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Rémy Martin and Michelin chefs create locavore dishes to enjoy with cognac, Liz Lambert’s groundbreaking 3D-printed hotel in Texas, and why emotions drive Gen Z and Millennial shoppers.

Rémy Martin and Michelin chefs serve locavore dishes to enjoy with cognac

Rémy Martin Sustainable Pairing Series with Matthew Kammerer, US

US – Cognac brand Rémy Martin is partnering with Michelin Guide chefs for a sustainable pairing series, shedding light on the compatibility of spirits with local ingredients and flavours from California.

The locavore pairing series echoes Rémy Martin’s commitment to what the brand calls ‘sustainable excellence’ and celebrates culinary craftsmanship. The brand has teamed up with Michelin-awarded chefs to explore cognac as a complement to dishes made with local flora and fauna ingredients. Chef Matthew Kammerer took inspiration from the sea, pairing ice cream with a Californian wakame seaweed sprinkle and Rémy Martin XO.

Brands beyond the food sector are starting to explore locavore principles through travel and hospitality concepts, inviting visitors to discover how land shapes local delicacies, and now a spirits brand is bringing terroir to the table. Such activations pairing sustainability with heritage spotlight how the luxury industry can champion Redemptive Diets, and cater for the changing expectations of gastronomy enthusiasts.

Strategic opportunity

Consumers crave educational and engaging eating experiences. Fostering locavore behaviours is one way to tap into this shift for brands in the food, drink, events, travel and hospitality spaces

New hospitality development to feature first 3D-printed hotel

El Cosmico. Design by Liz Lambert and Icon, US El Cosmico. Design by Liz Lambert and Icon, US
El Cosmico. Design by Liz Lambert and Icon, US El Cosmico. Design by Liz Lambert and Icon, US

US – Leading hospitality designer Liz Lambert has joined forces with Icon and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), pioneers in 3D printing constructions and architecture, to re-imagine El Cosmico, a 21-acre campsite offering unique overnight stays in revamped trailers, safari tents and teepees. Based in a campsite in Marfa, Texas, the hotel and amenities – a spa, pool and shared community facilities – will cover a 60-acre plot in the desert and showcase large-scale 3D-printed structures, including domes, arches and vaults.

Aligning with Icon’s cosmic aspirations, the architectural design borrows from organic formations found in space and acts as a gathering space for culture and community in the city. The collaboration has allowed them to ‘pursue the formal and material possibilities of cutting-edge 3D-printed construction untethered by the traditional limitations,’ said Bjarke Ingels, BIG’s founder and creative director.

Whether it be for affordable housing or for community spaces, the use of 3D printing technologies has the potential to change how cities are constructed. In Designing Beyond Earth, we interviewed Melodie Yasher, vice-president of building design and performance at Icon on the intersection of space exploration and design.

Strategic opportunity

The hospitality industry should consider implementing 3D printing technology to augment its offering and stay ahead of the curve. Why not start with small 3D-printed projects like a pool?

Wedding platform Joy introduces AI tool to write wedding vows

US – Wedding planning platform Joy has launched an OpenAI-powered tool that helps the soon-to-be-betrothed write their wedding vows.

Joy hopes its Wedding Writer’s Block will be inspirational for wedding-related prose. The company advises against using AI-generated text as the final draft for declarations of love.

Users must provide the tool with a few basic details about the kind of vows they want and the highlights it should include. Then they choose the writing style they would like for the vows. The tool can sound like William Shakespeare, a therapist, a TikToker or even a pessimistic ex.

The tool is not limited to vows as it can produce all sorts of wedding-related content for those getting married and guests. It can create wedding toasts, speeches, invitations and gift registry notes.

In Generative AI Creativity, we looked at how as it grows in sophistication, AI is becoming a collaborative tool and not merely one that conducts repetitive tasks. It is helping humans make art while redefining our perspective on creativity.

Resellfridges: The Wedding, UK

Strategic opportunity

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, brands and businesses need to harness its potential beyond the analytical and think of how it can be used to serve consumers’ emotional needs

Stat: Emotions drive Gen Z and Millennial consumers' shopping behaviour

The Feel Good Marketplace by Woo, UK The Feel Good Marketplace by Woo, UK

US – A survey by Credit Karma suggests that young consumers in America are driven by emotional spending. Some 58% of Gen Z and 52% of Millennials identify as someone who spends money to cope with emotional highs and lows. Nearly a quarter (24%) of Gen Z and Millennial (21%) emotional spenders also admit doing most of their emotional spending while lying in bed, with 18% of Gen Z and 13% of Millennials spending while scrolling through social media.

The researchers highlight revenge shopping – an answer to rising anxiety and uncertainty combined with boredom – and retail therapy as incentives for all consumers. Over half of all survey respondents (54%) said spending money on retail therapy was preferable to actual therapy to deal with their emotions. But Gen Z are the only group stating the opposite, with 54% saying they are more likely to prioritise therapy.

In our Cost Of Living Crisis series, we look at how organisations and brands are flexing their business operations to cater for customers who are facing rising inflation and empty supermarket shelves while using shopping to cope with their emotions.

Strategic opportunity

Brands should embrace the current Paralysis Paradox and turn all retail experiences into mood-boosters benefitting a younger generation of consumers riddled with anxiety but still craving the instant gratification of shopping

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