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Migration Museum’s awareness-building ads show football diversity, Geltor develops animal-free edible collagen and growing demand for sex emojis.

This campaign champions football’s diverse history

 Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK
Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK
Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK Football Moves People by Wonderhood Studios for the Migration Museum, UK

UK – London’s Migration Museum is drawing attention to the diverse backgrounds of professional footballers through an awareness-building campaign.

The Football Moves People campaign, which coincides with the UEFA European Championships 2020 tournament, highlights the prevalence of migrant backgrounds among footballers. Focusing primarily on the England squad, the initiative includes out-of-home posters and digital graphics by Wonderhood Studios, which spotlight the diverse roots of key players including Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. Real-time digital teamsheets and full-time score graphics highlight the impact of squad line-ups and final scores without the presence of players of migrant backgrounds.

It’s no exaggeration to say that without migration, football as we know it wouldn’t exist. But migration has shaped far more than football,’ says Robyn Kasozi, head of public engagement at the Migration Museum. It’s time to put migration at the heart of our national conversations, and with tens of millions of us watching the Euros this summer, where better to start than with football.’

As The Future Laboratory’s strategic foresight editor Adam Steel notes, football teams, players and communications can be powerful in sparking civic action and conversations about inclusivity.

EADEM is redefining melanin inclusive skincare

Beauty Burden by EADEM, US Beauty Burden by EADEM, US
Beauty Burden by EADEM, US Beauty Burden by EADEM, US

US – The skincare brand is catering for the needs of melanin-rich complexions, while challenging the beauty industry’s lack of inclusivity during product development.

Launching with its Dark Spot Serum, EADEM uses technology to target skin pigmentation in women of colour. While many dark spot serums currently available have been tested on white skin, the brand recognises the importance of involving people of colour at each stage of product development – from chemists and dermatologists to consumer testing.

Alongside this wholly inclusive approach to product development, EADEM is pledging to make changes in the beauty industry through its Beauty Burden concept – rejecting Eurocentric beauty standards and ensuring clean and safe formulations for people of colour. We started EADEM to redefine the standard of beauty and challenge the beauty industry beyond tokenism,’ reads a brand statement. Most beauty products dont take our biological differences and needs into account – so we set out to create skincare that’s inclusive, cleaner and actually made for us.

In our recent Reclaiming Black Beauty market, we explore the brands and individuals addressing the needs of Black beauty consumers sector from the inside-out.

Geltor develops vegan collagen to replace gelatine

US – Cultured protein developer Geltor is catering for a gap in the food and beverage market with the creation of vegan collagen.

The innovation, dubbed PrimaColl, provides a plant-based alternative to animal-derived collagen. Created using a microbial fermentation technique similar to the process used for brewing beer, the artificial protein is chemically identical to poultry collagen and is also suitable for kosher, halal and paleo diets. Suitable for use in food and beverages, PrimaColl caters for consumers who tend to avoid collagens such as gelatin due to its animal origins.

‘Collagen is one of the fastest growing ingredients in the functional food and beverage space and our vegan collagen will deliver functional benefits that will be backed by clinical studies [the results of] which we will be announcing early next year. It’s not a commodity ingredient, says Scott Fabro, vice-president of business development at Geltor.

Beyond plant-based meats, food tech companies are pioneering Next-generation Proteins that mimic animal-based ingredients.

Geltor Geltor

Stat: US consumers express interest in safe sex emojis

Smile Makers Smile Makers

Among US consumers, there is a clear demand for varied and inclusive emojis relating to sex, according to a study by sexual wellness brand LELO.

The brand’s 10,000-person survey reveals that 54% of people think there should be an emoji for safe sex and sex toys. And while 76% of participants in the study say that they use emojis for sexting, 62% believe that dedicated sex emojis should only hint at sex and only 29% believe they should clearly portray sex.

This data reflects a growing demand for improved digital communications around intimacy – something that many people have relied upon during global lockdown periods. Luka Matutinović, chief marketing officer at LELO, says: ‘Having sex, safe sex, and even sex toy emojis will therefore be the next milestone in fully liberating the discourse on sex.’

To discover more about the evolving visual narrative of sex and pleasure, delve into our Unrefined Intimacy design direction.

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