From groceries to placemaking, retailers are reinventing their post COVID conversation with shoppers as retail itself becomes more immersive, expressive, dramatic and hyper-personalised.

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Discover 50 boundary-pushing campaigns in our Innovation Debrief report, a tool help parents shop sustainably, and UAE youth identify as responsible travellers.

The Future Laboratory unveils its Innovation Debrief 2021

Innovation Debrief 2021 Innovation Debrief 2021

Global – The Future Laboratory’s Innovation Debrief 2021 report identifies 50 boundary-pushing case studies of 2021.

While last year’s Innovation Debrief explored the resilient and adaptive strategies of coping with Covid-19, our findings this year showcase 2021 as a forward-thinking new era of innovation. As communities begin to rebuild, longer-term hybrid approaches to living, working, creating and learning are coming to the fore.

Bringing together some of the most impactful case studies from our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, this year’s report looks at the most original examples of how brands are responding to changing consumer needs. In this report, you will uncover insight from our in-house experts, 10 global spotlights and 10 visions of the future from industry disrupters.

From ideas on creating equitable urban environments to the myriad ways of entering the metaverse, you’ll find inspiration to future-proof your business as we move through the Transformative Twenties.

Strategic opportunity

The Innovation Debrief 2021 report is available exclusively for members of The Future Laboratory's trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global. Become a member to get access.

OkCupid’s 60 identities cater for diverse daters

For Every Single Person by OkCupid, US For Every Single Person by OkCupid, US
For Every Single Person by OkCupid, US For Every Single Person by OkCupid, US

US – Staking its claim as a platform for For Every Single Person, the latest campaign from dating app OkCupid touts the growing number of ways its users can self-identify.

With the app now reporting more than 60 identities to choose from – from non-binary to cuddler, feminist and non-monogamist – OkCupid is positioning itself as an app where everyone is welcome. Working with agency Mekanism, the resulting out-of-home campaign features unabashed visuals, layered with statements such as Every Single Bear, and Every Single Vaxxer.

In this way, the app is demonstrating Unrefined Intimacy in practice – using design, typography and provocative visuals in what is an era of rawer, more confrontational and inclusive advertising and communications. ‘Since OkCupid is truly the dating app for everyone, we were free to explore a wide range of ways daters may identify themselves,’ says David Horowitz, executive creative director of Mekanism.

Refreshingly, as both an app and campaign, OkCupid recognises the variety of different relationships that people are looking for today, from multiple partners to those seeking friends with benefits or simply companions.

Strategic opportunity

Consider how to update outmoded communications or advertising relating to relationships or familial set-ups, as people’s personal approaches to romance and companionship become ever more diverse

The Parent Track lets kids pester parents to shop sustainably

New York – Launched by eco-friendly soap company Gelo, the extension taps into the fact that more children than ever are educating their parents on environmental issues. The tracker gives kids the power to ‘follow their parents around the internet’ with ads that urge them to ditch single-use plastics.

When kids visit The Parent Track page on their parents’ computer or phone, these devices are automatically cookied. From then on, the device will receive digital ads with messages from Gen Alpha encouraging them to go green and avoid single-use plastics. The ads – which include copy such as ‘you still kiss your kids in public; don’t embarrass them more by buying single-use packaging’ – lead to a suite of educational tools created by Gelo that offer guidance on how to be kinder to the environment.

As Gen Alpha become the sustainable voices of the future, brands with social and eco-values like Gelo are using this generation to push their Criteria Retail initiatives.

Parent Track by Gelo and Mischief

Strategic opportunity

As well as marketing campaigns, creative digital tools offer brands the chance to highlight children as the new eco-educators

Stat: UAE travellers embrace sustainable tourism

"Travel As You Are" by Orbitz, US

While sustainable tourism behaviours have been on the rise across the globe in recent years, research from YouGov finds that young travellers from emerging regions are driving this shift. When it comes to travel consciousness, the findings show this group to be environmentally and culturally aware – while also prioritising their wellbeing.

According to its Global Tourism & Travel whitepaper, some 12% of travellers from the UAE describe themselves as responsible travellers, alongside 14% of tourists from India. This compares to one in 10 (12%) of travellers globally. Interestingly, this contrasts with 11% of travellers in Australia and France – higher-income regions that are generally associated with greener tourism behaviours.

With the UAE’s emerging youth proving to be a core demographic for sustainable tourism, brands can cater for this group by prioritising Post-conscious Travel opportunities.

Strategic opportunity

Travel companies should create campaigns focused on sustainability in a way that appeals to the next generation. Consider conscious tourists from non-Western destinations and how their needs may differ

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