Making the right noises: COS shows the sound process behind its ad

09.09.2014 Synaesthetic Selling : COS : Foley
The Sound of COS by Lernert & Sander

Amsterdam – Fashion brand COS (Collection of Style) has collaborated with Dutch video artists Lernert and Sander on a video showing the Foley process – reproducing sounds for film using everyday objects – and featuring items from its new clothing line.

In the video, two Foley artists recreate sounds to match the actions in a COS ad, such as rubbing a basketball with salt to replicate the sound of shoes shuffling across the floor.

This humorous insight into the making of a COS commercial uses a basic method of visualising sound to involve consumers and alert them to what is happening in the film.

The ad is more memorable and engaging than most, and invites viewers to use more senses to experience it while also cleverly acting as a showcase for COS products by using them in the sound creation process. 

Read more about how brands are combining senses to engage with consumers in our Synaesthetic Selling microtrend. For more on how designers are visualising sound to resonate with their audience, read our Soundscapes macrotrend. 

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