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Adaptable architecture for future pandemics, Addison Lee boosts high street retail and young Americans experience deep loneliness.

NUDes prepare architects for future pandemics

NUDes by Jose Maria Mateo Torres, Spain
NUDes by Jose Maria Mateo Torres, Spain
NUDes by Jose Maria Mateo Torres, Spain

Spain – Jose Maria Mateo Torres’ conceptual series of architectural add-ons are designed to upgrade existing buildings and incorporate nature into shared public spaces.

In conjunction with Martin Lejarraga Architecture Office, Mateo's Natural and Urban Devices (NUDes) concept offers an accessible and sustainable means of refurbishing, instead of demolishing, buildings. These devices are effectively ‘plugged into’ existing constructions, enabling them to adapt to different conditions, such as a pandemic.

The NUDes add-ons range from miniature forests that can be added onto roofs, to origami-inspired structures that can be attached to existing facades and serve as vertical urban farms, enabling people to produce their own food. Each is designed to be built according to the sustainable standards of the circular economy, following modularity and prefabrication methods.

With the pandemic highlighting the role architecture on our wellbeing, designers are exploring how Pandemic-proof Properties could be built with resilience and adaptability in mind.

Hispanic haircare reconnects Latinx with their roots

Ceremonia, US Ceremonia, US
Ceremonia, US Ceremonia, US

US – Haircare brand Ceremonia offers the Latinx community natural products that are rooted in tradition.

Ceremonia, which translates from Spanish as ‘ceremony’, has launched an Aceite de Moska scalp oil originating from Dominican Republic haircare routines, which it claims conditions the scalp for ‘softer, stronger and thicker hair’. The brand promises clean and natural formulas, using ingredients found in Latin America that are vegan and cruelty-free.

Born out of the lack of personal care products that target Latinx consumers, the brand paves the way for more Latinx-founded businesses that honour the heritage of this community. ‘It became so incredibly clear to me that this is the time to do something big in this category,’ explains Babba C Rivera, founder of Ceremonia.

In our microtrend Ancestral Beauty, we explore other beauty brands that are taking ownership of their heritage through the revival of cultural rituals.

Addison Lee is now a high street delivery service

AL Request, Addison Lee, London AL Request, Addison Lee, London

London – The private-hire taxi and courier company’s new AL Request service enables people to order everyday items such as groceries and flowers via click and collect.

Available via Addison Lee’s platforms, AL Request lets customers input their order receipt number from a high street store; a courier will then pick up the item on the customer’s behalf and deliver it to their home. The convenient delivery service aims to boost the company’s existing suite of courier services.

‘We have launched our new AL Request service to bring the everyday to people’s homes,’ says Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee. ‘Under new lockdown restrictions people will be missing out on shopping experiences.’

As Covid-19 bolsters spending in local stores, such new platforms and services are helping to digitise independent retailers and boost access for remote shoppers.

Stat: Nearly half of young adults are experiencing loneliness

Rebranding Mental Health for Refinery29. Photography by Flora Maclean Rebranding Mental Health for Refinery29. Photography by Flora Maclean

Research published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs reveals the impact that Covid-19 has had on the psychological stability of young people in the US.

Almost half (49%) of respondents, who were aged 23 and over with an average age of 28, reported feeling deep loneliness during lockdown. The study also shows the association between participants’ solitude and their mental health, with 61% experiencing moderate (45%) to severe (17%) anxiety.

‘As we invest in developing a sense of cohesion and social connectedness in these generations, we can address social and physical resilience in our communities at large,’ says Renae Schmidt, co-author of the research paper. She adds: ‘For young adults not engaged in school, aggressive patient outreach by primary care physicians should be used to ensure screening and intervention.’

As the world experiences a crisis of closeness, discover new services that are positioning isolation as an opportunity to re-assess the meaning of connection in our microtrend Isolated Intimacy.

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