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L’Oréal Professionnel brings new hair designs to the metaverse, Gen Z’s growing interest in low-stress jobs and why fashion archives are booming on TikTok.

L’Oréal Professionnel expands its metaverse presence with new hair collection

Odyssea by L'Oréal Professionnel, Global

Global – Professional haircare brand L’Oréal Professionnel has unveiled its latest move into the metaverse with the launch of its new range, Odyssea: Creatures of the Sea. Teaming up with its agency Ok C’est Cool, the brand presents five avant-garde looks inspired by the underwater world. Following previous metaverse initiatives, this collection pushes the boundaries of hairstyling possibilities and self-expression.

In a collaboration with hair designer Charlie Le Mindu and 3D artist Evan Rochette, L’Oréal Professionnel aims to transcend the limitations of reality and foster creativity within the metaverse. The collection is accessible on platforms such as Ready Player Me, Roblox and Zepeto, providing users with immersive and imaginative ways to assert their online identities.

The launch is designed to pioneer the integration of hair inclusivity in the virtual world, aligning with our Affirmative Avatars Market, which reveals how socially conscious netizens are seeking digital fashion that reflects their values.

Strategic opportunity

As new value frontiers infiltrate our virtual existence, it is important that brands offer consumers opportunities to express their diverse and inclusive identities in a more utopian world where people want to exist – and consume

Gen Z are keeping hustle culture at bay and turning to low-stress jobs

The Feel Good Marketplace by Woo, UK The Feel Good Marketplace by Woo, UK

UK – From quiet quitting to lazy girl jobs, TikTok is rife with movements rebuking hustle culture and redefining what youth considers a healthy work-life balance. But this is more than a mere social media trend – British Gen Z workers are putting their money where their mouths are, and driving searches for low-stress, median-income jobs.

This shift has been reported by job site Adzuna, with a surge in searches for roles with flexible hours, the possibility of out-of-office work, and free from big responsibilities like managing a team or frequent overtime. Young people have identified that sweet spot in typically junior positions, allowing a good work-life balance while earning a minimum £35k ($44.5k, €41k) annually. As a result, Adzuna has noticed an increase in clicks for positions such as office administrators, account managers, data analysts and marketing associates.

Against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis and widespread doomerism, it is easy to understand why younger workers find solace in anti-work movements, and the accompanying pursuits of personal fulfilment and wellbeing. In such a context, it is also employers’ role to engage and inspire disenchanted youth.

Strategic opportunity

In the era of hybrid work, how is your business nurturing talent and looking after younger workers? Audit your company culture to ensure it isn’t out of touch with Generation Z and young Millennials, feeding ambition rather than putting strain on junior employees

Stat: Data confirms that Gen Z are avid archivists

Blumarine by Marc Jacobs, Global Blumarine by Marc Jacobs, Global

Global – Why are Generation Z obsessed with archival fashion? Fashion insights firm Edited has examined the numbers behind the hype, suggesting that young people’s enthusiasm for sourcing and collecting rare vintage pieces is showing no signs of slowing down.

As prices of luxury goods keep rising – up 29% since 2019, according to Edited – it is not surprising that many younger luxury enthusiasts find themselves outpriced and are resorting to preloved items. But the appeal of archives goes way beyond financial feats. Gen Z are savvy shoppers who revel in the thrill of thrifting, sourcing and curating exceptional and rare pieces. In July 2023, content tagged as #archivefashion was seen a staggering 36m times, with 91% of viewers aged 18–24. Edited’s research also offers insights about Gen Z’s current favourite designers, revealing that 99% of new product listings from Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chrome Hearts, Rick Owens and Undercover were sold.

At LS:N Global, we have been monitoring not only what luxury means to Generation Z, but also how brands are responding to their preferences and reclaiming archival gold.

Strategic opportunity

Even if Gen Z are not the primary target of your business at the moment, consider ways to engage this influential demographic and invite them into your brand universe to build loyalty and brand equity

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