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A tech-enhanced personal assistant for Millennial mums, by-product beauty looks to wine-making and urban living leads to poor mental health in India.

Yohana is a digital PA for Millennial mums

Yohana, US

US – Catering for the lifestyle needs of US families, the personal assistant streamlines everyday tasks to give parents more free time. Available as an app and online platform, Yohana assigns subscribers dedicated assistants to help with tasks such as online shopping, scheduling appointments and planning a weekend getaway.

The service ensures a convenient approach to daily planning, even taking into account personal information such as children’s clothing sizes. By combining human input with data systems and intuitive tools, Yohana offers an accessible form of support for young parents who may be struggling to move past the shocks of the pandemic. My vision for Yohana is to create products and services that are personal and enhance wellbeing for mums and families. We're starting with the Yohana Membership,says Yoky Matsuoka, founder and CEO of Yohana.

With many Millennial parents struggling to keep up with daily demands such as at-home education, they’re looking to technology brands to help manage daily family life. Such initiatives show how the idea of Brand Parents is evolving to reflect the needs of modern consumers.

Strategic opportunity

Apps and social media platforms can support parents by intuitively responding to their daily needs. Retailers should consider partnering with these personal assistants to offer convenient services and product deliveries directly to parents

This sustainable skincare uses wine waste

Pelegrims, UK Pelegrims, UK
Pelegrims, UK Pelegrims, UK

UK – Skincare brand Pelegrims is transforming waste ingredients from wine-making into beauty products. By using by-products from the wine-making process, such as waste grape seeds, skins and stems, the brand can create antioxidant-rich extracts for its facial oil, facial balm, hand cleanser and hand pomade.

Pelegrims is recognising how food and drink by-products can double as active skincare ingredients – while also supporting wine-makers as they move towards a zero-waste future. ‘Our intention is to formulate low-intervention, active skincare formulations that work in harmony with the skin, supporting it to heal and rejuvenate itself,’ explains Alex Verier, co-founder of Pelegrims. ‘Sustainability is hugely important to us, so using waste products from the wine-making process and harnessing the powerful grape extracts are at the core of our brand and our future research.’

For years, we've been tracking the rise of by-product beauty, as more skincare brands convert waste ingredients into desirable items that cater for eco-conscious consumers.

Strategic opportunity

Beauty, health and wellness brands should maximise opportunities to work with food and drink companies, reframing waste items as elevated and eco-friendly ingredients that can create natural products

Gopuff is accelerating small grocery businesses

US – Food delivery service Gopuff is supporting companies run by people from historically under-represented groups. With the launch of accelerator programme Put Me On, small business owners can take part in a tailored six-month programme that will raise consumer awareness of their CPG brands.

Small businesses signed up to the programme will also gain access to monthly workshops, networking events and one-to-one sessions with Gopuff’s marketing, merchandising and supply chain teams. Through this approach, the e-tailer is diversifying its existing services and bolstering opportunities for next-gen grocery suppliers by ensuring they have access to continual business support.

In a similar vein, we identify how retailers such as Neighborhood Goods are profiling a diverse range of businesses with offline stores. At a time when demand for online grocery shopping is at an all-time high, there is a burgeoning opportunity for large suppliers to bolster visibility for emerging food and drinks brands.

Put Me On by Gopuff, US Put Me On by Gopuff, US

Strategic opportunity

Those operating in the food and drink sector – from grocery stores to restaurants – must find ways to amplify the voices of marginalised groups. Take cues from Gopuff and create opportunities for training and development for emerging business voices

Stat: Happiness rates are plummeting in India

Kulfi Beauty, NY Kulfi Beauty, NY

While India has previously been considered one of the happiest nations in the world, research from Ipsos shows that mental health is declining among Indian citizens. The research identifies three main causes for the decline: mass digitisation, the impact of the pandemic and growing urban pressures.

According to the Ipsos Global Health Monitor 2020, just 66% of Indians would describe themselves as ‘very happy or ‘rather happy’. While globally the percentage of people reporting to be happy in 2020 has fallen by 14 points compared to 2011, in India this has fallen more than 20 percentage points.

With more Indians now living and working in urban areas, this has resulted in an increase in traffic congestion and noise pollution, which is in turn leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety. To combat this, brands and businesses are prioritising efforts to improve Urban Wellness.

Strategic opportunity

Globally, city-based working has had a negative impact on people’s mental health. Employers have a responsibility to support urban workers, spotlighting flexible conditions and mental health guidance for those working in physical environments

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