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A portable kit for public hygiene, a home-sharing model to provide respite for Tokyo couples, and consumers will keep fit post-pandemic.

Nationwide paints an optimistic portrait of Britain

Voices Campaign by Nationwide and Wavemaker, UK

UK – Nationwide's latest ads showcase real Britons giving advice to themselves six months from now.

In the latest edition of the banking company's Voices campaign, created by Wavemaker, a number of real consumers reflect on their experience during the lockdown and look forward to what life may be like following the pandemic. Created in line with the authentic yet poetic tone of voice the brand has established in its marketing, the ads draw attention to a national sense of hope and optimism that is emerging.

According to Paul Hibbs, head of advertising at Nationwide: ‘With the nation on lockdown, we wanted to showcase what the current situation means to different people and what the future may hold post-pandemic, and hope our latest ‘Voices’ adverts can provide a beacon of hope during this difficult time.’

By encouraging the public to use this uncertain period to build a more hopeful outlook, Nationwide is tapping into the Resilience Culture both consumers and brands will require to survive the next few months.

A portable sanitation kit for public hygiene

Handy Capsule Sanitation Kit by Kiran Zhu, China Handy Capsule Sanitation Kit by Kiran Zhu, China
Handy Capsule Sanitation by Kiran Zhu, China Handy Capsule Sanitation by Kiran Zhu, China

China – Designer Kiran Zhu has created a cleanliness package to improve public health habits following the pandemic.

The Handy Capsule Sanitation kit contains four types of health supplies – a disposable mask, hand sanitiser, temperature stickers and alcohol wipes. By providing these products in a handy kit, Zhu hopes to establish a new visual language around our daily health routines.

While many health supplies traditionally take a sterile and formal approach to design, the sanitation kit is positioned as a playful, desirable item that will easily fit into the daily lives of consumers. Zhu says: ‘The cobblestone, or so-called 'capsule', shape of the design is easy to associate with some fashion supplies, such as beauty makeup.’

The health, wellness and beauty industry is experiencing particular attention amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with demand for sanitising and anti-bacterial products set to continue well beyond official lockdown measures. For more, explore our Covid-19 Contingency Planning report.

Covid-19: Short-term rentals could save Japan’s marriages

Tokyo – Rental company Kasoku is supporting couples during lockdown by providing short-term rentals as a place of respite.

Kasoku is offering fully furnished, Airbnb-style apartments as ‘temporary shelters’ for people to escape from their family or partner for a short period of time. Available for 4,400 yen (£31.95, $40, €36.60) a day, the service also comes with a free 30-minute divorce consultation with a legal official.

While the service is accompanied by tongue-in-cheek marketing – supported by the hashtag #coronadivorce – it could be life-saving, offering spaces women fleeing domestic violence.

Kosuke Amano, spokesman for Kakoku, says: ‘We don't have solid data showing divorce is on the rise, but media reports that divorce rates are rising in China and in Russia after lockdowns there led us to come up with this service.’

With many relationships experiencing strain during the global pandemic, the service offers those who are Uncoupling Coupledom to assert their own space and sense of individuality.

Photograph by Manuel Velasques

Stat: Global consumers will exercise more after Covid-19

A study by Global Web Index shows that many global consumers have been keeping fit during the coronavirus outbreak. According to the report, 85% of global consumers report undertaking some form of exercise since lockdown measures were put in place, with 51% stating home workouts are their preferred form of fitness.

With 40% of consumers expecting to exercise more following the pandemic, we can expect this new approach to at-home fitness to continue for months to come. 'This is a clear sign that consumers have appetite to stay healthier and are likely to respond to support and initiatives designed to facilitate this,' states the report.

As people become more accustomed to At-home Fitness experiences, health and wellness brands must ensure their strategies are not temporary but continue to serve consumers following lockdown.

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