New horizons: Starbucks opens tea-only café

29 : 10 : 2013 New York : Starbucks : Coffee

New York – Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee brand that transformed the world of java with its coffeehouse model, is seeking to do the same with tea, opening its first tea-only bar in Manhattan.

The company purchased Teavana, a loose-leaf tea retailer, in November 2012 and opened the venture under that name without any Starbucks branding.

Using the calming quality of tea as an inspiration, the design includes muted colours, oak and black wood details, and dim lighting. There is an extensive menu of teas and methods of brewing with ‘teaologists’ on hand to assist with flavour profiles.

‘We wanted to create a tranquil, calm, zen-like ambience,’ said Liz Muller, Starbucks’ creative director of global design, at a press preview. ‘Tea is the speaking point, and the store is in the background.’

While coffee may be the preferred hot beverage in the US, tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water, according to Euromonitor. The tea revolution is under way as more people strive for healthier lifestyles. For more, read our Body Temples macrotrend and A Whole New Blend microtrend.

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