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Gucci’s circular collection for Uneasy Affluents, Velieve’s doctor-on-demand UTI service, and locked down Britons seek anti-social sanctuaries

Gucci taps sustainable luxurians with circular collection

Off The Grid by Gucci with Jane Fonda, David Mayer de Rothschild, Lil Nas X, King Princess and Miyavi

Global – Gucci's Off The Grid collection uses recycled, organic and bio-based materials as part of an initiative supporting more circular production.

Marking the brand’s first collection to be launched within Gucci Circular Lines, the genderless products were created for consumers hoping to shop more mindfully. To celebrate the release of the collection, the fashion house is also hosting a dedicated section on the Gucci app – allowing users to take part in a themed quiz and respond to questions about the circular production process.

Also aiming to reach customers who might not actively seek sustainable options, the brand has launched a campaign video featuring Jane Fonda, Miyavi and King Princess. Created as a collaborative response to the environmental issues in the fashion industry, Alessandro Michele, creative director at Gucci, said: ‘The collection is the result of teamwork; everybody brought something to it.’

As fashion businesses navigate the inter-Covid period, traditional markers of luxury are being rethought to prioritise ethical and sustainable values. For more, explore Uneasy Affluence.

A sun visor for the surveillance age

The Sportlens by Phoebe Heess The Sportlens by Phoebe Heess
The Sportlens by Phoebe Heess The Sportlens by Phoebe Heess

Europe – Designer Phoebe Heess has created a unisex visor that protects the wearer from both ultraviolet radiation and facial recognition cameras.

Dubbed the Sportlens, the visor can be worn for functional outdoor activities like sports and festivals, protecting wearers from sun exposure, as well as shielding them from facial recognition cameras. Created from scuba material, the visor wraps around the wearer's head with an adjustable drawstring. Also featuring polarised lenses, the Sportlens protects but doesn’t obscure vision.

Considering the product’s effectiveness with masking from facial recognition technology, Gabriel Platt, co-founder of Phoebe Heess, said: ‘The algorithm will have problems defining the mesh overlay it’s creating when half the face is covered. Even if the algorithm can make out the eyes, the refraction of the lens will distort the results.’

As public security becomes a growing concern, citizens are taking back control and investing in Privacy Hardware to shield themselves from data breaches.

Velieve takes UTI testing out of the surgery

Velieve by Velieve by

UK – A new urinary tract infection (UTI) health service launched by empowers women by taking the common medical test out of the surgery and into the home.

The Velieve kit and accompanying app enable women to receive diagnosis and antibiotic treatment within a few hours of detecting a suspected UTI. Accounting for up to 10m GP appointments in the UK each year, UTIs are one of the most common types of infection. By providing an at-home solution, women are able to receive treatment quickly and easily.

By launching during the lockdown period and offering a subsidised rate, Velieve hopes to reduce strain on doctors’ surgeries as well as empowering women to take control of their own health. Dr Nisa Aslam, a London-based GP, said: ‘This is even more helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic when many women may be self-isolating, or can't or don't want to go to see or phone their GP practice.’

By taking this regular health concern out of the surgery, the health and wellness sector is responding to the consumer need for Doctor on Demand services.

Stat: Surge in UK interest in international property

Pieces By An Aesthetic Pursuit. Photography by Claire Esparros Pieces By An Aesthetic Pursuit. Photography by Claire Esparros

Research by Rightmove has shown a surge in UK interest in investing in international property. With the lockdown period presenting a spike in searches, the most popular destinations include Portugal, Spain and France.

According to the research, searches for overseas property from the UK reached their highest point this year in May, surpassing searches from the same period last year by a third (33%). International property searches also rose by 50% between March and April this year. Daniel Harrington, head of international growth at Fine & Country, said: ‘The research shows that more and more people are thinking about either purchasing a holiday home in another location or planning to permanently relocate to another country.’

With Covid-19 having forced a value shift among consumers, and exposed a lack of trust in governments, people are seeking Anti-social Sanctuaries to prioritise their health, safety and happiness.

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