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A paper plate inspires Kvadrat’s new headquarters, Uber rolls out safety agents to protect women, and US teens value online safety over free speech.

Kvadrat’s headquarters are an arts destination

The Triple Folly designed by Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects for Kvadrat, Denmark
The Triple Folly designed by Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects for Kvadrat, Denmark
The Triple Folly designed by Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects for Kvadrat, Denmark

Denmark – Artist Thomas Demand is known for building elaborate paper models, which he then photographs. Now, fabric company Kvadrat has given the artist an opportunity to translate his artwork into architecture with the help of Caruso St John Architects.

Located at the company’s headquarters in Ebeltoft, the Triple Folly pavilion is a large-scale building made of three volumes that resemble a paper plate, a sheet of notepaper and a paper hat. The company gave Demand complete creative control to design whatever he wanted. ‘I tried to design every element in the building and was not stopped by Kvadrat,’ says Demand. The building will be a venue for hospitality events and conferences.

By working with Thomas Demand, an acclaimed contemporary artist, Kvadrat is elevating its corporate spaces into a tourist destination, something that we previously explored in Open-door HQs.

Strategic opportunity

How can corporate spaces become tourist destinations for art lovers and enthusiasts? Consider collaborating with visual artists, film-makers and photographers to create art-inspired workplaces

This philanthropic collection is designed with creators in mind

Studio by Supervsn Studios and Pacsun, US Studio by Supervsn Studios and Pacsun, US
Studio by Supervsn Studios and Pacsun, US Studio by Supervsn Studios and Pacsun, US

Los Angeles – Giving back to the creator community and backing the next wave of talent, Supervsn Studios has partnered with Pacsun on a new fashion brand, Studio. The new brand will release four seasonal drops a year, targeting creators and directly funding philanthropic mentorship programmes supporting up-and-coming talent from underserved communities via The Studio Foundation.

‘From the moment I shared my vision with Pacsun they understood the importance of social equity for underserved communities and how we can partner up to utilise their platform to make an impact,’ says Gavin Mathieu, founder and creative director at Supervsn Studios.

The brand is working with Los Angeles-based non-profit organisation Our Own, streetwear second-hand maestros Round Two and producer-led label 10 Summers, and is set to announce further industry partnerships providing active support and opportunities to emerging talent.

Pieces in the collection prioritise function and purpose, without sacrificing style. They’re designed to be worn in the studio or on set during the day, then transfer effortlessly to dinner or art show in the evening, making the brand’s output a great example of Convertible Clothing.

Strategic opportunity

Create collections and build brands around purpose, giving back to underserved communities while also creating products that flex to the needs of young multi-hyphenates

Uber seeks to protect women with safety feature

US – In the US, users of ride hailing app Uber can now text a safety agent if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a journey. The new safety feature is part of a broader update to the company’s safety toolkit, which includes other features like a text to 911 ability and verbal pin codes to ensure riders that they are getting in the right car.

Both riders and drivers have access to the safety agent feature and are encouraged to use it in uncomfortable situations that might not warrant a call to the police. Instead, users will be connected to live ADT agents that will monitor the duration of the trip and can offer guidance. If things escalate, the ADT agents can communicate with the driver and call 911. ‘It’s able to give them a third party that can help them mediate, or guide them through a situation like that,’ says Rebecca Payne, safety product manager at Uber.

In recent years, ride hailing apps have faced criticism for the lack of security and driver background checks. After reports of assault and sexual harassment, companies like Uber are finally putting women’s safety first, creating discreet touchpoints for emergency situations.


Strategic opportunity

When it comes to ride hailing apps, women bear the brunt of abuse and app misuse. How can companies introduce features that help protect women in sensitive situations?

Stat: US teens value feeling safe online over free speech

Woo, UK
Woo, UK

When it comes to the key issue of free speech online, teenagers have a very different outlook to adults in one crucial regard.

In the US, the majority of teens (62%) aged 13–17 say that a safe and welcoming environment is more important than people being able to speak their minds freely online (38%), while adults (aged 18 and over) polled on the same question were more evenly split, at 50% versus 47%, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

The findings come amid heightened calls for social media platforms to take more responsibility for offensive content and tackle cyberbullying, as well as debates about whether schools can punish teenagers for things they say online and about cancel culture.

Meanwhile, in an age of political polarisation, Provocation Platforms continue to help people have honest conversations – discussing uncomfortable truths and opening dialogue with those who hold different views.

Strategic opportunity

Build online communities that nurture inclusive dialogue and create initiatives that help break down barriers between those on opposite sides of the political divide

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