Retail Macro Trends


Accelerating e-commerce and demands for expedited delivery are forcing a new framework that puts...

Elastic Brands Macro Trends

Elastic Brands:

Forget advertising campaigns and branded content. All eyes are on the inner workings of your business – and...

Equilibrium Cities Macro Trends

Equilibrium Cities:

Citizens are demanding a more receptive and equitable built environment that will allow future urban...

Alternet Economies Macro Trends

Alternet Economies:

A technological counter-culture is decentralising capitalism, reforming the internet and powering new value...

Reformation Generation Macro Trends

Reformation Generation:

Marking a new era of collaboration between brands and Generation Z, opportunities are arising to...

Total Tastes Macro Trends

Total Tastes:

The food-as-medicine movement is being rebranded to fit modern lifestyles, balancing flavour and function to...

Omnilux Lifestyles Macro Trends

Omnilux Lifestyles:

The luxury experience of the future will no longer rely on tactile human-to-human moments, but anytime...

Recuperative Living Macro Trends

Recuperative Living:

In the aftermath of Covid-19, consumers’ collective concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity will...

Feedback Frontiers Macro Trends

Feedback Frontiers:

As communications with consumers become more circular and conversational, brands are treating every...

Post-purpose Brands Macro Trends

Post-purpose Brands:

Pushing back against purpose-washing and jumping on the bandwagon, brands will embrace imperfection and...

Pleasure Revolution Macro Trends

Pleasure Revolution:

With every second of our free time colonised by the cult of busyness, future consumers will turn away from a...

Enlightened States Macro Trends

Enlightened States:

The experience economy is pivoting towards personal transformation as the public imagination looks inwards,...

Home Eatertainment Macro Trends

Home Eatertainment:

Changing dining dynamics have created a new convenience culture focused on elevating the experience and...

Paradox Personas Macro Trends

Paradox Personas:

Unlike Millennials, Generation Z are swapping self-promotion for self-awareness, using the digital world to...

Bio-positive Beauty Macro Trends

Bio-positive Beauty:

Short, traceable supply chains and condensed routines are in high demand as beauty moves from zero to...

Liberation Luxury Macro Trends

Liberation Luxury:

As global wealth fluctuates, a new mindset is emerging centred on curiosity, flexibility and footloose...

Conscious Deceleration Macro Trends

Conscious Deceleration:

Struggling to keep up with fast-paced and demanding approaches to fitness, health-conscious consumers are...

Community Commerce Macro Trends

Community Commerce:

A new wave of decentralised retail concepts are transforming e-commerce as consumers look for alternative...

Resilience Culture Macro Trends

Resilience Culture:

We have been living in an age of self-censorship, hyper-safe spaces and social comfort zones. But as global...

Uncoupled Living Macro Trends

Uncoupled Living:

Being in a couple is becoming a less prevalent way to structure society, as more adults embrace the single life.

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