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BMW develops e-motorbikes for urban teens, Zonajobs creates a post-truth political campaign and supermarkets suffer amid a food supply chain crisis.

BMW courts urban teens with e-motorbike concept

Concept CE 02 by BMW, Munich

Germany – Targeting fledgling motorcyclists, the automotive brand has unveiled plans to create an e-motorbike suitable for beginners. Its BMW CE 02 concept is a motorbike and scooter hybrid marketed specifically at teenagers, with the aim of inspiring confident drivers who may later progress to a more established model.

With a lightweight design, chunky disc wheels and low frame, the CE 02 provides a safe and agile option for urban travel. With the launch, BMW is diversifying its customer base as a way of establishing loyal customers at an earlier stage of their lives. This product also reflects a wider shift in the sector, as younger audiences are increasingly drawn to the freedom and creativity associated with motorcycling. ‘Characteristic proportions not only allow for a very agile riding experience, they are also intended to encourage non-motorcyclists to perhaps get on and have a go, reads a press release from BMW.

As adoption of motorcycling gains traction, vehicle brands have an opportunity to court Generation Z by tapping into various facets of youth lifestyles from street culture to fashion and art.

Strategic opportunity

To attract Generation Z, car-makers can partner with popular brands and media platforms to establish an appealing aesthetic identity. In communications, champion the idea of freedom that motorcycles offer in comparison to larger vehicles

Balmain’s drama series injects luxury into Channel 4

Fracture by Channel 4 in partnership with Balmain, UK Fracture by Channel 4 in partnership with Balmain, UK
Fracture by Channel 4 in partnership with Balmain, UK Fracture by Channel 4 in partnership with Balmain, UK

UK – Subverting luxury marketing conventions, the fashion house is teaming up with tv broadcaster Channel 4 on a short-form drama series. The series, Fracture, was launched in conjunction with London Fashion Week 2021 and marks a first for the tv channel. Each episode will feature a full cast wardrobe of designs pulled from Balmain’s autumn 2021 collection.

The collaboration reflects both Balmain and Channel 4’s aims to connect with their respective audiences in non-traditional ways, recognising the powerful medium of entertainment and fashion as communication tools. Fracture helps to make very clear Balmain’s determination to continue to break down boundaries and engage in unexpected, compelling and entertaining ways with lovers of fashion, music and design, explains Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain.

As the luxury sector continues to take imaginative digital marketing approaches, brands are loosening the reins on high-end traditions by using commercial entertainment formats. From multimedia marketing to shoppable shows, we’ve been tracking the rise of Luxtainment over the past year.

Strategic opportunity

The parameters of luxury are in a state of flux. Take this opportunity to redefine your communications as a way of reaching unexpected audiences while also offering fresh experiences to loyal customers

This job site invites voters to vet politicians’ CVs

Argentina – The job platform is partnering with creative agency Together w/ to launch a campaign that offers public visibility of political candidates CVs. Created to provide greater transparency in the upcoming Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO) elections in Argentina, the initiative subverts conventional political efforts such as party manifestos.

Zonajobs is encouraging Argentinian citizens to reflect on their decision-making progress around political parties, especially in our post-truth era. When we choose a candidate for any job, the first thing we do is see their CV. Why don't we do the same with politicians? Why do we only believe their campaign promises? asks Lulo Calió, chief creative officer and partner of Together w/.

Such an initiative is especially likely to resonate with younger generations, who are passionate about disrupting our outdated societal systems. Discover more about their neo-political mindset in Reformation Generation.

Together w/ in collaboration with Zonajobs, Argentina

Strategic opportunity

Bold manifestos are no longer enough to win over consumers. To provide better support around societal decisions, brands have an opportunity to offer resources and education within political realms

Stat: Food shortages are widespread in UK supermarkets

Merchant Goods Cookbook, Uncommon Studios, UK Merchant Goods Cookbook, Uncommon Studios, UK

A supply chain crisis in the UK has led to a shortage of food in local shops and supermarkets, a survey by YouGov has revealed. According to the research, the problem is most acute in regions outside of London.

The study shows that over half (56%) of shoppers have experienced food shortages, compared to 39% who say they haven’t. The issue is most pressing in Scotland, where 67% of shoppers have experienced shortages. Of those who have seen food shortages in their local shops and supermarkets, the majority are aged 50 and over.

In an age when food scarcity is a concern for millions of citizens, there is a growing need for people to develop self-sufficient behaviours to preempt future crises and become less reliant on the commercial food sector. To discover some of the initiatives that are enabling people to do this, read about Edible Awareness in our Innovation Debrief report.

Strategic opportnity

Food brands have an opportunity to reach consumers at a more local level, taking the pressure away from larger supermarket chains. Also consider providing education to consumers about ways of maintaining self-sufficient diets

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