people home schooling during the pandemic.

As the singles population rises globally, opportunities abound for those that celebrate the positively single lifestyle. For more, read our Uncoupled Living macrotrend.

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