Divergent Design Macro Design Directions

Divergent Design:

Designers are reframing the narrative surrounding neurodiversity from disability to hyperability through...

Pliable Playscapes Macro Design Directions

Pliable Playscapes:

Inspired by Generation Zalpha’s productivity, an energetic and assertive visual language is emerging that...

Unrefined Intimacy Macro Design Directions

Unrefined Intimacy:

The visual narrative of sex and pleasure is being reset for a new era of raw, confrontational and inclusive...

Frivolous Foods Macro Design Directions

Frivolous Foods:

The visual definition of nourishment is evolving to celebrate a less sterile approach that combines...

Graphic Activism Macro Design Directions

Graphic Activism:

Activism narratives are being reframed through the lens of one-world, future-positive mindsets, fuelled by...

Positive Barriers Macro Design Directions

Positive Barriers:

Designers are reframing the visual language of social distancing, using colour and familiar materials to...

Vibrant Veganism Macro Design Directions

Vibrant Veganism:

Plant-based products are being boldly redefined by creative practitioners who are pushing for a visceral...

Mirrored Realms Macro Design Directions

Mirrored Realms:

As reality becomes more programmable, a visual aesthetic is being defined that reflects the artificiality of...

Digital Dialogues Macro Design Directions

Digital Dialogues:

A new visual language is helping to demystify algorithms and AI-driven systems by communicating them as...

Masculinity Rebranded Macro Design Directions

Masculinity Rebranded:

The aesthetic of masculinity is changing. Creative practitioners are looking at men more expansively, and...

Future Foodscapes Macro Design Directions

Future Foodscapes:

Amid growing consumer demand for transparency in food, designers are approaching visual communication in new...

Femininity Rebranded Macro Design Directions

Femininity Rebranded:

Creative practitioners are abandoning tired gendered design cues to redefine modern female identity, and...

Implicit Inclusivity Macro Design Directions

Implicit Inclusivity:

Designers are recognising the needs of disabled consumers, creating assistive products that are reduced to...

Johanna Lundberg and Nate van der Ende: Interactive Design Micro Design Directions

Johanna Lundberg and Nate van der Ende: Interactive Design:

The graphic designer and web developer create exploratory interactive experiences that abandon conventional...

Milan Salone 2017: Design Directions Macro Design Directions

Milan Salone 2017: Design Directions:

At this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, designers unashamedly celebrated low-value materials and...

New Consciousness Macro Design Directions

New Consciousness:

Responsibility is being rebranded. As businesses apply long-term thinking, a vibrant visual landscape is...

Grey London Design Directions

Grey London:

Grey London has embarked on a major rebranding to honour its founders and promote diversity.

Sideways Dictionary Design Directions

Sideways Dictionary:

Sideways Dictionary is a new dictionary that simplifies digital jargon.

Grow Up Macro Design Directions

Grow Up:

Mercedes-Benz’s largest marketing campaign to date explores the complexities of being a young adult.

Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Week: Part 2 Design Directions

Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Week: Part 2:

In the second part of our autumn/winter 2017 design directions report, LS:N Global examines the changing...

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