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Sunsilk introduces expert scientists to Roblox, India’s artisanal Godawan whisky arrives in Dubai, and DTC brands are embracing subscription models.

Sunsilk promotes STEM careers for women on Roblox

Sunsilk City on Roblox, Mexico

Mexico – Haircare brand Sunsilk is using the Roblox gaming platform to educate and empower women in central America. Through an immersive game, Sunsilk City, the company is encouraging women to pursue careers in the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

On Roblox, users can play Sidewalk Superstars where they put education ahead of household chores, while Blow Them Away lets players use a virtual hairdryer to the destroy the poisonous language typically used against women online. The House of Hair mini-game allows players to try out different styles and experiment with self-expression.

The activities in the game are all designed to combat gender bias and encourage girls to broaden their horizons. Jessica Lakshmi, a Mexico-based bio-pharmaceutical chemist and ardent gamer, hosts the games, providing girls and young women with a real-life role model to inspire them online and offline.

This Roblox activation, which creates an inspiring and educational space for women gamers, demonstrates how businesses can integrate experts and role models into the metaverse, something which we explore in our Accredited Beauty macrotrend.

Strategic opportunity

Beauty companies should not overlook the value of virtual environments in demonstrating their expert-backed qualifications

An artisanal Indian whisky targeting Dubai drinkers

Godawan, India Godawan, India
Godawan, India Godawan, India

India and Dubai – Sustainable and artisanal Indian whisky brand Godawan has been launched in Dubai in a bid to place Indian premium spirits on the map. Produced by Diageo India, it is inspired by the Rajasthani (Indo-Aryan) cultural ethos of ‘beauty in scarcity’. Made with a heat of over 100°F combined with six-row barley, the spirit's rich and complex flavour is said to be an homage to Rajasthani people and their ability to sustainably craft products from natural resources.

By launching in Dubai, Godawan is paving the way for sustainable and conscious Indian beverages to enter the global market – and reach discerning audiences. ‘This Single Malt is representative of what sustainable, mindful, purposeful modern Indian luxury looks like and Dubai is the right stage to take this story to the rest of the world,’ explains Hina Nagarajan, CEO of Diageo India.

This product launch reflects the burgeoning growth of India’s home-grown drinks industry. Previously, we spotlighted the opening of Goa’s alcohol museum and its aims to preserve the nation’s alcohol history.

Strategic opportunity

Drinks brands should take note of the lucrative premium drinks market in India. Consider partnering with local brands or suppliers to create new flavours or categories that will appeal to consumers in the region and beyond

Puma and Tracksmith give a voice to sports activism

New York – Athletic brands Puma and Tracksmith have teamed up to produce a podcast that sheds light on key moments of sports activism history.

Legacy of Speed is an audio series produced by Pushkin Industries that will revisit the 1968 Olympics, when sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in one of the first instances of political protest at a major sporting event.

Best-selling author and keen middle-distance runner Malcom Gladwell will host the podcast – himself a long-term Tracksmith fan. ‘I remember seeing the photo of Tommie Smith and John Carlos standing on the Olympic platform with their fists in the air and understanding that it was an act of transgression. That moment is important. It paved the way for how we think about the relationship between sports and social protest today,’ explains Gladwell.

Although acts of protest might feel commonplace in sports today, such moments in history have paved the way for today’s Reliable Idols. Furthermore, by collaborating and using their global profiles to elevate such athletes, Puma and Tracksmith are showing how meaningful storytelling can be part of branded audio experiences.

Legacy of Speed by Pushkin Industries and Tracksmith. Presented by Puma, US

Strategic opportunity

Branded podcasts are a chance to uncover the stories of historical moments or individuals. Consider teaming up with journalists and authors to bring forgotten histories to light

Stat: DTC brands are betting on subscription models

Bubble, New York Bubble, New York

As the number of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands multiplies, many are seeking new ways to attract and retain customers. One strategy that brands are looking to is subscription services, with research by PipeCandy and Rodeo revealing that a majority (75%) of DTC brands may offer subscriptions by 2023.

In terms of different regions, the report estimates that the US comprises 47% of DTC subscriptions, followed by Europe (21%) and China (14%). The report estimates that the boom in DTC subscriptions can be attributed to the growth of Generation Z and Millennial shoppers who have begun earning money.

With younger generations in mind, brands have an opportunity to offer Squad Subscriptions that allow people to earn income by converting memberships into tradable assets. Elsewhere, we’ve been tracking how DTC Directories are helping brands garner greater visibility among consumers.

Strategic opportunity

To stand out in the subscriptions market, brands should create attractive benefits such as flexible payments or integrated rewards schemes

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