Home Eatertainment Macro Trends

Home Eatertainment:

Changing dining dynamics have created a new convenience culture focused on elevating the experience and...

Paradox Personas Macro Trends

Paradox Personas:

Unlike Millennials, Generation Z are swapping self-promotion for self-awareness, using the digital world to...

Bio-positive Beauty Macro Trends

Bio-positive Beauty:

Consumers are demanding short, traceable supply chains and condensed routines are in high demand as beauty...

Liberation Luxury Macro Trends

Liberation Luxury:

As global wealth fluctuates, a new mindset is emerging centred on curiosity, flexibility and footloose...

Conscious Deceleration Macro Trends

Conscious Deceleration:

Struggling to keep up with fast-paced and demanding approaches to fitness, health-conscious consumers are...

Community Commerce Macro Trends

Community Commerce:

A new wave of decentralised retail concepts are transforming e-commerce as consumers look for alternative...

Resilience Culture Macro Trends

Resilience Culture:

We have been living in an age of self-censorship, hyper-safe spaces and social comfort zones. But as global...

Uncoupled Living Macro Trends

Uncoupled Living:

Being in a couple is becoming a less prevalent way to structure society, as more adults embrace the single life.

Programmable Realities Macro Trends

Programmable Realities:

The rise of reactive new materials and technologies means that future physical consumer touchpoints will no...

Uprooted Diets Macro Trends

Uprooted Diets:

Diets are undergoing a seismic shift as threatened supply chains, shortened food miles and a demand for more...

Anxiety Rebellion Macro Trends

Anxiety Rebellion:

Instead of numbing their anxiety with substances or indulging in other vices, Generation Z are turning...

Immaterial Fashion Macro Trends

Immaterial Fashion:

As the fashion industry grapples with existential questions about supply chain and overconsumption,...

Uneasy Affluence Macro Trends

Uneasy Affluence:

A collective backlash against ostentatious spending is fuelling new anxiety among luxury consumers. This...

Certified Wellness Macro Trends

Certified Wellness:

The once distinctly separate worlds of health and wellness are converging as consumers seek a new framework...

Algorithmic Beauty Macro Trends

Algorithmic Beauty:

As beauty technologies gain in popularity, social media, artificial intelligence and algorithms are...

Storefront Salvation Macro Trends

Storefront Salvation:

Fuelled by an understanding that saving the store relies on a combination of physical touchpoints and...

Morality Recoded Macro Trends

Morality Recoded:

Our traditional moral frameworks of religion and family are declining. Institutions, brands and consumers...

Post-growth Society Macro Trends

Post-growth Society:

As our obsession with economic growth proves to be unsustainable, brands, institutions and...

Subconscious Commerce Macro Trends

Subconscious Commerce:

With Internet of Things technology creating newly immersive brand touchpoints and data analytics allowing...

Brand Culture 2020 Macro Trends

Brand Culture 2020:

Responding to an increasingly unstable marketplace, tomorrow’s brands will seek to combine the benefits of...

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