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Volvo brings the car industry closer to nature, Twig lets consumers dematerialise fashion, and Gen Z aspire to metaverse careers.

What’s new on LS:N Global in Q2?

Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

London – Here at LS:N Global, we want our members to make the most of our services, which is why we’ve been busy updating our platform with a range of new benefits and features for the next quarter of 2022.

Our team of strategic foresight experts are your eyes and ears in over 50 countries. We assemble unique teams of journalists, writers, visual researchers and innovation analysts to document the new and the next across global industry sectors so you don’t have to.

‘The new benefits and features landing on the platform in Q2 allow for deeper engagement with our trends and future directions across sectors,’ says Kathryn Bishop, foresight editor at The Future Laboratory. ‘In particular, the launch of our Watch + Listen hub on LS:N Global allows you, our subscribers, to hear from global innovators and thinkers, unpacking the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your businesses.’

Among the new member benefits:

: Access to a new Watch + Listen hub, featuring podcasts and webinars

: Our Sustainability Futures webinar

: Exclusive sector-specific newsletters

: Monthly Lunch & Learn live sessions

: Coming soon: Our Neo-collectivist Community

Strategic opportunity

To discover the new benefits, features and exclusive research available to members of LS:N Global, download our latest What’s New on LS:N Global PDF

Volvo's experience hub doubles as a public landmark

World of Volvo designed by Henning Larsen, Gothenburg World of Volvo designed by Henning Larsen, Gothenburg
World of Volvo designed by Henning Larsen, Gothenburg World of Volvo designed by Henning Larsen, Gothenburg

Gothenburg – Opening in 2024, the World of Volvo is a brand experience centre that will introduce Scandinavian principles of landscape design, ecology and architecture to the automotive industry.

Inspired by the Swedish concept of Allemansrätten, which refers to the fundamental right of all citizens to explore nature and to roam freely on land, the building features a circular timber structure that blends in with the surrounding landscape. The centre, which has been designed by architecture firm Henning Larsen in Gothenburg's Event area, will offer exhibitions, talks, conferences and music, as well as food and shopping.

By providing a space for residents to connect with nature, Volvo is implementing some of the design cues we have previously seen in Biomimicry Hotels. ‘With its deep connection to Scandinavia, from its landscapes to its architectural tradition, World of Volvo has given us the opportunity to explore the profound relationship between architecture and the natural environment,’ explains Søren Øllgaard, design director at Henning Larsen.

Strategic opportunity

Instead of creating headquarters that are cordoned off from the public, consider the importance of buildings that actively give back to local communities and environments

Twig lets shoppers trade phygital fashion

UK – The fintech start-up is partnering with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace The Dematerialised to enable people to trade physical clothing for virtual garments.

Expanding on its existing trade-in capabilities, Twig will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the value of items submitted in photos, before transferring money to a card that people can use at the checkout on The Dematerialised.

Through this partnership, the two companies are helping consumers to shift their behaviours towards buying less physical clothing. Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder of The Dematerialised, says: ‘I think that via tools like Twig, we can really incentivise traditional fashion consumers to come to The Dematerialised and not only buy a digital fashion asset or a digital artefact… but also to gain access to [The Dematerialised] community.’

Here, The Dematerialised is setting an example to the wider fashion industry in encouraging more sustainable shopping behaviours through mutually beneficial collaborations.

The Dematerialised in collaboration with Twig, UK

Strategic opportunity

Beyond fashion, brands across sectors should offer financial and community-centric services to promote more circular behaviour

Stat: Gen Z want to build careers in the metaverse

Campanha Itaú #IssoMudaOGame by Druid Creative Gaming Agency, Brazil
Campanha Itaú #IssoMudaOGame by Druid Creative Gaming Agency, Brazil

Although the metaverse is still only in its initial stages, members of Generation Z are already plotting ways to earn a living from it. According to research by Vice Media Group and Publicis Groupe, one third of Gen Z gamers aspire to build a career in the metaverse.

The survey, which highlights popular multi-player online games such as Fortnite and Roblox in its definition of the metaverse, also shows that young people are forming more meaningful connections to their online identities. Some 57% of respondents claimed they felt more empowered to express themselves in games than in real life, while 45% said that their in-game identity is a more accurate reflection of themselves.

With these considerations in mind, it’s only natural that Gen Z would view the metaverse – and Alternet Economies more broadly – as a lucrative future economy in which to pursue a career.

Strategic opportunity

How can your workforce enter the metaverse? Consider the benefits of creating a virtual office in a platform like The Sandbox to create a more immersive environment for employees working from home and entice Gen Z employees

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