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48North promotes the health and wellness benefits of cannabis, ClassPass offers free at-home audio workouts and women are stressed about money.

48North rebrands cannabis for women

48North, Canada. Branding by Blok Design 48North, Canada. Branding by Blok Design
48North, Canada. Branding by Blok Design 48North, Canada. Branding by Blok Design
48North, Canada, branding by Blok Design 48North, Canada, branding by Blok Design

Canada – The female-led collective has recently launched Latitude, a platform dedicated to women who wish to improve their health and wellbeing with cannabis.

As an increasing number of nations and states begin to legalise cannabis, brands are becoming aware of the need to cater for a more diverse audience. To bring to life 48North’s brand philosophy, Latitude features stories from a variety of women about their use of the plant. Those featured include a business owner who uses cannabis as a balm for her soul and psyche, and a trauma care worker who uses the plant as an act of self-care. By sharing stories from real women, the platform hopes to reduce the stigma and change the conversation surrounding women and cannabis.

In October 2018, to mark the full legalisation of cannabis in Canada, 48North will deliver its second consumer launch with a yet-to-be-announced product designed for recreational use.

Four Seasons launches wine-making at luxury residences

Four Seasons Residences in Napa Valley, San Francisco Four Seasons Residences in Napa Valley, San Francisco
Four Seasons Residences in Napa Valley, San Francisco Four Seasons Residences in Napa Valley, San Francisco

San Francisco, US – The luxury hotel group has announced plans to open 20 private residences in California’s Napa Valley, a scenic destination known for its hillside vineyards.

By owning one of Four Seasons’ branded homes, residents will have access to a fully operational winery and vineyard. Through an immersive experience led by acclaimed winemaker Thomas Brown, they will be able to participate in the wine-making process, from harvesting and fermentation to bottling. In addition, each residence villa will include a private wine cellar.

Four Seasons has been building branded residences for nearly three decades, but the Napa Valley complex merges hospitality and craft to create a memorable luxury experience. Elsewhere, in an effort to become lifestyle brands, alcohol companies are increasingly entering the hospitality arena, providing exclusive and often social experiences for guests. For more, explore our Bed and Beverages microtrend.

ClassPass introduces free audio workouts

US – Flexible fitness membership program ClassPass has launched a free app that hosts a range of guided audio workouts.

The platform, ClassPass Go, offers a new approach to fitness that can be undertaken at a time best suited to the user. ‘Audio workouts are one of the fastest-growing categories in digital fitness, given the convenience and flexibility,’ says Fritz Lanman, CEO at ClassPass. With more than 500 classes available and more being added each month, the app provides an extensive library of audio content across a variety of fitness genres including running, cycling, yoga and HIIT.

While the app embraces convenience, ClassPass Go is also considerate of wider audiences. In our Inclusive Fitness microtrend, we explore how fitness companies are introducing sliding-scale memberships to accommodate a more varied user base. ‘I’m particularly excited that this offering will be free, removing one of the biggest barriers to entry for people looking to develop a fitness routine,’ explains Dhaval Chadha, senior product manager of ClassPass Go.

ClassPass Go, US ClassPass Go, US

Rice Krispies creates inclusive packaging

Rice Krispies, US

US – Having recently added blank heart-shaped spaces to its snack bar packaging, on which parents and carers can write short notes of endearment for their children, Rice Krispies has teamed up with the National Federation of the Blind to create more inclusive packaging for children with visual impairments.

The brand has introduced a set of eight heart-shaped Braille stickers that let parents share positive messages with blind or visually impaired children. The stickers include messages of encouragement such as ‘you've got this’, ‘you're a star’ and ‘love you lots’, which parents can stick to the wrapper of Rice Krispies bars. The company has also created box packaging that features a small recording device for children that have trouble reading Braille or those that are auditory learners.

Brands are beginning to understand that the packaging of products must be as inclusive and user-friendly as the products themselves. Consequently, they are thinking more creatively about design and packaging for all. For more, read our recent opinion piece here.

Stat: Financial wellness a concern for American women

A recent report published by Bank of America explores employers’ and employees’ attitudes to financial wellness, revealing that a sizeable percentage of women (47%) saying they are less than financially well compared to 29% of men. Furthermore, women express more fear about key financial concerns than men, with 71% worried about running out of money during retirement, 61% concerned they will have to work longer than planned, and 57% worried about being able to pay for their children’s education.

While some businesses are becoming aware of how women’s approach to finance differs from men, many more have the opportunity to support women by developing a financial landscape that works for women, starting with the promotion of gender diversity across the workforce.

Thought-starter: Is this digital mind gym the future of wellbeing?

Happy Not Perfect is a mental wellness brand best known for its daily lifestyle app. Likened to a digital mind gym, the app aims to make relaxation and mindfulness interactive and easier for people to do throughout the day.

The app’s routine comprises seven interactive steps, including guided breathing exercises, creating gratitude lists, a compassion step in which users pay themselves a compliment, and a function called Write and Let Go, in which users type in what’s been bothering them and then, by rubbing their finger over the screen, set virtual fire to their worries, watching them go up in flames.

‘I began by working with neuroscientists and training with leading breathing experts to help understand the science of happiness,’ explains Poppy Jamie. ‘For example, neuroscience consultant Dr Alex Korb, author of The Upward Spiral, which explores how small lifestyle changes can reverse depression.’

Jamie notes that among her generation in particular – Millennials – at the end of busy and highly stimulating days, it is almost impossible to sit still and relax. ‘When investigating the science behind mental health, I found that interactive exercises such as writing a gratitude list, keeping a journal, playing games and compassionate activity are not only more fun but also tremendously beneficial to your mental wellbeing,’ she adds.

Read the full interview with Poppy Jamie here.

Happy Not Perfect Instagram account Happy Not Perfect Instagram account
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