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Roblox introduces a job centre in the metaverse, Virgin Atlantic’s first transatlantic flight with sustainable fuel and why Gen Z heirs will face challenges amid the great wealth transfer.

Roblox launches virtual career centre for in-game job interviews

Roblox Career Center, Global

Global – Roblox, the metaverse game hub, has introduced a virtual company career centre on its platform, allowing prospective job candidates to participate in events, listen to podcasts and hold conversations with current employees. Primarily tailored for junior role applicants, the centre aims to attract individuals who grew up playing Roblox.

The centre features various sections, including an innovation lab, a podcast lounge and a library offering reading materials for interview preparation. While not yet operational, Roblox plans to begin initial interviews through the virtual experience soon.

This innovative approach highlights Roblox’s evolution in parallel with its maturing player base, tying in with what the future of work and recruitment could look like, as revealed in our Work States Futures. The platform recently introduced a 17+ category for more mature experiences as a significant number of its users, about 38%, were 17 and older in 2022.

Strategic opportunity

Roblox’s virtual job centre taps into the future of workplaces, which could be conducted entirely in the digisphere. Are you, as a business, thinking about what the next generation of work could look like for you?

Virgin Atlantic plans world’s first flight using sustainable aviation fuel

Neiman Marcus recently launched its Re-introduce Yourself campaign to illustrate how the brand had evolved in the previous year in response to global changes, US Neiman Marcus recently launched its Re-introduce Yourself campaign to illustrate how the brand had evolved in the previous year in response to global changes, US

Global – Virgin Atlantic is set to achieve a major aviation milestone by operating the world’s first transatlantic flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in November 2023. In collaboration with Rolls-Royce, the airline recently conducted a successful ground test of a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine powered by SAF, which boasts a carbon footprint at least 70% smaller than traditional fossil fuels over its lifespan.

On 28 November 2023, Virgin Atlantic aims to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner powered by 100% SAF from London Heathrow to New York JFK. Air BP and Virent will supply the 60 tonnes of SAF required for the flight.

The initiative is part of the airline’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its aspiration to promote the use of SAF for decarbonising aviation, a crucial goal for companies' longevity, as discussed in Nature Stakeholders.

Strategic opportunity

To attract eco-conscious consumers who increasingly choose flying alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint, travel industry players should consider how to adapt vehicles to SAF and fuel alternatives as soon as possible – setting higher ESG commitments and showcasing brand values simultaneously

Stat: The Great Wealth Transfer comes with challenges for heirs

Photography by cottonbro studio, Russia Photography by cottonbro studio, Russia

US – In the next 10 years, 15% of American adults expect to receive an inheritance from a parent, spouse, family member or another individual. But as the so-called Great Wealth Transfer gets under way, a survey has explored the concerns this raises for heirs.

Receiving an inheritance is not a synonym for financial comfort for many beneficiaries. Insurance company New York Life’s Wealth Watch survey reveals that only 42% of adults who expect an inheritance feel comfortable handling the new wealth that will be passed down to them. The study also explores how heirs plan to use their inheritance. Some 37% intend to use it to pay off debt, 35% to save for retirement and 26% will put it aside with the intention of passing it down.

Dealing with the cost of living crisis and widespread financial instability add to the anxiety and unease that comes with managing handed down wealth and assets. Nevertheless, we expect shock waves from the pending wealth transfer to be felt across many sectors and markets, and to influence Generation Z’s money mindsets.

Strategic opportunity

Businesses can prepare today for what this wealth transfer will entail tomorrow. Newly wealthy groups represent a new target group for asset management, financial guidance and other services

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