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Instagram accounts pursue print journalism, Panasonic creates wellness solutions for air travel and how Brexit could impact European tourism.

The Tia Clinic is modernising women’s healthcare

Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group
Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group
Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group Tia Clinic, New York. Photography by Kezi Ban @BlondeArtists courtesy of Rockwell Group

New York – The members-only women’s health clinic takes an integrated approach to gynaecology, wellness and primary care.

Championing the concept of ‘cycle-connected care’, The Tia Clinic considers how the menstrual cycle and its associated physiological and emotional manifestations should be taken into account when evaluating, diagnosing and treating female patients. In addition to a full range of health services for women, the clinic offers naturopathy, acupuncture and group wellness workshops.

Membership costs £115 ($150, €133) a year, with members able to access the clinic’s treatment services through approved health insurance coverage or cash payments. Taking a Certified Wellness approach, a proprietary app also encourages patients to track their cycles and health data, which can then by shared with the clinic’s care team. Eventually, the app will allow patients to chat with a doctor, book appointments and access test results digitally.

By taking a holistic approach to women’s health, The Tia Clinic demonstrates the evolution of Self-care Spaces.

A viral Instagram account becomes a newspaper

Overheard, LA Overheard, LA
Overheard, LA Overheard, LA

Los Angeles – The Instagram account @OverheardLA has released a physical newspaper that offers a new take on Californian culture.

The Overheard Post, which leverages the social media brand’s viral content IRL, will be distributed for free around Los Angeles. Like the Instagram account, the newspaper features the best-heard snippets of conversations around the city, as well as A Millennial Weather Report – ‘cloudy with a chance of seeing three people become engaged’ – DMs to the editor and a hashtag crossword.

Although the newspaper will be available for free, it includes a range of illustrated ads that relate to conversations about brands overhead around Los Angeles, showing how viral social media content can become branded content.

As creators of popular Instagram accounts pursue more stable revenue streams, they are in turn disrupting the status quo of the journalism industry.

Panasonic aims to improve wellness for air travellers

Global – Panasonic Avionics is enhancing its range of wellness solutions for airlines and their passengers by offering a series of audio and visual programmes with Calm and myNoise.

Passengers on participating airlines will be able to access a series of breathing and meditation exercises, music and sleep stories via Calm, the app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, while myNoise offers a collection of soundscapes that aid relaxation, sleep or focus.

‘Panasonic’s Wellness solutions are already proving popular with airlines as they look to enhance passenger wellbeing, and several major carriers will be introducing our solutions in flight this year,’ says David Bartlett, chief technology officer of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. ‘The launch of Calm and myNoise enables us to offer a more holistic range of Wellness solutions.’

As the market for Wellness Tourism continues to grow and diversify, the travel and hospitality sector is starting to consider wellbeing during travellers’ journeys, as well as at their destinations.

CATK motion graphics CATK motion graphics

The world’s ‘best restaurant’ opens a gourmet hotel

Casa Maria Luigia, Modena Casa Maria Luigia, Modena
Casa Maria Luigia, Modena Casa Maria Luigia, Modena

Modena, Italy – In May, chef Massimo Bottura will open a hotel to accommodate visitors to his world-famous restaurant.

Casa Maria Luigia is a 12-room guesthouse located outside the town of Modena in Italy. Although Bottura’s restaurant, Osteria Francescana, was a former number one in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, there is a lack of high-quality accommodation options in the surrounding area.

The luxury hotel aims to provide a more immersive Italian experience for those visiting the restaurant, with access to a tennis court, art library, swimming pool, eat-in kitchen and a music listening lounge stocked with Bottura’s favourite records. With a starting rate of €450 (£388, $505) a night, a stay at the hotel will also allow pre-booking for reservations at the elusive Osteria Francescana.

Restaurateurs are turning their food brands into intimate hospitality experiences. To see how alcohol brands are experimenting with this concept, read our microtrend Bed and Beverages.

Stat: Brexit’s impact on Spanish tourism

Britain leaving the EU will highly affect European tourism markets, according to a study by Euromonitor.

The company’s head of travel and tourism research, Caroline Bremner, believes that a no deal could see repercussions that extend beyond the UK’s economy. ‘A no-deal Brexit is forecast to result in 5 million fewer outbound departures in 2022 than would have been the case under the baseline scenario,’ Bremner says. ‘With the UK economy in a state of flux, and a decline in the value of sterling, departures would stagnate in 2018 and 2019.’

In particular, this could significantly affect Spain’s economy. With UK tourists currently accounting for 21% of inbound revenue in Spain, Brexit could reduce the country’s revenue by $747m (£573m, €665).

To read more about how Brexit will affect spending in the UK, read our report The State of Luxury: UK.

Thought-starter: Is digital nomadism becoming more accessible?

Remote and co-working is becoming more inclusive, driven by initiatives focused on community, access and career development.

Nomadic, flexible working is being transformed from a lifestyle led primarily by ‘tech bros’ to an increasingly accepted – and sometimes expected – mode of working. Largely driven by the growth of flexi-time and self-employment, the remote lifestyle has fuelled the rise of co-working brands such as WeWork, JustCo and The Blueprint.

Increasingly, younger workers are realising that digital nomadism offers more equitable access to jobs – it also gives them the freedom to base themselves in more affordable, regional locations. Furthermore, nomadism empowers those from less advantaged backgrounds to work in industries that, before the internet and flexible working, might not have been accessible without a major lifestyle change.

It is here that Remote Mission is making its mark, empowering disadvantaged people by making the digital economy more inclusive. Through global remote working opportunities it aims to support those at risk of being shut out of the labour market, while promoting the nomadic working lifestyle as open to all.

Read the full Inclusive Nomadism microtrend here.

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